ISTD International Standard - Rumba Syllabus

  1. Basic Movements
    (Closed, Open, In Place, Alternative)
  2. Cucarachas (LF and RF)
  3. New York (to Left or Right Side Position)
  4. Spot Turns to Left or Right
    (including Switch and Underarm Turns)
  5. Shoulder to Shoulder (Left Side and Right Side)
  6. Hand to Hand (to Right and Left Side Position)
  7. Progressive Walks Forward or Back
  8. Side Steps (to Left or Right)
  9. Cuban Rocks
    1. Fan
    2. Alemana
    3. Hockey Stick
    4. Natural Top
    5. Opening Out to Right and Left
    6. Natural Opening Out Movement
    7. Closed Hip Twist

        1. Open Hip Twist
        2. Reverse Top
        3. Opening Out from Reverse Top
        4. Aida
        5. Spiral Turns (Spiral, Curl, Rope Spinning)
            1. Sliding Doors
            2. Fencing
            3. Three Threes
            4. Three Alemanas
            5. Hip Twists (Advanced, Continuous, Circular)


                • 4/4 (4 beat in a bar of music)
                • Musical accent on first beat, percussive accent on 4th beat
                • 27 bars per minute, 105 beats per minute
                • 1/2 beat is taken to get to desire foot position, then the remaining 1/2 or 1 1/2 beat is used to "settle" the hip.


                See Rumba Technique page for general technique applying to most figures.
                Motions in Rumba is really the same as described in Cha Cha Cha Technique, but the music is slower, so there is more time to settle.



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