Club Salsa

Tips and Notes:

  • These notes assume a certain Salsa vocabulary, so some figures might be hard to figure out if you don't have the same vocabulary we did. In future, we will provide a glossary of these terms.

  • These notes are all from the leader's perspective, you may need an experienced follower to work out the lady's part.

  • Please review these notes in order. Some later amalgamations assume knowledge of previous ones.

  • Spins are driven by upper body, not feet. On hook turn, before I hook my RF, wind up upper body, and use it to drive spin as I hook. Keep weight on left ball, bring RF in, let ball drag on floor, and use RF to stop turn.


Cross-hands hold (X-hands)

Hand hold where the man holds the lady's right hand with his right hand, and the lady's left hand with her left hand. The pattern instructions should indicate whether right hand is above the left.


Right Hand


Left Hand


Right Foot


Left Foot


Cross-hands hold, RH on top.


Cross-hands hold, LH on top.

Under Arm Turn (UAT)

The man leads the lady to turn, holding her hand(s) slightly above her head, so that she passes under his arm.

Outside Turn

When the man leads the lady into a turn, his leading hand goes around the outside of the partnership. For example, an underarm turn to the right, led by the man's LH hold the lady's RH, has the man's LH going out behind the lady, away from him. In most cases, and outside turn will refer to a right turn led with the man's LH.

Inside Turn

Using the same terminology as the outside term, the man's leading hand initiates the turn by moving between the partners, that is, inside the partnership. A lady's underarm turn to the left, led by the man's LH holding the lady's RH, is an inside turn.

Cross Body Lead (XBL)

See under Ballroom Salsa

Comb Hair

With RH to RH or LH to LH hold, the man passes his hand just over his own or the lady's head, then down to the shoulder, simulating the action of combing the hair back.


Holding both lady's hands, starting from above her head, bring them down to her sides in a big arc.


Position in which one of the hands is by the opposite hip, with the arm behind the back. Name is taken from the wrestling hold.

Cuddle Position

Lady's left arm crosses in front, left hand at right hip. Man's right arm goes around lady's back, his right hand holds her left hand at her right hip. Man's LH holds lady's RH in front of her.

  1. Cross Body Lead to Hand Switch and Under Arm Turn

    • 123: Forward Break

    • 567: Cross-Body Lead, switching to RH to RH hold.

    • 123: Open Break

    • 567: Side Break (Cuban Break) leading lady into Outside turn

    • 123: Forward Break, comb her hair, leave RH on lady's left shoulder, and use LH on her shoulder blade to keep her from turning.

    • 567: Use RH on her shoulder to lead her into a right turn, while doing a back break.

  2. Cross Body Lead to Hand Switch and Two-Hand Under Arm Turn with Shoulder Turn

    • 123 567: Cross-body lead, switch to RH to RH, LH to LH underneath

    • 123: Open Break

    • 567: Lady's outside turn, keeping hands

    • 123: Forward break, comb her hair, LH then RH, leaving RH on lady's left shoulder

    • 567: Right hand on shoulder leads turn to right.

  3. Cross Body Lead to Hand Switch, Two Hand UAT and Hip Turn

    • 123567: Cross body lead, switch to crossed hands hold, LH underneath.

    • 123: Back or Side Break

    • 567: Follower Outside Turn.

    • 123: Comb her hair, bringing hands down to her waist.

    • 567: When I am breaking back with RF, and her left hip is coming forward, give it an extra nudge to lead her into another clockwise turn.

  4. Face to Face Hammer Lock and Neck Wrap to Lady's Duck and Man's Duck

    • 123: Open Break

    • 567: Cuban break, lead lady into right turn, keeping both hands, with RH low, place LH on her right shoulder, so we end up with lady's hammerlock and neck wrap.

    • 123: Left forward basic, man pushes gently with RH to get lady to duck under his LH.

    • 567: Right back basic, man comb's his hair with LH, leaves her RH on his right shoulder.

    • 123: Man does full turn right, so her hand drapes around his neck, still ending up on right shoulder, end up with feet shoulder width apart

    • 567: Cuban break right, man duck's head under her hand so her hand ends up on his left shoulder.

  5. Crossed Hands Outside Turn to Comb and Lady's Sombrero

    • 123: Starting with crossed-hand hold, RH on top, back break.

    • 567: Lead lady's UAT right.

    • 123567: XBL with Lady's left UAT.

    • 123: Comb her hair with RH to her right shoulder, while man combs himself with LH.

    • 567: Using RH on lady's shoulder, lead her into a turn to the right, where she ducks under the man's RH. Note: if the lady is not familiar with such actions, the man should get his hand out of her way as soon as he sees she isn't going to duck.

  6. Cross-Hands Outside Turn to Comb and XBL

    • 123567: RXH, lead right underarm turn.

    • 123: First half of XBL, man comb's himself with LH, releasing LH, and then combs lady with RH, releasing RH, and puts RH on her back.

    • 567: Offering LH to take lady's RH, complete XBL

  7. 2 Hand Outside Turn to Rainbow and Lady's Turning Break

    • 123: Open break.

