Salsa Shines and Styling

  1. Shines Spins
    Q, LF forward
    Q, Half turn right
    S, Pivoting on RF, half turn right, feet together

  2. Shines Diamonds
    Q, LF forward right
    Q, RF side and back
    S, LF feet together
    Q, RF back left
    Q, LF side forward
    S, RF feet together

  3. Puerto Challenge
    Variation of: Salsa Shines: Bronze 2
    Q, LF forward left
    Q, CW to RF
    S, LF feet together
    Q, RF side
    Q, CW to LF
    S, LF feet together

  4. Check and Pop Shine
    Q, LF side
    Q, RF side (move it over)
    S, LF feet together
    Q, RF behind LF (cross)
    Q, LF side
    S, RF feet together

  5. Two Turn Shines
    Q, LF forward
    Q, CW RF
    S, Pivot full turn on RF
    Q, Hook RF behind left
    Q, Hold
    S, Pivot full turn on RF

  6. Double Right Turn
    1234, back break, ending with LF forward.
    5, Push off LF to turn right for 360
    6, LF forward
    7, push off left foot to turn right 360
    8, LF forward, then back to basic

  7. Roger's shine 010506
    1, LF cross.
    234, RF kicks out to side, QT right.
    5, RF cross
    6, turn left, end up facing right
    Left Triple Cross, end with QT left
    RF tap side, QT left.
    RF hook and tap.
    RF cross left

  8. Triple Cross Shines
    1, LF cross tap
    2, LF side tap
    3, LF cross
    5, RF cross tap
    6, RF side tap
    7, RF cross

  9. Syncopated Triple Cross
    1, LF cross
    &, drag RF side
    2, LF side
    &, drag RF hook
    3, LF cross
    Same thing reversed for other side

  10. Suzy-Q shines
    I've just got it here starting on LF, continue doing the same thing the other way.
    1, LF cross, 1/8 turn right
    2, RF side, 1/8 turn left
    3, LF cross, 1/8 turn right

  11. Lady's Double Outside Turn
    Lady's foot work for double outside turn. Counting out all the beats, 1, LF back. 2, CW RF. 3, LF forward. 4, push off left foot to start turn. 5, pivoting on RF, full turn. 6, LF forward, push off for next turn. 7, pivoting on RF, full turn. 8, LF back. Go into RF back break. So the turn starts on the second half of the first slow, two quicks to do first turn, next slow to do second turn.

  12. Shine 010520
    QQS, point LF across RF (kick), then jump RF over left. QQS, 3/4 turn. QQS, LF taps right, left, and step across right. QQS, RF point right, tap left behind LF, then quarter turn left, RF, steps across and in front of LF.

  13. Solo 010603
    1, LF cross
    2, RF side
    &,LF back
    3, RF cross
    5, LF cross tap
    6, little jump
    7, LF hook
    1, both legs out to side
    2, both legs in, RF behind LF
    3, both legs out to side
    5, both legs in, LF in front
    67, pivot full turn to right
    back to basic

  14. Footwork for LA Salsa Int 1a
    12, forward basic. 3, LF hook.
    567, hook RF for syncopated triple cross
    123, half turn right
    4 RF kick forward; 5 right toe touch behind
    6& LF even with RF, RF forward
    7, half turn left
    1, hop forward, tapping RF behind LF
    2, RF back
    3, hop back with LF, dragging RF
    567, grapevine left, RF hook, LF side, RF cross into QT left.
    12, left heel forward, grinding
    3, hop back with LF, dragging RF
    567, RF back, LF back QT left, half turn left, RF cross
    1, LF hop, tap RF behind; 23 full turn right.
    567, syncopated triple cross, RF starts behind and ends in front
    1, LF cross, 2, RF tap side; 3 RF tap behind
    567, full hook turn, hit pose,extending left leg

  15. Flicks, front and back.
    On front basic, 1&, LF forward, RF cross behind, toe tapping floor, knees locked together.
    On basic, 5&, RF back, LF tap toe forward, knee bent, knee turned slight inwards.

  16. Side points.
    On four of basic, point toe of free leg out to side, turning knee downwards, and shaping body.

  17. Points on XBL
    On XBL, I can do a side point on 4, or point my right toe down the slot on 4.

  18. Lady's Knee Twist on XBL
    On 4 of XBL, lady can rotate her knees around clockwise, ending with butt pointing back, before going into second half of XBL

  19. Lady's XBL Moonwalk.
    on 3 of XBL, RF cross LF, knees touching, and on 4, straighten right leg to force left leg back, ending up, again, with butt pointing back.

  20. 8 side points
    Use every beat in measure, angle body to right.
    LF cross, RF point side.
    RF hook, LF point.
    LF cross, RF point.
    RF cross, LF point.
    LF cross, RF point.
    RF hook, LF point.
    LF hook, RF point.
    RF cross, LF point.