Notes for Workout Videos

Cardio Workout - H.I.I.T Exercises

Note: this is a written reminders of the exercises from the 20-Minute Cardio Workout | Dancesport

High Intensity Interval Training exercises below are structured like doing 5 dances. Do each exercise for about 1.5min and then rest for 30sec (inhale through nose, exhale through mouth), then do the next one exercise. Total will be ~10min for 5 exercises. Repeat it 2 or 3 times. (A HITT workout timer may be helpful.)

  1. Quick feet (30 sec each)

    1. in, in, out, out (15sec) forward, forward, back, back (15sec)

    2. butt kicks (30 sec)

    3. high knees (30 sec)

  2. Alternating lunges

    1. leg lunge fwd, with opposite arm up on the side, shape (bend) to the lunging leg

    2. leg lunge fwd, with both arms parallel to ground, hands together in front, and then twist to lunging leg side.

    3. courtesy lunges (foot crosses behind)

  3. Plie and knee up (both arms parallel to ground, hands together in front)

    1. plie (squat), then bring one knee up to arm (keep arm horizontal), then switch side

    2. plie, then bring knee across to standing leg, twisting upper body/arm the opposite way

    3. from forward lunge (arms up) position, then bring the back leg forward and knee up (arms down to the side), return to lunge position, repeat.

  4. Plie pulses and squats:

    1. Pulse in squat position 30sec.

    2. Pulse (plie, arms together) and up to demi-pointe upright position (arms can be down to side), calf raise, hold 1 sec and then down to plie again

    3. Squats in different directions:

      • start with facing front, arms to side, in plie/squat position

      • then rotate to left, becomes lung position, R arm up and over when body is rotating, now 2 arms in front

      • stand up, retract two arms to side of body

      • winding back: back to earlier lung position, 2 arms front

      • then arm up and over to facing front position

      • now rotate to the other side.

  5. Tip toe lunges, side to side lunges and Cha Cha Timestep

    1. legs not too wide, parallel, foot out/in (lunge position), the other foot out/in; back/recover, the other foot back/recover

    2. legs very wide, R side lunge w/ R leg bent, L hand tries to touch R foot, open up R side, R arm up; change sides

    3. Cha cha time step: together/together/twist/twist/side

Core, Strength and Balance Exercises

Note: this is a written reminders of the exercises from Core and Balance Training with Natalie Crandall | Dancesport

Have a good "pulled up" posture, there should not be a back arch. Chest pulled up, shoulder down, not tense, belly button to back, tail bone down to ground (not tilted forward), head pulled up to ceiling (2 forces - head pulled up, tail bone down). Try to find core when lying down - having a flat back.

Exercise - table top position on floor

Yoga position - :all-fours" (on both knees and hands), table top position, with flat back, lift opposite arm and leg to flat position, same plane as the back, engage core, do not open up hip, do not let back arch, heel to wall (don't point toe).

  • Hold flat position for 10 sec

  • Exhale and bring knee to elbow (back may round slightly), inhale to stretch and extend out leg and arm. Repeat 4 times.

  • Hold flat position for 10 sec. Repeat for the other arm and leg.

Exercise - plank pose

Repeat the exercise in plank position (no knees, harder).

Exercise - on one leg:

Stand on one leg, lift the other leg, 90 degrees, arms up, straighten knee out, and bend knee in, while standing on one leg. Keep holding core.

Same pose, starting with bent knee, take the bent knee back and straighten leg, while bending upper body forward with arms on the side of body. Ending position is standing on one leg, body, arm and the other leg is flat, horizontal, engage core, do not arch back, do not open hip. Then, go back to starting position and repeat, all while standing on one foot.

Exercise - calf raises

One leg in front, foot straight not turned out.

    • Drop down to parallel squat (front foot flat, back foot on ball), raise front heel to ball of foot, rise up on both feel, on balls of feet, hold still, release both heels down. Repeat.

    • Rocking chair: Second position, no arch, engage core, lengthen spine. Rock back to heel, then rock front up to balls of feet. Hold for 2 sec.

    • Wide leg, plie position, get onto ball of one foot, then switch to the ball of the other foot. At the end, hold still on balls of both feet.

Exercise - Pulsing

    • In parallel squat position. Pulse 12 times.

    • 2nd position in plie. Pulse 12 times.

    • Courtesy squat position. Pulse 12 times.

      • To get to courtesy position, stand in triangle, then rotate body on the heel of front foot, and ball of back foot, the ending position is the courtesy position. Inner thighs are touching. 70% weight on front leg.

Exercise - Jumping, Pushing

    • Start in parallel squat position, jump and land with opposite foot in front in parallel squat position, land on balls of feet, softly, When jumping up, arms are up and land with arms down. Repeat 5 times.

    • Jump in the squat position.

    • In Plie position, push RF and move weight onto straight L leg with R leg straight pointing to the side off floor, stay balanced, hold for 2 sec. Repeat on the other foot.