    • 567: Lady's right turn, keep both her hands, end with both her hands in my RH.

    • 123: Left forward break with rainbow, grabbing her wrists.

    • >567: Lead her into right free spin.

  8. Hammerlock to Comb

    • 123: With two hand hold, Open break

    • 567: Lead right UAT, hanging on to her LH w/ man's RH. Man's RH goes down (gently) to lead her into the turn. The lady should be in the hammerlock position.

    • 123: Open break again, man combs self with LH, puts her RH on his right shoulder, and lets it slide down to his RH, while releasing her LH. Then it's the same as hand-switch to UAT.

    • 567: RH to RH Lady's UAT right.

  9. Hammerlock to double inside turn

    • 123: Open break in 2 hand hold.

    • 567: Keeping both hands, her RH high, LH low, lead UAT right into hammerlock.

    • 123: Man's side break.

    • 567: Lead lady into double UAT left, while man steps side-cross-side.

  10. Double outside turn

    • 123: Open break, keeping lady's RH.

    • Man starts to lead the lady's UAT right on 4, and does a side break on 567. Lady does chainné turn on 5&6&7.

  11. Rainbow
    Starting with both her hands together between us, insert my hands between hers, and make a circle up and out with my arms, taking her hands or wrists at the end.

  12. 2Hand Outside Turn to Rainbow, Double Lady's Comb, and Right Waist Turn

    • 123: Open Break, keeping both her hands.

    • 567: Lady's UAT Right using both hands, end holding both her hands with man's RH (no thumbs).

    • 123: Man can either just do an open or side break, or, more advanced, he can step back, quarter turn left, point his left hand out, and then return to face partner.

    • 567: Rainbow with cuban break to right.

    • 123: Comb lady with both hands, letting hands slide down to her waist.

    • 567: Lead her into right turn to right using RH on her hip.

  13. Hammerlock to Man's Wrap and Lady's Double Inside Turn

    • 123567: Open Break to Hammerlock.

    • 123: Back break, and then step forward passing lady to man's left, with quarter turn to right.

    • 5: Man RF hooks behind for 3/4 turn to right, LH combs self, Lady steps forward LF.

    • 6: LF feet together, follow through on comb so that man's arms are crossed in front of him (wrap), hands at his sides, still holding hers, she crosses behind with RF.

    • 7: Man RF side, she steps side LF.

    • 1: Man releases LH, LF fifth position to get it out of her way, and leads her into double inside turn with RH.

    • 23: Complete turn.

  14. Cross Hand Outside Turn, Neck Wrap, Outside Turn, Comb, and Waist Turn

    • 123: Open break, changing to RH to RH hold.

    • 567: Lead Lady's UAT right while doing Cuban break.

    • 123: RH combs to lady's neck wrap, take LH to LH.

    • 567: Use hand on lady's left shoulder to lead UAT right, keeping both hands, while man does Cuban break.

    • 123: Comb both hands over her head, and let them drop to her waist.

    • 567: Lead lady's free spin right using RH on waist.

  15. Cross body lead to Inside Turn to Cuddle, Right Turn to Hammerlock, Cross-body Lead with Inside turn.

    • 123567: Cross body lead to lady's UAT left. Lady does a chainé turn. Lady ends up facing the way she started Man keeps both her hands, ending up in cuddle position. Man releases LH, keeping RH at her waist.

    • 123: Cuban break left, msn used RH on her hip, and LH on her left shoulder to turn her slightly left, winding her up.

    • 567: Man does back break with right foot, while leading lady to turn one and a half times right to end up in hammer lock, and takes her RH with his LH.

    • 123567: Cross body lead to inside turn, so that hands unwind.

    • 123567: Pop an open break, and on the Slow, pop elbow up and turn hands out, so that she can run her hands down my waist on next measure.

  16. Lady's Cross-Handed Outside Turn, Man's Left Turn, Comb Lady, Rainbow to Outside Turn.

    • 123: Open Break, Crossed hands hold, RH over left

    • 567: Cuban break, Lady full turn right

    • 1: LF forward, LH up to go under

    • 2: CW RF, QT left

    • 3: LF feet together, both hands by sides, holding hers, QT left, facing away from lady

    • 567: RF forward, pivot turn, then feet together now in hammerlock, with RH behind me, now facing partner

    • 123: forward break, comb LH over her head, then raise LH straight up, palm in, sweep clockwise to take her LH, and bring it into position for outside turn

    • 567: back break, lady's outside turn

  17. Argentine Swivels to Lady's Double Turn, Man's Double Turn
    As the name suggests, this pattern borrows from Argentine Tango

    • 123567: Cross body lead, man ends it by popping both feet out into wide stance, palms facing forward, her hands pointing up in his. On the 1, lead her to pop back on her RF using LH, to start a swivel action for the XBL

    • Man's feet don't move for next two measures. Lady takes very small steps.

    • 1. Lady RF back. Turning frame right, lead her to swivel right.

    • 2. Lady CW LF, Turn frame, lead her to swivel left

    • 3. Lady RF forward, continue leading swivel left

    • 5. Lady LF forward, lead her to swivel right

    • 6. Lady RF forward, her LF points back, and is touching man's left leg, he leads her to swivel left, far enough so that she is facing away from him.

