Cuban Breaks

Cha Cha Cha Cuban Breaks

Cha Cha Cuban Breaks is a Silver Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, and movement, technique; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

Cuban Breaks may be danced at any time when in Closed or Open Position without hold, from Open PP, Open CPP, RSP and LSP positions. Commencing position and hold is according to preceding figure.

Left Foot Cuban Break (Lady or Man)

Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
LF fwd and across, toe turned out. Small step. 1/8 to R May be danced without turn. Keep hands in center.

Upper body lifted, light.

LF fwd check, small step, L side compressed, R shoulder opposition Compact, no big spine movement
& Replace weight to RF
Ball Flat. weight on RF, RF flat, straight leg, whole foot on floor.
3 LF to side 1/8 to L Inside edge of LF, Toe, Ball.

Do not step too big, step step under L shoulder, start stepping with bent L knee, then straighten L leg, squeeze left side, L hip high, L heel up, leg line, keep R heel down. R knees bent.

Spine not moving to LF and then back. Spine stays 
4 & Replace weight to RF -- Ball Flat.
5 6 7 4&1 Repeat 1-3 Same as step 1-3 Ball Flat/ Ball Flat / Ball Flat

1: finish L hip, shoulder flat, prepping to go the other side. 2 legs are both straight.

Right Foot Cuban Break (Lady or Man)

Step Timing Movement 
Turn Notes
RF fwd and across, toe turned out. Small step. 1/8 to L Same technique.
& Replace weight to LF

3 RF to side 1/8 to R
4 & Replace weight to LF --
5 6 7 4&1 Repeat 1-3 Same as step 1-3 .

  • On Cuban Breaks, use the hips to counterbalance foot movements, to allow for faster, free movement. 
  • Both Man and Lady would be stepping forward on Cuban Breaks, except one is doing RF Cuban Break, the other is doing LF Cuban Break.

Split Cuban Break (Lady or Man)

Split Cuban Breaks can be danced in place or normal Cuban Break and may be commenced with either foot in any of the positions given for Cuban Breaks.
  • 2 & 3: Dance 1-3 of LF Cuban Break LRL
  • 4 & 1: Dance 1-3 of RF Cuban Break RLR
  • Footwork: Ball flat on each step.
  • Variation: Dance from Open PP or Open CPP: turn, changing hands as in new York. Dance more turn if dancing the New York with quick timing and use only one step in place of the chasse.
Variations when commenced facing partner without hold:
  • Amalgamation:
    • Man: LF Cuban Break; Lady: RF Time Step, or 1-5 of Closed Basic Movement
    • Man: RF Cuban Break; Lady:  accept the lead and dance a LF Cuban Break.
    • Man: Spot or Switch Turn to R; Lady RF Cuban Break
    • Man: RF Time Step, or 6-10 Closed Basic Movement; Lady: Spot or Switch Turn to R.
Variations when commenced in RSP or LSP:
  • Amalgamation:
    • Fan (234&1 234&1)
    • Hockey Stick ended in LSP  (234&1 234&1)
    • Man: LF Cuban Break; Lady: RF Cuban Break (2&3&4&1)
    • Man: RF Cuban Break; Lady: LF Cuban Break  (2&3&4&1)
    • New York LSP (No turn on 1) (234&1)
    • Spot Turn to L (Lady to R) (234&1)
  • Amalgamation:
    • Hand to Hand RSP (23)
    • Three Cha Cha Chas Fwd in RSP (4&1 2&3 4&1)
    • Split Cuban Break (Man: RF, Lady LF) (2&3 4&1)
    • New York RSP (No turn on 1) end facing partner (234&1)