Latin Exercises

Latin Basic Actions

    Latin Technique has more details on the technique for each of the basic actions.

    Adjust posture before exercise: line up blocks of weight, pull in center, settle shoulder, exhale and release chest to floor, weight forward.

    Rumba: Forward walk and Back Walk

    Forward Walk: Putting spine, leg and feet together. See Latin Technique  for more details.

    Back Walk: Quick release using thighs.

    Rumba: Cucarachas and Cuban Rocks

    Practice Cucarachas Cuban Rocks. Be very aware spine, weight transfer and foot positions.

    Cha Cha: Compact Chasse

    Standing feet together, cross knees on each count, keep knees together passing by each other. 

    Samba: Bounce, Stationary Samba Walk, Whisk, Volta, Boto Fogos 

    Turns: Two changes of directions

    Forward Walk Turn and Swivel. See Latin Technique  for more details.

    Spins & Spirals

    See Latin Technique on spins.
    • Head spotting
    • Three-step turn.
    • Continuous spin forward.
    • One full spin on one foot.
    • Spiral Turns.
    • Turns with different timing.


    • Stationary Rumba rocks with arms
    • Rumba Open basic (2 variations)
    • Rumba underarm turn with arms.