    • 7. Lady lifts LF from knee, to touch man's left inside thigh

    • 123: open break, start leading turn on second half of slow

    • 567: side break, lead lady's double outside turn, leading it with RH.

    • 1. Man's LF forward

    • 23: Man's full turn, pivoting on RF, let lady's LH drape waist as he goes around

    • 567: man's hook turn, all the way around

  18. Spin Whip

    • 1. back break

    • 2. RF cross to clear slot. Keep hand low, Lady still facing down slot

    • 3. QT right, LF side, taking her hand hand all the way down, so the arm straightens on the way, place her RH behind her back, and take it with RH

    • 567. Side break, use RH gently pulling down to lead lady into one and a half turns, turn right to face lady down slot

    • Lady will do half turn on each step.

  19. Cross-Hand Cross Body Lead to Cuddle

    • Start in Crossed-Hands Hold, RH on top.

    • Cross body lead with Lady's Inside turn, one and a half. End up facing same direction, RH by lady's left shoulder, LH by lady's waist. If her arms cross, right arm is over left.

  20. Cross-Hand Cuddle Duck Turn
    Starting position: facing same direction, lady in front, LH to LH hold by lady's waist on right, RH to RH hold by lady's left shoulder. Lady will do a 360 right. LH down, right arm goes over her head, then left arm. I end up with my arms crossed, LH over RH, with RH by lady's waist. Release left hand, and use RH to lead her into one and a half turns to left. The turns happens on the measure when I break with my LF.

  21. Spin Whip to Cross-Hand Cross Body Lead to Cuddle to Cross-Hand Cuddle Duck Turn
    Put the three patterns before this one in order.

  22. Lady's Double Outside Turn to Man's Hammerlock, Check to Lady's Double Inside Turn, Cross Body Lead to Cuddle Wrap, Hook Turn and Hand Change to Lady's Outside Turn

    • 123: open break, start lady's outside turn on 4.

    • 567: lady's double outside turn; as soon as the she is half way through second turn, man does a hook turn, keeping her RH in his LH, 3/4 turn, so he ends up with LH behind his back, still holding her RH, at right angle to her with her on his right.

    • 123: LF side break, she back breaks, then with LH lead her to go past leader behind his back, turning and lunging 180 left, he lunges right, and, letting go of her hand, check her with his hand on her back (behind his back).

    • 567: left hand pushes in to lead her into traveling double inside turn back down the slot, while he can either just turn to face her, or do a hook turn to face her.

    • 123567: cross body lead.

    • 123: open break then RF step left, raising LH, LF step side, he goes around her, ending up in cuddle with her RH by her left shoulder.

    • 567: QQS, RF hook behind, LF side, RF hook turn, releasing her RH, change her LH to his LH behind his back, end up at right angle, her on his right, her LH in his LH.

    • 123: lead her into traveling counterclockwise turn with his LH, to end the pattern.

  23. Lady's 2-Hand Turn, Man's Left Turn to Neck Wrap, Man's Duck and Lady's Free Spin

    • 123: Open Break

    • 567: Lady's Outside Turn, keeping both hands

    • 123: Half turn left, going under RH, end up with me in cuddle

    • 567: half turn left, keep LH at neck level, so I end up with lady's RH on left side of my neck

    • side break left, ducking under her arm, and keeping both hands, take them to my right

    • back break, bring her hands together, and lead her into free spin right

  24. Lady's Inside Turn, Man's UAT left, Lady's Outside Turn to Neck Wrap and Duck, Flare to Arm Check

    • 123: Open Break to Peekaboo (Stop and Go)

    • 56: Back break

    • 7: cross slot under my LH, changing to R2R at top, QT left, so I end up with RH at left side holding her RH.

    • 123: Forward break, while leading her to back break.

    • 567: Lead her into traveling ccw turn, keeping hand at neck level for a wrap, while breaking to side.

    • 123: Open break while leading lady to duck under my hand.

    • 567: RF hook, LF side, while putting LH on inside of her elbow, leading her to step forward, RF cross in front

    • 123: side break while checking her into traveling free spin

  25. Cross body lead to cuddle, Lady's tunnel, man's duck
    Cross body lead into cuddle. Lady keeps going around me to my left, and ducks under my arms. I release RH, and as I turn I duck under her LH, so it ends up on right shoulder, rainbow to take her LH.

  26. Lady's outside turn, man's under arm half turn, lady's wrap, man's underarm turn, lady's free spin

    • 123: Open break.

    • 567: Lead lady's outside turn with RH.

    • 123: Cuban break, then half turn under my right arm to face away from lady, with her on my right.

    • 567: Lead her into traveling left turn forward, keeping her hand so that she wraps up facing away from me, while I move to her right.

    • 123: Hook step to get in front of her, then cut across in front of her, turning under my right arm, so that again she is on my right and we are facing same direction.

    • Lead her into another traveling turn left, but let go so she can spin freely.

