Nightclub Two Step

Nightclub Two Step Figures

  1. Two Step Basic (Closed Position, Open Position or double hand hold)
  2. Lady's Outside (Right) Turn
  3. Lady's Inside (Left) Turn
  4. Traveling Basic (Lunge Basic)
  5. Left Turning Basic (w/ Lady's Inside Roll)
  6. Right Turning Basic (w/ Lady's Outside Roll)
  7. Traveling Continuous Left Turn
  8. Opening Out Right & Left
  9. Shadow Position
  10. Flip-Flop in Place
  11. Shoulder Check
  12. Cradles
  13. Traveling Crosses Left & Right
  14. Inside Underarm Turn
  15. Underarm Turn & Ladies Spin
  16. Through the Window
  17. Opposition & Travel to the Right
  18. Push Spin
  19. Criss Cross & Underarm Turn

Nightclub Two Step Timing

  • According to Benji Schwimmer: Two Step timing 1& 2, 3& 4 (QQS QQS) starting with rock step, not stepping to the side. Ron Montez nightclub two step videos also uses this timing.
  • Other common timing: SQQ SQQ, starting with stepping to side on S.
* Caveat: both timings are used on this website. But it should be easy to adapt and dance either timing.

Nightclub Two Step Technique

  • Two Step dance is fluid, flowing, and smooth. Do not do bouncy action.
  • Hold is pretty relaxed, more casual, compact compared to Standard or Smooth dances.
  • Two Step is more lot "free" for dancers to express yourself and add their embellishment.
  • Shaping on two step: In order to get the appropriate sway, keep head level, lead to side with foot, leg, hips, the ribs, then head follows. Head delays and "echoes".
  • Traveling direction: Two Step can travel, but does not need to go strictly down Line of Dance, it can go anywhere in the room using different traveling steps.