Corte, Gancho, Leg Climb

Corte and Gancho (Hooks)

  • Can start from a rock step and then Lady RF fwd like Corte, R knee flexed.

  • Finish options:

    • If Man's leg kicks, and put Lady on her back LF, then Lady hooks with her R leg, Man may trap her R leg. then Lady replace her R leg down.

    • When Man hooks his leg again, Lady can track his leg with her L leg.

    • When Man hold his R leg in a line and lowers a bit, it means he's ready to come of it.

    • Lady rondes R leg out, then spiral to L and wrap LF, then LF back to pos 3 and then lock, resolution

      • If Lady missed the cue and did a hook with R leg, it's still ok to hook and then ronde out.

  • This can rotate as well.

  • Make sure body pitched a little fwd and not lean back.

Corte with Leg Climb and Ronde

  • This Corte feels more "up". "Up Corte", when Man leads Lady into "Corte" position. Feeling the chests are turning away from each other. Lady will look away from Man. Her head is turned to left, but not like ballroom, the head is leaned toward Man's head, not away like ballroom.

  • Lady L leg bends knee and climbs up Man's R leg. Lady's body goes with Man, turning around to L a bit.

  • Lady L leg slides down on the outside, ronde her R leg and finish with Molinete to his R or a spiral with L leg wrap.