High Waist Hook

High Waist Hook

  • From back ochos when Lady's RF steps back (reach out further step), Man rotates, opens her up a bit more and presents her. Lady's weight is on RF in seated position. Do not lean back, do not slouch fwd, back is pretty straight up. Just centered.

  • Then, Lady's LF does Amague (not Gancho), kick, then LF fwd, this step does not need to be too far, flexed knee, don't rise up to step on fwd,

    • Different leads for Amague and Gancho.

    • For Gancho:

      • If Lady feels Man puts his R leg in between her feet, his RF stops her RF, Lady can feel Man's R leg with her L thigh, then she will do Gancho.

      • In this case, Man wants to stay back and not get into Lady's space.

    • For Amague, high wast hook

      • Man lowers too to "put her out there" - more aggressive opening Lady out.

      • Man goes into Lady.

      • Man also changes to more closed Embrace sliding his R arm more around Lady.

  • Then, after Lady is on her LF, Lady's rise up, her RF, Lady feels acceleration, R leg does higher ronde (at this point, it's straight leg ronde) from back to front and around Man's L hip joint, waist (only bend leg when around Man's waist), just touch his hip joint, very light, but don't grab him. body stretching up higher, do not lean into him, Point R toe.

  • Then, Lady R leg ronde out.