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Closed Hip Twist

Rumba Closed Hip Twist

This is a Bronze Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
1 2
LF to side in RSP
Slight body turn to R
Previous step: lead lady towards R side.

Turn frame to R, still a side step. Allow R hand/arm to slide down the lady's arm a little to give her more room for the turn and step. To the Lady, it appears Man in more "in front and left side, perpendicular" (vs. in Natural Opening Out or Opening Out to L and R, Man appears to be on the "side" of Lady.)
2 3
Transfer weight to RF

3 4 1
Close LF to RF
Very slight body turn to L
Switch weight on "1"
4 2 RF back
Slight body turn to L to normal position

5 3 Transfer weight to LF
No turn

6 4 1
RF to side in Fan Position
Man could do slight turn to L to get into Fan position.


Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
1 2
RF back in RSP
1/2 to R
turn starts end of previous beat. 
At previous beat: LF fwd in line with RF, keep RF behind, keep pressure on RF more, press into it.
Do sharp 1/2 turn R, now RF is in front, then step back on count "2". Do not leave RF trailing during turn.
2 3
Transfer weight to LF

"3 &", on "&" start turning 1/2 to L to face Man.
Track RF when turning.
3 4 1
RF fwd in line with LF towards Man's R side
1/2 to L
turn starts end of previous beat. RF cross LF in front.
Pressed Forward Walk. Settle L hip more. make gap between legs bigger.
"4 1 &", do not turn to R early, Hold on 1, straighten R leg with weight, then turn on "&".
2 LF fwd passing in front of Man
1/4 to R
turn starts end of previous beat
Turn is initiated from hips. Hips turn more than body.
5 3 RF fwd in line with LF, then turn to end RF back
1/2 to L, body turn less
sharp turn
6 4 1
LF back in Fan Position
body completes turn
Do not let body weight take over. Release L leg and step back ahead of body. Backward walk action.
Fan position is a picture pose position. Give it some "significance" with more arm styling. Start from LH in middle of torso, then elbow-wrist-hand extend out. Body turns to left in the direction of the hand, do not tilt shoulders. Look at your audience, along the L arm.
  • Start in Closed Position. Normally ends in Fan Position
  • Alternative Finishing Positions:
    • Open Position: Man turn 1/4 L over 5 & 6
    • Open CPP:
      • Man turn 1/8 L over 5 & 6, leading lady to overturn on 5, both taking 6 diag. fwd.
      • Lady turns an additional 1/8 L on 5 using loosely crossed spiral action.
    • Contact Position:
      • Man turn 1/2 L over 5 & 6 to end RF side and slightly fwd.
      • Lady 3/4 L over 5 & 6 to end LF behind RF as Cuban Cross.
      • Normal hold retained throughout.