  27. Lady's UAT, Man's Hook Turn, Lady's Outside Turn
    Open Break to Lady's UAT. Man's comb, and let her RH fall into my RH. Open break to Lady's UAT. Forward break, comb her, keep hand. Hook turn, full. Forward break with lady's comb. Back break and lead her into clockwise turn with hand on her shoulder.

  28. Lady's Inside Turn, Man's turn with hand switch, Lady to shadow, Lady's left turn
    Back break to lady's checked inside turn. Man's hook turn with LH kept low, and switch hands behind man's back, ending up in right to right hold. Back break, and lead lady into inside turn, releasing RH, and checking her turn with RH at her waist. Take LH to LH, and lead her into UAT left.

  29. Rope Spin
    steps are for one hand rope spin from closed position. For two hand rope spin, if we count the steps from 1 to 12, on 6, I raise right hand, and step through window, so I have lady's left hand on my neck, and her RH at my waist. On 7, I raise my LH over my head as she comes around. 89, as she comes around we have hands knotted. Lady's under arm turn right will untangle our hands. For RH to RH rope spin, lead a RH to RH under arm turn right on 456, then every thing else is the same as LH to RH hold. For Windmill, get RH to RH on top, LH to LH underneath. 456, lead lady's UAT right, stepping forward and left with RF on 6, so lady is behind me. Lead rest of rope spin, ending with UAT right, so we end up in crossed hands hold with LH on top.
    QQS, Open Break, or forward basic
    Q, RF back break
    Q, LF side, start to raise LH
    S, RF forward left, so I am standing with lady on my right, hand over my head
    Q, LF cross in front right, lead lady to walk around behind me
    Q, RF side, lead lady to walk past my left side
    S, LF slightly back, lead lady in front of me
    QQS, back break, lead lady into uat right

  30. Catapult
    QQS, open break, two hand hold. QQS, man wrap, end up with lady behind me, her around my waist. QQS, switch hands, so we're right to right and left to left, break forward, pushing her back. QQS, releasing right hand, lead her to do traveling free spin past me on my left.

  31. Two back spot turns to lady's outside turn to lady's free spin.
    Open break to back spot turn. Keep going around for second back spot turn. Third back spot turn with lady's outside turn, as I complete it, turn to face away from lady. I have my partner behind me, my LH holding her RH. QQS break forward, leading her to break back. QQS, lead her into traveling right free spin past me on my left.

  32. Cross hand outside turn to man's half turn, hand change, man's duck and rise
    Open break, changing to cross hand hold, RH on top. Lady's outside turn, while I do a cuban break right to half turn left, so I am facing away from lady. Cuban break left, while I place lady's right hand on my left shoulder, and then her left hand on my right shoulder. Cuban break right, release her hands, and offer my hands by my waist; lady can run her hands down my back if she likes. Cuban break left to half turn right, while ducking under her arms. Cuban break right, while I snake up between her arms, with rainbow at the end. Holding her arms, pop a forward break.

  33. Lady's Wrap Spin to Lady's Free Spin
    LH to LH hold. Q, wind lady to her right. Q, RF side, lead her into left traveling turn down slot, hanging on to her LH, so that it wraps around her waist. S, LF across RF, turning to face down slot. QQ, two short steps, getting to right side of slot; on second Q, her hand should be hitting her waist. S, RF side, turning so that I face across slot, lead her into half turn to face back down the slot, with slight pull on her LH; I end up even with her left wrist, take her left wrist with my RH. Q, LF hook, RH down between us to lead her into traveling free spin left. Q, full turn left, pivoting on LF. S, LF forward. QQS, catch up to partner. A nearly identical pattern has me using my RH on her left shoulder to spin her exactly the same way.

  34. Lady's Cuddle Wrap to Outside Turn
    QQS, start cross body lead. QQS, finish XBL, but hang back, to keep her from stepping back with her RF on the next Q. QQS, lead her to walk past me down the slot, and at the last second, raise LH to get her into cuddle, as I go around behind her. QQS, lead her into outside turn down slot.

  35. Cross Body Lead to Reverse Hammer Lock, Man's Half Turn, and Lady's Outside Turn
    Lead XBL to inside turn, keeping my RH up and LH down, so that we end up with lady in reverse hammerlock, her LH is up, RH around her back. QQS, I do a half turn right. QQS, tilting my right shoulder back, lead her into an outside turn, unwrapping her, and ending with a half turn left on the slow. Open break to cuddle, keep her from rocking back on her left foot on the next quick. Pulling down her LH to lead, lead her into traveling turn behind her.

  36. Cuddle to Double Outside Turn
    XBL. Back break to cuddle. Double outside turn, pulling her right hand down so that she turns in place, instead of traveling. Variation: after back break to cuddle, walk around for two measures, and then do double turn.

  37. XBL to Outside Turn, Man's Double Hammerlock
    Start XBL in 2-hand hold. On 7, lead her into outside turn (clockwise), so we end up facing each other with hands double-crossed. Back break, and QT right while I lead her past me, with her turning ccw, I've hands up and I'm facing her with her back to me on 3. I take half turn left, dropping RH into hammerlock behind my back. Back break, then pull her through with RH, extending LH out and then dropping it down, so I end up with LH in hammerlock. 5,6,7, take RH over head, leading her past me, so she does half turn right, and we end up untangled.

