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Quickstep Newcomer Choreography #1

  1. Quarter Turn to Right
  2. Progressive Chassé
  3. Forward Lock
  4. Natural Spin Turn
  5. Quarter Turn to Left (Heel Pivot)
  6. Natural Pivot
  7. Natural Turn with Hesitation (new LOD)
  8. Chassé Reverse Turn
  9. Progressive Chassé
  10. Natural Turn (new LOD)

Quickstep Newcomer Choreography #2

Preparation Step (1234 5678)
  1. Quarter Turn to Right   
  2. Progressive Chasse   
  3. Forward Lock   
  4. Natural Turn   
  5. Quarter Turn to Right   
  6. Progressive Chasse   
  7. Forward Lock   
  8. Natural Spin Turn   
  9. Progressive Chasse   
  10. Quarter Turn to Right   
  11. Progressive Chasse   
  12. Forward Lock   
  13. Natural Turn With Hesitation   
  14. Chasse Reverse Turn   
  15. Progressive Chasse   
  16. Forward Lock   
  17. Natural Pivot Turn   

    Quickstep Bronze Choreography #1

    Preparation Step (S)
    1. Natural Pivot Turn   
    2. Quarter Turn to Right   
    3. Progressive Chasse   
    4. Forward Lock   
    5. Natural Turn And Back Lock   
    6. Tipple Chasse To Right   
    7. Natural Spin Turn   
    8. Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn To Left)   
    9. Cross Chasse  
    [Repeat from #1]

    Quickstep Bronze Choreography #2

    1. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS)
    2. Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn To Left)  (SQQ)
    3. Cross Chasse  (SQQ)
    4. Forward Lock  (SQQS)
    5. Natural Turn And Back Lock  (SQQ SQQS)
    6. Running Finish  (SQQ) changing LOD
    7. Forward Lock  (SQQS)
    8. Natural Turn  (SQQ)
    9. Closed Impetus  (SSS)
    10. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS)
    Repeat from #1

    Quickstep Bronze Choreography #3 (*)

    Starting DC, middle of long wall (alignment is from Man's perspective)
    Steps in this color can be skipped when dancing on a shorter wall.
    1. Chasse Reverse Turn (SQQ) (start on 1, not 8) -> BLOD
    2. Progressive Chasse (SQQS) -> DW
    3. Forward Lock (SQQS) -> DW
    4. Natural Turn with Back Lock (SQQS QQS) -> BLOD
    5. Running Finish (SQQ) -> almost LOD
    6. 123 Natural Turn (SQQ) -> Man BDC
    7. Closed Impetus (SSS) -> turning corner, Man DW on new LOD
    8. Reverse Pivot (S) -> DC (on short wall)
    9. Double Reverse Spin (SSQQ) -> LOD
    10. Progressive Chasse to the Right (SQQS) -> BDW
    11. Back Lock (SQQS) -> BDW
    12. Tipple Chasse to the Right (SQQS QQS) -> DW New LOD
    13. Natural Pivot Turn (SQQS) -> LOD
    14. Natural Spin Turn (SQQ SSS) -> BDC
    15. Progressive Chasse (SQQS) -> DW
    16. Natural Spin Turn (SQQ SSS) -> BDC
    17. Heel Pivot - Quarter Turn to Left (SQQ) -> DW
    18. Cross Chasse (SQQ) -> DW
    19. Natural Turn with Hesitation (SQQ SS) -> underturn ending almost LOD on New LOD, continue with Zig-Zag.
    20. Zig Zag, Back Lock & Running Finish (SSS QQS SQQ) Running Finish ending DW New LOD
    21. Natural Turn with Hesitation (SQQ SSS) -> DC about in middle of long wall, start over from #1.

