Traveling Basic

Two Step Traveling Basic

This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance figure, including timing, foot positions, movement and technique.


Step  Timing  Feet Positions Amount of Turn  Note
1 S LF to side   Normal basic
2 Q RF steps behind LF   
3 Q LF rocks in place  
4 S RF to side   Use slight pressure of the hand under Lady's shoulder blade to indicate to Lady to travel to her right next (instead of normal rock step back) 

Traveling to Man's left side.
5 Q LF almost in place, slightly back   LF is slightly back to make room for RF to cross in front.
Man and Lady are going to move along the line in Promenade Position.
6 Q RF crosses in front of LF  
7SLF to side
Prepare to change direction to Man's right.
Changing to CPP.

Traveling to Man's right side.
8QRF almost in place, slightly back  
9QLF crosses in front of RF This figure can repeat from step 4, or continue to a basic step on next S to right side.


Step Timing Feet Positions Amount of Turn Note
1 S RF to side  
2 Q LF steps behind RF  
3 Q RF rocks in place  
4 S LF to side   Feeling Man's slight pressure under L armpit/shoulder blade to go to side
5 Q RF almost in place, slightly back  Keeping PP, RF slightly back to make sure for LF to cross in front in next step.
6 Q LF crosses in front of RF    
7SRF to side Changing direction to CPP to go to left side. 
8QLF almost in place, slightly back  
9QRF crosses in front of LF May repeat from #4, or back to basic on next S to left side.