  38. X-Hands Half-Turn to Man's Hammerlock and Comb
    X-Hands hold, right on top. Back break to lady's outside turn, while I do half turn ccw, end up with hands right over my head. Break in place, dropping hands to my left side, looking at them, and then bring them back up. Cuban break right, put right hand by my side, and half turn ccw, so that I am in hammerlock of RH. Comb myself with left, and go back into closed position.

  39. Dip
    While breaking forward, step in close, and switch left hand to underhand hold. QT left, lunging a little with LF, wrap her right arm behind my back, and dip.

  40. UAT to Side by Side Walkaround to Inside Turn
    Learned from Gary and Isabelle at Allegro Ballroom
    Back break to RH to RH outside turn. 2nd quick, LF forward, QT right. S, close feet, and bring her right arm over my head to my right shoulder.
    Walk around clockwise
    Use LH to shoot her across me, RH slides up to take her right wrist, continue to circle clockwise
    Inside turn, and I can throw in a hook turn if I want to be fancy

  41. Check to Free Spin
    Nearly identical in form to arm check
    On right back break, lead her to step to my right down slot.
    Use her right arm to lead her into clockwise free spin.

  42. Butterfly
    RH to RH, LH to LH hold, LH on top.
    Lead her into cross body lead, combing my hair with LH on one.
    567, after she passes me, traveling left turn towards lady under my LH, so that I end up with RH in hammerlock.
    simple ending is to comb hair with LH and go into XBL again.

  43. Hammerlock Peekaboo to Change of Places to Man's Hammerlock to XBL
    R2R, Hammerlock Peekaboo
    send her back out, and take L2L over R2R
    Change of Places
    LH low, RH high, RF hook turn, to end up with LH in hammerlock.
    Comb lady with RH, loop RH under her left arm to take her RH, and lead her into XBL, letting go of LH

  44. Traveling Hammerlock to Lady's Inside Turn
    One of Roger's
    Lead lady into right turn into hammerlock, passing on my right, while I QT right
    Release both hands, and QT left to face away from partner, while offering my RH.
    Opposition break, then lead her forward on my right
    Switch her LH to my LH, take her left shoulder with my RH, and lead her into traveling inside turn.
    Full turn right, leaving her hand at my waist.
    Full hook turn right

  45. X-Hands X-Body Lead to Statue of Liberty
    Taught by Al and Edie Espinoza
    X-Hands, LH up.
    X-Body lead, lead her through a full turn so she is facing away from me, with my hands over her head.
    Statue of Liberty, or I'd rather call it a figurehead. While I step forward and right with LF, bring her hands down and to the side, so they are fully extended, she leans out against them, and waves her body.
    23, LF comes back to side.
    Cuban break, releasing left hand, lead her into single or double outside turn.
    Can go right from this into next pattern below.

  46. X-Hands X-Body Lead to Double Wrap, Lady's Outside Turn
    Second half of pattern taught by Al and Edie Espinoza
    X-Hands, RH up.
    X-Body Lead into inside turn, taking RH over her head, so we end up with her facing away from me. RH holds her RH by her left shoulder, LH holds her LH by her right waist.
    Break LF forward and right, while leading her to break to the left, winding her up.
    Lead her into single or double outside turn.
    From here, can exit, somehow, with Man's Turn to Back Duck, Man's Double Outside Turn, or, if I've got her in a hammerlock, X-Body lead to inside turn.

  47. Man's Turn to Back Duck
    Keeping LH low, right turn, when I get to hammerlock, duck.

  48. Shadow to Double Wrap, Syncopated Breaks, and Zipper
    Taught by Al and Edie Espinoza
    Open Break to Lady's Outside Turn, while I do half turn left, putting her RH on my right shoulder, offering my RH down below.
    Opposition break, then lead her past me to my right, make big circle with RH and take her LH with mine, so we are in shadow position.
    567, lead her into left turn, keeping RH high, so she is double wrapped, my RH at her left shoulder, my LH at her right waist.
    1, Wind her left, while I shoot LF left, she shoots RF right.
    3, Wind her right, while my LF kicks my RF out to right, vice versa for her.
    Zipper: lead her into left turn, RH high as she goes underneath, then bring RH straight down (zipper) to turn her again, so she ends up with RH in hammerlock.
    Take L2L, X-Body lead into inside turn.

  49. Hammerlock Turn, Man's Hand Change Hook Turn to Hammerlock, Walk Around, Change of Places, and Man's Hook Turn to Hammerlock
    Taught by Jake and Techi
    Open Break.
    Lady's Outside Turn to Hammerlock
    Release LH, Lady's Inside Turn
    Man's Hook Turn, changing hands, so I end up with LH in hammerlock, take R2R hold.
    Turning Box Step, to end up facing lady in L2L over R2R
    Man's Hook Turn with RH high, LH low, to end up with RH in hammerlock
    XBL to exit.

