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Viennese Waltz

Note! These are notes from dance classes prior to 2004. They are archived here for occasional reference.
  1. Forward Basic

    Three steps forward, compressing and extending on 1, rising and taking shorter steps on 2 and 3.
  2. Whisks

    Same footwork as Samba Whisks, Two Step, or Cumbia, but in Viennese Waltz Timing
  3. Natural Turn

    First three steps get me around lady
    1, RF forward, between lady's feet, while turning frame right
    2, LF side
    3, RF cross, turning frame right
    Second three steps allow lady to get around me
    4, LF side, crossing lady's path.
    5, RF hook, turning frame right.
    6, LF next to RF, turning frame right.
  4. Right Turn

    As taught by Jeffrey Lynn
    RF forward, QT right, with shaping, stepping between lady's feet, heel lead
    LF side, rising.
    Slide RF to LF, keeping heel on floor.
    QT left, LF back
    QT left, RF toe side, short.
    Slide LF to right.
    Feeling is that on first half, I am doing all the traveling, she stays still, and then we switch roles on the second half, so on second half, it is a small side together.
  5. Left Turn

    As taught by Jeffrey Lynn
    LF forward, QT left.
    RF side.
    LF cross, QT left, with feeling of heading back toward the lady.
    RF back.
    LF hook, placing only inside edge of ball.
    Heel turn of RF, to bring it next to and behind LF, as we complete the turn.
    Same feeling as for Right Turn, of I travel, then she travels.
  6. Change

    As taught by Jeffrey Lynn
    Just three forward steps.
    Feeling is not just of stopping rotation, but of rotating the other way. So, on change from Left Turn, focus on driving the left side forward, instead of letting the turn continue into the change.
  7. Hesitation

    As taught by Jeffrey Lynn.
    From Left Turn, LF forward, then let her continue past me, pointing my RF out, and make sure I stay over my LF. I should be like a post that she is dancing around. On next measure, RF forward, again, point LF out, and let her swing around the post I make.
    When lady goes to my left, shaping is such that my left side goes up, like we are pouring water out of a barrel to my right. When lady is to my right, right side goes up and left side goes down.
  8. Reverse Turn

    1, LF forward, turning frame left
    2, RF side, turning frame left
    3, LF cross
    4, RF short step back.
    5, LF hook, turning frame left
    6, RF feet together, turning frame left.
  9. Cape

    Start with left whisk. On right whisk, do it in place, change her RH to my RH, and let her walk around to catch my LH with hers, by my shoulder.
    Several forward basics
    Lead her to walk around in front of me and do a clockwise turn, and the she goes behind me again.
    Finish up by having her complete the turn in front of me and taking closed position again.
  10. Hesitations Forward, Back, and Side

    Just like in Waltz
  11. Push Away and Outside Turn

    Lead her to step back as if I was doing a forward hesitation, and then, step back away from her into hesitation
    Left hesitation, coming toward her slightly, and leading UAT
    Right Hesitation to finish
  12. Left Hesitation Turn

    Forward Hesitation
    Back half of box, turning QT left
  13. Hesitation and Run

    Forward Hesitation
    1, RF heel forward
    2, LF toe forward
    3, RF toe-heel forward
  14. Promenade Hesitation

    On hesitation right, change to promenade position
    LF forward, collect RF, hesitate.
    123, RF through in PP, then close up on 23
  15. Promenade Run Around

    After Promenade Hesitation, RF through on 1, then turn frame on 23 as lady walk around to closed position.
  16. Left Rock Turn

    Like all the other rock turns.
    1. LF heel forward, as I turn frame left
    2. Turning left on ball of LF, rock back on RF toe.
    3. Turning left on ball of RF, rock back onto LF toe, and then lower to heel.
    123, back half of left turning box.
    I want the turn to happen in place, with no more travel than one step, and the turn has to be sharp to distinguish it from the left cross turn.
  17. Wing to Lady's Roll and Underarm Turn.

    Promenade Hesitation.
    Wing: RF forward in promenade, then lead lady to continue until she is outside partner.
    1. LF forward, outside partner (down LOD)
    23. Lead inside turn, using progressive basic.
    123. Right Balancette.
    123. Lead UAT right, doing Balancette.
    123. Hesitation to right.
  18. Spiral to Develope

    Feels like Samba Boto Fogo
    1. LF forward.
    2. RF forward, turn frame to outside partner left.
    3. LF outside partner.
    1. RF outside partner on my left.
    2. LF forward.
    3. RF outside partner on my right.
    Repeat once or twice.
    on LF 1., hesitate, giving partner a chance to develope. Then back left box to complete. Need to slow down on previous measure to lead this.
    On the hesitation at the end, I want a feeling of lowering, and then rising up on the 23, stretching my left side to lead her to turn her head right.
  19. Basic Pivot

    Promenade hesitation facing DW so I end up backing LOD.
    1. LF back, turning right.
    2. RF forward, DC.
    3. LF forward.
  20. Curtsy Hesitation

    On Curtsy (like Samba Paulista), lower down on supporting leg for one measure.
  21. Outside Partner Runaround

    After curtsy with lady on my left, start running around her to left (clockwise circle). Feels like Samba roundabout.
    When RF is free for 1., and we are facing down LOD, side hesitation to right.
  22. Criss Cross/Grande Circle to Fan

    Start with spirals.
    As I'm finishing spiral to the right, start to open her up, raising my left arm.
    123. Lead her into outside turn, so that we are side by side.
    123. RF toward her, LF side as I turn to face her, RF feet together, as I lead her into inside turn into closed position, catching her back with my right hand as she turn.
    Go right into left cross turn.
    For grande circle, starting from when we are side by side.
    As I lead lady toward me, I step RF toward her under my left arm, and the next two steps I am doing a U-Turn, to get side by side with her again.
    I can end it either with a boto-fogo like step, or a fan like in tango.
  23. Left Cross Circle

    Like left cross turn, only making it stay in place.
    1. LF forward.
    2. RF cuts across lady.
    3. LF crosses RF.
    4. RF side, continuing circle.
    5. LF hook.
    6. RF feet together.
    Lady does the same thing, with 1 switched for 4.