Left Turning Basic

Left Turning Basic (w/ Lady's Roll)

This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance figure, including timing, foot positions, movement and technique.


Step Timing Feet PositionsAmount of Turn Note
1SLF to side Normal basic
2QRF crosses behind LF  
3QLF rocks in place 
4SRF to side Start prepping for the turn. Opening lady slightly to her R. 
5QLF replaces weightStarting to turn to L
6QRF to side, small stepTurning LAt this point, Man almost turned 90 (from beginning)
7SLF fwd in between Lady's legs90 degree turn from step #5.Can continue to swivel on LF to turn another half turn, or Man can stop turning and just travel to side.

Optionally, lead Lady's to an Inside (Left) Roll by raising L arm, leading Lady's R arm in front of her face 
8QRF to side, slightly back(optionally turn another half turn to L)Travel to Man's right side.
9QLF crosses in front of RF


StepTimingFeet PositionsAmount of TurnNote
1SRF to side Normal basic
2QLF steps behind RF 
3QRF rocks in place 
4SLF to side Man opens Lady to her R, into PP, prep.
6QRF crosses in back of LF 
6QLF replaces weight, slightly fwdBody start turning to L
7SRF back, slightly to the sideBody turning to L.Turned 90 to L from beginning.
At this time, Man is stepping in between lady's feet.

Optionally, if Man raises his L arm to lead Lady into Inside (Left) Turn, Lady completes a full turn over QQ, traveling to left.
8QLF to side (optionally continue to turn another half turn)Travel to Lady's left side
9QRF crosses in front of LF