  50. Hammerlock Turn to Opposition Break and Lady's Traveling Left Free Spin
    Taught by Alex de Silva
    Open Break.
    Lady's Right Hammerlock Turn, with Man's Half Turn left
    Lady's RH to my right shoulder, offer RH at waist. Pantea calls this offer of a hand a callout. Opposition Break, bring her forward along my right side, switching her RH to my LH.
    Lead lady into traveling free spin left.

  51. Double Wrap to Lady's Duck, Slow Combs, and free spin.
    Taught by Alex de Silva
    R2R over L2L, XBL into Lady's Double Wrap (she does inside turn, while I take RH over her head). Have hands at her waist.
    Lead lady to duck and full turn right.
    567, bring RH up and over her head to comb her.
    123, LH up and over, extend both arms wide.
    567, use RH to lead lady into free spin right.

  52. Hammerlock to Reverse Hammerlock to Helicopter to Freespin
    Taught by Alex de Silva
    Open Break.
    Hammerlock turn.
    123, No open break, go right into inside turn to undo hammerlock, then raise RH and lower left hand to lead her into reverse hammerlock turn.
    567, step past and behind her, to end up back to back, with arms extended.
    123, Turn RH to face back, bring it over her head, and we both turn around to face each other.
    567, Lady's right turn, keep hands high.
    123, RH over her head, LH over mine, get back to back again.
    567, lead her into left traveling free spin.

  53. Helicopter Variation
    Taught by Ricardo and Sara Tellez
    Open Break
    Hammerlock turn, crossing RF on 7.
    123, duck under lady's right arm, LF cross, extend left arm wide, RF side, turn RH back, LF hook, bring LH over lady's head so that I end up in right arm hammerlock.
    Hook turn under my LH, we are unwound.
    123, pivot turn under my RH, I end up in LH hammerlock.

  54. XBL to Side by Side
    Taught by Ricardo and Sara Tellez
    123, start like normal XBL, but on 3, get LH on her right shoulder.
    567, on 6, get LH all the way across her shoulders, get her to keep turning until we are side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with her on my left.
    123, step across her, put my right arm around her shoulders on 2, and end up side by side with her on the other side.
    567, lead her to start to come across me, release right arm and lead her to step back, while I qt right, so we end up facing each other.

  55. Traveling Tunnel to Arm Dip
    Taught by Ricardo and Sara Tellez
    Start R2R, grab her wrist, while she grabs mine.
    123, start like XBL
    Lead her into inside turn, while I turn left, taking right arm over her head, so I end up with right arm in hammerlock. Offer left arm for same hold.
    Dip, by lunging slightly left, so she can rest across my thigh, and using left arm to hold her up.

  56. Left Side Pass with Lady's Outside Turn
    Taught by Pantea
    Open Break to Lady's Outside Turn
    Open Break, QT left to right side of slot, offer RH (also known as a callout)
    Lead Lady past me leading clockwise turn with right hand
    Man's 3/4 turn right, remembering to lift left arm to clear her left arm, then scoop her up into XBL

  57. Burrito
    Open Break to Cuddle, I face across slot, lady faces back the way she came, keep her arms close to her body.
    5, CW RF, pop her to my left as far as my arms will let her go
    6, CW back to LF, lead her to duck under my arms. She is only ducked on the 6, no other time.
    7, QT right to face partner, RF cross.
    Open break to double turn, keeping both hands.
    1, open break
    2, RF forward cross
    3, lead her into inside turn past me on my right, I keep facing same direction, and should have RH behind me, LH at my waist.
    Cuban break right, circle LH over my head to end up behind my back, keeping her hand. Image is of being in handcuffs.
    123, half turn right
    567, duck under her arms, come up, should end up with her hands on my shoulders, in position to do a rainbow.

  58. Shoulder flip-flops
    Taught by Jake and Techi
    Open break
    Push off with LH to lead lady into outside turn, stop her when she is facing away from me with LH on her left shoulder, so we end up side by side with her on my left, and continue in a clockwise circle, me going back, and her forward.
    With left hand, lead her into inside half turn, stop her with RH on her shoulder.
    With RH, lead her into outside turn, move RH to her back, to lead a continuation going around each other back to back.
    Cross, side, back, going around her, so we end up facing each other again.
    Hook turn, lady could do a hook turn or outside turn

  59. Inside Turn from shadow
    This is a component of a lot of complex patterns.
    Start in man's shadow position, man facing away from Lady, both facing in same direction, R2R hold.
    Opposition break, on 2, pull lady forward, circling RH up and over her head, turning her a little to her right, and offer my LH for her to take with her LH.
    Lead her into traveling inside turn past me, can assist with RH on her RH shoulder.

  60. Hammerlock Double Turn to Wrap and Lady's Outside Turn
    Lady's double outside turn to Hammerlock. Release her LH as she goes around first time. She keeps LH on her back, and I keep my RH at her waist, and I pick up hand on second turn.
    Change of places, i.e., lady's inside turn passing on my right, so we end up facing each other.
    56, RF back break.
    7, RF forward past lady on my right, make window with RH, so that I am wrapped as I go by.
    123, LF cross, RF back, LF side, releasing LH, leading lady to walk around me.
    567, lead lady's outside turn with RH.