    Quickstep Bronze Choreography #4 (*)

    Start Man DC
    1. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
    2. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS)
    3. Natural Turn And Back Lock  (SQQ SQQS)
    4. Running Finish  (SQQ) Finish pointing DC old LOD
    5. Natural Turn And Back Lock  (SQQ SQQS) Natural Turn ends backing new LOD. Add Back Lock if side is long.
    6. Tipple Chasse To Right  (SQQ SQQS) This turns the corner at the end of the short side, should finish DW new LOD
    7. Natural Turn  (SQQ) 
    8. Closed Impetus  (SSS) This should finish backing center
    9. Reverse Pivot  (S) This finishes DW
    10. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ) Turn starts in the knees between the reverse pivot and the start of this step so first step goes down LOD. End DW
    11. Progressive Chasse To Right  (SQQS) (The starting movement is same as above.)
    12. Back Lock  (SQQS)
    13. Tipple Chasse To Right  (SQQ SQQS) turns corner at end of long wall
    14. Natural Turn And Back Lock  (SQQ SQQS)
    15. Closed Impetus  (SSS)
    16. Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn To Left)  (SQQS)
    17. Cross Chasse  (SQQ)
    18. Natural Turn With Hesitation  (SQQ SSS)
    Repeat from #1.

    Quickstep Silver Choreography

    1. Running Right Turn  (SQQ S SSS SQQ) start on the short wall, ending new LOD
    2. Natural Turn With Hesitation  (SQQ SS hold S)
    3. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
    4. Reverse Pivot  (S)
    5. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
    6. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
    7. Reverse Pivot  (S)
    8. Closed Telemark  (SSS)
    9. Fish Tail  (SQQQQS)
    10. Natural Turn And Back Lock  (SQQ SQQS) cut across corner along short wall
    11. Running Finish  (SQQ)
    12. Forward Lock  (SQQS) to corner
    13. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ underturned to BDC, then SSS ending BDC on new LOD)
    14. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS S) overturned to LOD, moving DC
    15. Quick Open Reverse  (SQQ)
    16. Four Quick Run  (SQQQQS)
    17. Natural Turn  (SQQ) half natural
    18. Tipple Chasse To Right  (SQQ SQQS) corner

      Quickstep Silver Choreography #2 (*)

      1. Start facing DW on short side.
      2. Running Right Turn (1-10) (SQQ S SSS SQQ), ending DW of new LOD.
      3. Natural Turn With Hesitation  (SQQ SS hold S)
      4. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
      5. Reverse Pivot  (S)
      6. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
      7. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
      8. Reverse Pivot  (S)
      9. Closed Telemark  (SSS)
      10. Fish Tail (1-6) (SQQQQS) Start Facing DW, last step of Closed Telemark is first step of Fish Tail
      11. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) Underturn at corner, come out DC new LOD
      12. V6 (2-8) (QQSSQQS)
      13. Forward Lock (2-4) (QQS)
      14. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) Underturned, come out backing DC, new LOD
      15. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS) Turn left so that when we do the Chassé, leader is facing LOD, last step is DC
      16. Quick Open Reverse  (SSQQS) Add RF forward walk step to beginning of figure, DC to beginning of figure. Lady: keep head position when body turning left,  then head turns back to left at following Four Quick Run.
      17. Four Quick Run (2-6) (QQQQS)
      18. Natural Turn  (SQQ) First half
      19. Tipple Chasse To Right  (SQQ SQQS) across corner
      20. Start again from #1

      Quickstep Gold Routine

      Start middle of short wall
      1. Natural Pivot Turn  (SQQS)
      2. Natural Pivot Turn  (SQQS S) ---- corner, start long wall
      3. Tipsy To L  (QQS) slower version
      4. Tipsy To R  (QQS) finish Man DC
      5. Forward Lock  (QQS)
      6. 1 Walk, Quick Open Reverse  (S SQQ) 
      7. Reverse Pivot  (S)
      8. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
      9. Cross Swivel  (SSS)
      10. Fish Tail  (QQQQS) ending Man facing DW, long wall
      11. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) ---- corner, start short wall
      12. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS)
      13. 1 Walk, Quick Open Reverse  (S SQQ) 
      14. Reverse Pivot  (S)
      15. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
      16. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
      17. Hover Corte  (SSSS) -- corner, start long wall
      18. Six Quick Run  (QQQQQQ S)
      19. Natural Pivot Turn  (SQQS)
      20. Rumba Cross  (S QQS)
      21. Running Right Turn  (SSS SQQ) -- corner, start short wall
      22. Forward Lock  (S QQS)  
      23. Natural Pivot Turn  (SQQS S)  (Natural Pivot Turn)
      24. Repeat from Tipsy to L

      Online Choreography and Routines