Two Step Basic

Two Step Basic

This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance figure, including timing, foot positions, movement and technique.


Step Timing Feet PositionsAmount of Turn Note
1SLF to side "Breathing action": compressing

Styling: foot steps first, then ribcage, last head.
2QRF steps behind LF  RF crosses back with partial weight. (R toe behind L heel)

"Breathing action": expanding. extending arm a bit
3QLF rocks in place Weight onto RF
4SRF to side  
5QLF steps behind RF   
6QRF rocks in place  


StepTimingFeet PositionsAmount of TurnNote
1SRF to side Hold the count, do not rush to Q.

There is a compressing action, Man and Lady's body are closer together.
2QLF steps behind RF LF crosses back with partial weight. L heel should be up.

QQ: expanding action, Man and Lady get further apart. But don't overdo it.
3QRF rocks in place Weight onto RF
4SLF to side  
5QRF steps behind LF  
6QLF rocks in place  


  • The basic could be dance with open (lady’s left hand and man’s right hand are free) or close position.
  • Add body sway (from rib cage) for styling.


  • Tap and Step (or, Touch and Swivel): timing SS, SS.
  • QQS: RF back, then LF flick (tight thighs) before step LF on 2nd Q. (Similar for the other foot).