  61. Cross-body Lead to Pencil Turn, Callout, and Lady's Inside Turn
    XBL. On 7, spin clockwise, changing her RH to my RH behind my back.
    123, lead her to back break, circling her RH up and over her head, and offer my LH at waist level.
    567, lead inside turn with LH

  62. Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn to Reverse Hammerlock and Helicopter
    XBL to inside turn with RH high and LH low, so lady ends up in reverse hammerlock.
    Back break, then step forward with lady on my left, QT right, leading lady down slot with half turn right, so my LH is in hammerlock, and she is facing me.
    Cuban right, with RH over my head, lead lady down slot with half turn right, and do QT left, so we are facing each other again in 2hand hold.

  63. XBL to Inside Turn, Man's right turn to hammerlock, Man's right turn with circle break and toss, check to lady's free spin.
    XBL with inside turn
    Man's full turn right, keeping LH, so I end up with LH in hammerlock
    Right arm circles down to break hold across us, keep circling arm around for a full circle, and then bring it around again to toss lady's right arm up, doing a half turn right on 7, and offer RH on 7
    Opposition break, then toss RH up, offer LH to LH, and put RH on her left shoulder, as I turn to face her, she faces to my left.
    Back break with RF, while leading her to break forward on 5, then on 6 and 7 lead her to do 3/4 turn, keeping her LH, so that it wraps her.
    Opposition break, then lead her to do half turn right, we end up side by side, and I take her left wrist with my RH.
    Lead her to do free spin left.

  64. XBL to Cuddle and Inside Turn
    123, 2hand hold, lead her swivel back right on 1, forward left on 3, as I do XBL foot work.
    567, inside turn, keeping RH low, so we are in cuddle, with me on her left and slightly behind her, both of us facing same direction.
    1, rock forward
    2, RF right, around lady, as I lead her to replace weight on her LF
    3, LF cross as I QT left, leading her to start to turn left
    567, Inside Turn, led with LH, end up facing each other.

  65. Shoulder Flip Flops down slot
    123, L2R hand hold, on 23 step out of slot
    567, lead lady's free spin right down slot, catch her right shoulder or upper arm with my right hand and stop her when she is facing me
    123, getting out of slot to my right, don't let her rock back on RF, lead her to do 1 full left turn traveling down slot, stop her with LH, keep RH in place. I am now behind her.
    567, lead her to travel down half turn right.
    Repeat for one more measure, end by changing holds.

  66. X-hand turn to Man's Hammerlock, Alternate Double Rainbow, to Outside Turn
    R2R over L2L, Lady's Outside Turn.
    123, Hand Break to R2R over L2L, Man's right turn under RH, end up in hammerlock of LH, comb RH over my head for neck wrap.
    567, CCW circle RH around her LH to break hold and end up with her hand, my hand facing outside, then clockwise circle my LH around her RH to toss it up and onto my LH, while doing half turn left, so I end up with both her hands in my RH.
    123, Cuban break left, then half turn right.
    567, Lead her into double outside turn.
    With LH, push her RH out to separate hands, then take left to left, and lead her XBL with inside turn.
    123, Tossing her LH up, half turn right, and offer RH.
    567, Lead her into another inside turn down slot to my right, doing QT left.
    123, Full turn right, changing hands twice behind my back.
    567, Lead lady into free spin left.

  67. Outside Turn and Man's Hammerlock to Sliding Door and Lady's Inside Turn
    Open Break to Lady's Outside Turn, Man's Hook Turn on 7, so I end up with RH in Hammerlock
    Lead Lady down slot, left half turn, while I turn right, releasing RH, and taking L2L
    lead XBL with lady's inside turn.

  68. Hand Toss to Lady's Wrap and Hip Turn, Checked Free Spin to Lady's Hip Turn
    L2L, toss hand up, half turn right, catch her hand with RH.
    Keeping Hand, lead lady into traveling left turn, so she is wrapped by LH, I am perpendicular.
    567, side break right, leading her to break forward, then cut across her, QT right, keeping her LH and changing it to my RH, and reach back to her hip with my RH
    Stepping back, lead her into traveling full turn left, and keep RH on her, stopping her with RH on stomach, and LH on back
    Walk around her ccw, and then lead her into free spin with LH on her right hip.

  69. Overturn XBL
    Taught by Ron Montez.
    123, LF forward, CW RF, LF hook, so I am almost facing same direction as lady.
    567, Closing up with both hand and arm, lead her around so that we end up having made 3/4 or more of a turn.

  70. Overturn XBL to alternate flip-flops to hip twist.
    123, start like overturn XBL
    567, flip her over to my other side.
    123, LF step in front of her, half turn left while I step with RF across her, half turn left as I get on her left side.
    We can keep it in place if the stationary person does side-cross-side while the other person flips.
    Can repeat, but to end, on 123, end a little in front of her, so she hasn't got room to flip again.
    567, step further across her with my RF, while leading with RH around her waist for her to step in opposition with me.
    123, close her up sharply, starting on 8 of previous measure, and get her to break forward with her RF outside me, then open her up to closed position
    Can end with promenade scallop or cuban break right.

