Latin Exercises

Disclaimer: These exercises are provided for information purposes only. Please consult with your physician before undertaking any program of exercise.

Latin Basic Actions

    Latin Technique has more details on the technique for each of the basic actions.

    Adjust posture before exercise: line up blocks of weight, pull in center, settle shoulder, exhale and release chest to floor, weight forward.

    Spine positions, Foot Positions and Leg Actions 

    • Spine: split, whole foot, front of foot. 
    • Feet positions: from flat - demi pointe - demi - flat. 
    • Leg actions: horizontal, vertical 
    • Practice with one foot in front of the other, slow motion going through all spine, feet positions and leg actions. 
    • Practice in 2nd position, lead with ribs: 

    Forward walk

    Putting spine, leg and feet together

    Back walk

    Quick release using thighs.

    Figure 8

    No weight transfer

    Compact Chasse

    Standing feet together, cross knees on each count, keep knees together passing by each other.

    Side steps, Cucarachas, and Cuban Rocks

    Side Steps with weight transfers: connected movement, lead with ribs

    Two changes of directions

    Forward Walk Turn and Swivel 


    • Stationary
    • alternative arms
    • forward walks with arm
    • Rumba basic with underarm turn with arms.

    Latin Turns & Spins

    See Latin Technique on spins.
    • Head spotting
    • Three-step turn.
    • Continuous spin forward.
    • One full spin on one foot.
    • Spiral Turns.
    • Turns with different timing.