Salsa Routines

  1. Beg 2 LA Salsa Routine
    2 Hand hold, palms up, XBL, man ends in wide stance
    Tango Swivels, lady RF swivel back on 1, RF forward swivel on 3, LF forward swivel on 5, RF forward swivel on 7
    123, lady swivels left, right, left
    56, lady's drops and turns left, so that she is squatting on left leg, and right leg is straight through man's legs. Man goes down and turns upper body left to match her. 78, she comes back up.
    Open break to 2 hand UAT, keep her two hands in my RH
    Open break to man's under arm hook turn
    12, open break, toss lady's hands up.
    3, step forward on RF, ducking under her hands, so I am in something of a lung, and place my RH on her stomach
    56, on 6, gently push her back, this matches her step
    on 7, get back up
    open break to waist catch, walk around slowly on 5,7,1,3
    use RH on her hip to lead her into a right turn, while I do a hook turn
    shines from here, man's part
    Full Basic
    Half turn right.
    RF Triple Cross
    QT right, LF triple cross.
    RF tap cross, side, and then hop to side towards lady, crossing left leg behind right, with left toe pointing to floor, right shoulder toward lady.
    Half turn pivot left, keep weight on RF
    567, kick LF out, and hop over LF with RF, ending RF crossing LF
    12&3, diamond step, ending in same position.
    Hop, switching legs, LF crosses RF
    3/4 swivel turn, pop out left leg so I end facing lady in wide stance

  2. Routine for LA Salsa Int 1a
    R2R hold.
    XBL with tap.
    Open Break to Lady's Double Outside Turn
    Open Break to Lady's Traveling Right Turn. She goes past me on my right, and I assist with LH on her right shoulder.
    Lady's inside turn, followed by man's hook turn.
    Comb man, lead XBL to open break.
    L2R, lady's traveling outside turn, after she passes me, I turn left to face away, release my LH, and offer RH by waist.
    Opposition break, circle RH up and back while leading her forward, offer LH, and lead her into traveling inside turn.
    Cuban break left, 2, CW RF, toss her LH up in a circle, 3 half turn right, catch her LH in my RH
    567, lead her to do traveling full turn, keeping her LH, so that she wraps up, and I take big step forward on 6 with LF, QT left, so that I've got her wrapped, and we are perpendicular
    1. LF hook, lead her forward
    2. push her back, step across with RF, bringing her LH out to wrap around my waist
    3. LF forward, QT right, so we face in same direction, her LH at my waist, and she is to my right.
    567, back basic, release RH, put it on her right hip, to lead her into free spin. Combination of RH on her hip, and stepping back with her left arm around my waist, should get her to spin.

  3. Routine for LA Salsa 1b
    XBL with inside turn to reverse hammerlock
    Back to back change of places, then I go under my RH, leading her into right turn down slot, so we end up back in normal 2hand hold.
    Rainbow to XBL, taking her right wrist with my RH, turn her so she is facing away from me, and take her upper arms with my hands.
    Lead her to swivel left, right, left.
    Lead her to free spin right using RH.
    XBL with inside turn
    Man's right turn, keeping LH, so I end up in hammerlock.
    Downward circle break with right arm, 1 1/2 revs to toss her hand up, while I turn right again, and offer RH facing away.
    Opposition break, toss RH away, offer LH, and take her left shoulder with RH.
    Break back with right while leading her to break forward with left, then lead her into half turn left, keeping her LH and keeping it low.
    Break back with LF while leading her to break forward, then lead her into a half turn right, and take her left wrist with RH.
    Lead her into freespin left.

  4. Salsa Solo for Showcase
    Danced to Jimmy Bosch's Mento Frio
    Open Break to Shoulder Turn and Neck Drop
    XBL to Argentine Swivels, Liz just does her thing.
    Open Break to Lady's Double Outside Turn, Man's Outside Turn, Man's Hook Turn
    Open Break to Spin Whip
    Cuddle to Double Outside Turn
    Flirtation Roll
    Back Spot to Swivels
    Man's Wrap to Check and Lady's Free Spin
    Peekaboo's to Lady's Double Inside Turn and Man's Hook Turn
    Backspot Turn to Reverse Check and Lady's Free Spin
    Hammerlock to Man's Wrap and Lady's Outside Turn
    Hammerlock Turn to Neck Wrap, Lady's Duck, Man's Comb, Man's Turn and Duck
    Inside Turn to Shadow
    Halfmoons to Lady's Double Sombrero
    Hammerlock Peekaboo to Change of Places, Man's Hook Turn to Hammerlock, and Single Halfmoon to double outside turn.
    Capes, remember to end putting RH under lady's arm.
    Cross Body Dip
    Roll out, and roll in to Tango Dip
    Roll out, and roll in to Neck Drop

  5. LA Salsa Int2a
    XBL to inside turn, keeping both hands.
    Double outside turn, keeping both hands.
    123, Change of places
    Hammerlock Change of Places To Man's Duck and Lady's Neck Wrap
    Changing to R2R, lady's outside turn to end her up behind me (step in 3)
    Cuban break left with comb.
    Cuban break right leading lady's double outside turn behind me, and then turn around to face her on 7.
    Lady's checked traveling double outside turn.
    Open break to Left Tunnel

  6. LA Salsa 2a footwork
    123, basic, end hooking LF
    5, hop, LF extends left, toe up, heel to floor
    6. hop left, RF taps behind LF.
    7. left point.
    13, points right and left
    567, hook turn
    1, LF kick forward and across
    3. LF hook.
    57, two bicycle steps back.