Dance Practice

Structured Practice Plan

To make progress, one has to have good practice on the technique taught in their lessons. The idea of practice is to get the repetitions into muscle memory. 

Everyone is different, take the ideas below and make a plan that works you.
  1. Decide on how much time each week will be for practice. e.g. whether it's 4-5 days a week, 1-2 hours per day, or 1-2 times a week, have a plan.
  2. Decide on the 2 to 3 dances to practice on each day. It may take more than a week to rotate through all dances, which is ok.
  3. Decide on the 2 to 3 elements/technique to improve on each dance for the next few weeks or months.

At Practice Time

  1. Warm up: do exercises to get body warmed up. Play a couple of songs, e.g. Samba music for rib cage exercise. Songs are time keeper too.
  2. Practice the basic actions for the dances to practice that day. See Latin exercises and Standard exercises
  3. For each of the targeted element/technique: practice ONE at a time for 15-30 min, then switch
  4. When it's near showcase or competition time, run through routines.
  5. Cool down by doing static stretches at the end.
Notes for practice:
  • When practicing alone, pretend there is a partner, hold your frame.
  • Practice slowly first, then with music.

Practice Elements


  • Frame: 
    • Stay left, body more left, stretch; ribs to partner, then extend. 
    • RH tone coming from back. shoulders down.
    • Keep frame/arm forward, especially when moving back, e.g. Double Reverse. 
  • Reverse Turns: stretch left, head left, keep left side body forward with Man.
  • Natural turns: (Lady)
    • 1st step curve, hips turn more, follow Man's hips, allow them to move, stretch and keep R arm forward
    • 2st step: smaller side step.
  • Going out from PP: do not loose R side.
  • Posture: left arm, R arm, left, knees more bent.
    • Closed Promenade: R arm forward. don't lose energy. R arm needs to be more consistent with tone, not too much pressure and not too loose. 
  • Movement: stay flat
Viennese Waltz
  • Don't pop up, more flat, focus on movement.
  • Keep volume, left.
Cha Cha