Latin Lesson Notes


  • Push: leaning toward partner
  • Pull: going away from partner
  • Just the necessary pressure to push into or pull away, but not extra, which makes it stiff and hard
  • Keep wrist flat, not twisted up.
Open Basic (One hand hold):
  • Start with settling on Lady's RF, which will be pushing into Man's hand, just enough pressure which comes from settling, not artificially created.
  • RF back rock on 2: R hip settling creates the pull with partner (keep hand at same place)
Forward Walk Turn:
  • 23:  3 RF forward and slightly cross LF. One style: turn earlier on 3, leaving & to settle hip after turning. The other style: turn on &, sharp.
  • After turning, make sure to settle into R hip first, which creates push pressure with Man, then LF back.
Open Hip Twist:
  • 41 after turning, settle R hip, which creates pull with Man.
  • 2341: use Forward Walk Turn technique.
Opening Out Left and Right:
  • Forward Walk Turn, small step. Don't dip outside shoulder, contra twist upper body, present leg and side. 
  • Could have slow or sharp/quick dynamic.2


  • In general, weight more forward.
  • Stationary Samba Walk: 1a2: on 2 front foot slide back on flat foot. Weight forward, arms breathe.
  • Volta: fast crossing feet, straight legs, front foot turned out.
  • Cruzado Walks: foot forward step on the line or a bit cross the line.
  • Promenade Runs: 2: look at partner, shoulder parallel with partner, before opening.