Lady's Inside (Left) Turn

Two Step Lady's Inside (Left) Turn

This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance figure, including timing, foot positions, movement and technique.


Step  Timing  Feet Positions Amount of Turn  Note
1 S LF to side  
2 Q RF steps behind LF   
3 Q LF rocks in place   Lead Lady to open up to her L slightly. She's in Counter Promenade Position.
4 S RF to side   Lead Lady to step fwd, while raising L arm, leading Lady's R arm in front of her face.
5 Q LF steps behind RF    Release R arm to allow Lady to turn.
6 Q RF rocks in place   R arm to Lady's back.  Resume hold.


Step Timing Feet Positions Amount of Turn Note
1 S RF to side  
2 Q LF steps behind RF  
3 Q RF rocks in place   Man keeps Lady in slight CPP, prepare to turn.
4 S LF fwd Turning to L.
Full turn in this figure.
As Lady is turned to her left, so this step is more of a forward step.
5 Q RF fwd Turning to L Man leads Lady's R arm in front her face, 
While turning, keep L arm loosely bent, wrap around body so it won't be in the way
6 Q Replace weight onto LF Continue to turn to face partner  Next step is S to right side. L arm will float on top of Man's R arm to closed hold.