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General Exercises

Disclaimer: These exercises are provided for information purposes only. Please consult with your physician before undertaking any program of exercise.

Leg Swings

In a standing position, swing one leg forward and back, keeping both knees bent. Swing your arms in opposition to the swinging leg, as if you were running. Start with small swings, and gradually increase the range of motion and speed. Straighten the knee as you do so. Continue until your hips feel loose. 

For lateral and rotational swings, swing your leg across your body and out to the side, keeping your knees bent. Move your arms in opposition to the leg movement. 

Lateral Stretch With Twist

Stand about arm-distance away from a pole, door jamb or sturdy support, and bend sideways to grab it with both hands. As you push your hip away from the support, reach your lower arm across your body and twist without moving your hips and legs. You should feel this in your armpits, hip and back. 

Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel or lunge with your left leg in front of the right, with your toes pointing forward. Your left leg and hip should be bent at 90 degrees. Raise your right arm, and tighten your right buttock, shifting your weight forward. Hold the position until you feel tension ease from your right hip flexor. 

Plie Exercise 

This plie exercise helps with balance and posture, and develop the flexibility of the feet.

Start with feet in 2nd position, a bit more than shoulder width, feet slightly turned out. Remind yourself with the posture elements at all times during the exercise.
  1. Arms up above head, feet in releve (on balls of feet). Focus: Compress buttcheeks, stretch the neck.
  2. Arms to the side at shoulder level. Focus: Shoulders down.
  3. Arms down, go into ground plie. Focus: lengthen the spine, hips under the body. No arches.

Back Curls (Cobra Position)

Lay face down on floor, lift head and bend back.

Pretzel Stretch

Improve upper body flexibility. Sitting with R leg bent in front of body, lower right leg and right knee flat on floor, L leg bent and cross R leg, vertical. Body twist to left, R hand/arm over L leg and try (if you can) to reach R foot. L arm vertical propping the body. Switch to the other side