Promenade and Leg Hook

Promenade (Leverage Move)

  • Pos 3, it feels like Man is going though Lady, Lady rotate her hip to R, LF step back (bigger step back), curve to allow Man to pass. Lady body rotates to R,

    • Throughout opening to PP, stay level, do not do rise and fall.

  • Lady: RF to side, Lady body continues to turn R,

  • Lady LF fwd into PP. Direction is down the line, not 90 degrees. Lady's hip is behind Man. Flex L knee.

  • Embrace changes, Man's R arm extends to hold onto Lady's waist more. Lady's L arm go around Man's back more and maintain connection.

  • Man takes Lady off her axis (off her foot), Lady rise up on her LF (release L heel off ground) and lean to Man, Lady turns a little toward Man through center, center is to his side, not facing forward. Lady stays behind Man, wraps his R side, R leg up and around circle and RF hook in between his legs. Do not do it side-by-side ways, body fits more like a "T".

  • When Lady leans to Man: she collects center, tighten the L side muscle, do not shape away with head, go with Man. Whole body lean left, do not do funny things with head, not purposely bend neck to lean to Man or only lean body and not head which make head shape to R. Just keep head with body and lean together.

  • After Lady's LF does the hook, she then rondes RF out, finish option:

    • into Molinette to his R to finish.

    • spiral on ball of RF, L leg fold and back to lock step, resolution; Or molinette to his L.

    • RF back, if Man brings Lady's weight forward again, he can repeat the Leg hook.