Rib Chaser


  • &1 2 3: From Double Handed Open Position to Closed Position (Lady turns to R toward Man's R side), Lady L arm over face loop to rest LH on R shoulder.

    • Could start with one hand hold as well.

  • &1: Lady Opens her R hip to side, with arm wrapped around, at end of 1: turning to L to wind up.

    • It could start from one hand hold as well, Lady ends on Man's R side, turned to R, in prep position

  • 2 3: Lady will do R turn, ending with LH catching Man's R rib

    • 2: prep, RF fwd, winding to L to prep to turn to R. At end of 2, turn to R.

    • 3 : LF fwd/side, continue turning to R down the slot, 1/2 turn

  • &1: Lady does side break, LH on Man's R rib, R arm extend out to side

    • Upper body straight, look at Man, weight is on LF (L knee bent), prepare for L spin turn.

    • Presentation pose, but look at Man (not away, not fwd to left nor to right side)

    • Optionally: for 3 rib chaser, add 2 3

      • 2: switch rib side, Lady's RH on Man's L rib, Lady shoulder turns to L more, weight is still on LF

      • 3: switch rib, weight on RF, Lady's LH on Man's R rib, R arm extend out, head look to R

      • At end of "3&", quickly bounce out, weight onto LF and prepare to do spin turn to L.

  • 23 &1: spin turn to L, Man catches Lady on the back