  71. Traveling Outside Turn to Shadow Turn and Man's Hammerlock Duck.
    123, R2R, open break, step up to lady's right side.
    567, taking RH wide, lead lady into outside turn past me, without me changing orientation, so we end up facing same direction, her RH by my right shoulder.
    123, cuban break left, take RH over my head, and look at her, then return hand to right shoulder.
    567, cuban break right, lead her into outside turn.
    123, cuban break right, take her RH to my left waist and switch hands, and then half turn right, ending up in hammerlock.
    567, duck under left arm.

  72. Hammerlock Change of Places To Man's Duck and Lady's Neck Wrap
    From 2 Hand Hold.
    567, man back break, then forward and to left, to go under lady's right arm.
    123, man's Jazz box, LF cross, RF side, QT left and LF side, so I end up facing partner with RH in hammerlock.
    Lady will walk around, turning right.
    567, Man's hook turn, extending arms out to make it easier for lady, so that we change places, lady will do 3/4 turn left, and I will be in LH hammerlock.
    123, cuban break left, if I'm not still completing the previous measure's steps
    567, drape her LH (my RH) over her right shoulder, and get my elbow outside her arm, and then duck under my left arm, getting her right arm on my left shoulder, while keeping the other hand.
    123567, lead XBL to inside turn, keeping her LH at her shoulder, so we end up with her LH wrapped around her neck from right side, with me holding hand from left side of her neck.
    Lead her into one and a half outside turns, traveling down slot to my left. Release her LH, and help the turn with my RH

  73. Right Tunnel
    Start R2R over L2L.
    Open break.
    Man's turn right, to end with LH in hammerlock.
    Jazz box right, leading lady under my right arm while she turns left, and then back through under my left arm. I will now be in right arm hammerlock.
    One way out is to hook turn, releasing LH.

  74. Left Tunnel
    Start R2R over L2L.
    Open break to Lady's outside turn.
    On 7, step forward, under lady's right arm.
    123, walk around, and turn left, spotting lady the whole way through, so I end up with RH in hammerlock.
    Lead lady to do Chainé Turn under my left arm, around my back, and then under my right arm, as I do a right hook turn.

  75. Turn to Shadow to Cross-body lead and Lady's Inside Turn to Hammerlock
    R2R over L2L
    Lady's outside turn, with man's pencil turn to face away at 7
    Back break, taking her hands over my left shoulder and on 3 take hands to my right.
    Lead lady into inside turn past me, keeping right hand low, so that her right hand ends up in hammerlock.

  76. Man's Hammerlock Halfturn into Helicopter
    As taught by Pantea
    Two hand hold open break.
    Lady's two hand outside turn, with man's left turn on 7.
    Man's half turn right with RH high, LH low, to go into hammerlock, facing away from lady.
    Lead lady into XBL with inside turn, end up back to back.
    Back break with LH high, RH low.
    Take RH over Lady's head to lead change of places, and go under my own, turning left to face lady.

  77. Cradle to inside turn.
    Two hand hold, open break, on 3, step in deep past lady, taking LH over her head.
    Hook, side, forward, stepping around lady, taking her into cuddle position as I go by.
    Release RH, as I do jazz box around her, and lead her to step around me on my left by pressing her right forearm to my body with my elbow.
    Offer my RH hand, and lead her into double inside turn.
    Pop the forward break, and lead XBL with inside turn.

  78. Hustle drop to traveling outside turn to hammerlock.
    Lady's outside turn, with man's half turn, dropping lady's hand into my right hand.
    back break, turning quarter right, take lady's LH with my LH.
    Lead lady's outside turn down slot, and keeping LH, do zipper turn, leading lady into LH hammerlock.
    XBL to lady's inside turn, unwinding hammerlock.

  79. Hammerlock to tunnel Catapult.
    Open break to lady's outside turn into hammerlock.
    Back break to change of places, continuing into cuddle position.
    Lead lady to duck under arms, then man's full turn, and bring arms down into man's wrap.

  80. Cross body lead to lady's inside turn to whip.
    Taught by Michelle Regal
    R2R hold, XBL to Lady's inside turn, keep her turning until we are side by side, and comb myself with RH.
    123, switch from lady's right to lady's left, lady does a back break.
    Complete with second half of XBL.

  81. Rock and Roll
    Taught by Michelle Regal
    2 hand hold, cross body lead to cuddle, with lady on my right.
    1. break forward with lady. 2. step behind and around her, creating a little tension in the arms. 3. Break forward, turning slightly left, while lady breaks back, winding up a bit to the right.
    release RH, and lead lady to unwrap left. It seems like I can fit a double turn in there, just have to figure out how.

  82. Cuddle to reverse crossover breaks and lady's free spin.
    Taught by Michelle Regal
    open break to cuddle
    immediately unwind lady, to end up side by side.
    back break, and then turn to face lady, leading her to face me, and take L2R
    turn to side by side, me on her right, back break again, and then turn to face each other again, taking R2L
    Back break, and then lead lady into free spin on next quick.
    Can end this by instead going into rock and roll.