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Dance Floor Provider Comparison

* Please note that information below is compiled around the time in 2009. There is no guarantee of completeness or accuracy. Use the information at your own risk.

Floor Removable Floor  Size  Price Comments

transportable, sprung

Encore: Exceptional real hardwood design combines form and function. Encore is the revolutionary "click & go" transportable real hardwood floor with an integrated sprung subfloor. Encore Elite uses Beach and Maple hardwoods for a harder, more durable surface. Encore can be configured to any size room or space.  3.5mm hardwood.

The patented tongue & groove System allows for easy, quick installation. No tools required.
Life time expectancy: 10-15years, Warranty: 7 years against wear.

Hardwood flooring: Custom-made portable and permanent finished hardwood flooring system with pre-fabricated floating subfloor for easy installation. Available in many pre-finished species, including oak, maple, ash and others. 6mm hardwood.
Life expectancy: 20 years.
Warranty: Lifetime guarantee when installed by certified Stagestep Installer
One year material defect warranty when self-installed.
Encore plank: 7.38x44.25"x1.32"H
5lb per plank

Encore: (Oak)

EncoreLite: (Beach or Maple)

Hardwood flooring:  
Portable: $14. USD per sq. ft
floor guide is helpful
O Mara Sprung floor

portable, sprung
not hardwood, hardwood veneer surface (birch or maple)
foam block every square foot
floor height 1.5'
warranty: 24 months
47 ½” x 95” 
47 ½” x 47 ½”
47 ½” x 23 ¾”
for 16x12: $2752
shipping $546 to WA

DanceFlex Portable Dance Floor


DANCEFLEX Portable Floor is manufactured from pre-finished 7/8 inch Beech Harmony, and supplied in sections, mounted with metal fittings for easy assembly. Sideways the sections have a complete tongue and groove match; endways they are stabilized by loose tongues.

Wear surface: Two coats of hard-wearing polyurethane lacquer have been applied to all surfaces and edges for added protection.

Vinyl chloride polymer

warranty: 5yr
Full Section: 6 feet x 20 1/2 inches ? 30 pounds

Half Section: 3 feet x 20 1/2 inches ? 15 pounds
 Full Size Panel (6' x 20.5") $157 per panel. Each panel is approx. 10.25 sq. ft.

Half Size Panel (3' x 20.5") $79 per panel. Each panel is approx. 5.12 sq. ft. 
Dancevision just carries it - flexiflooring
DanceFlex Removable Dance Floor


7/8" thick, DANCEFLEX is a solid, square-edged strip flooring. Beech is press-dried to produce unmatched moisture resistance and to improve dimensional stability.

pre-finished with a hard-wearing two-part polyurethane lacquer

warranty: 5yr
There are 8 boards per bundle. Each bundle equals 41.12 sq. ft.

Master Portable Dance Floor

Portable (big) Parquet
manufactured a slight bow into each panel, giving our floor a flex action

continuous wood surface Wood Dance Floor Pro
Built In Spring Design allows for energy absorbing spring in each panel.

Solid wood

3 coats of special formulated polyurethane
Size: 39"x39:
3/4" height

Weight: 22 lbs.

Coverage Per Panel: 10.56 SF
$125.00 per 39x39 panel
DanceDeck Pro

portable real wood, maple or oak

25 lbs. per panel

39” x 39” x ¾” for compact storage
$13 per sq/ft some other websites sell this kind too.
DanceDeck Deluxe

real wood, with plastic base, small parquet
Dance Floor USA


install on concrete or carpet
100%, from 7/8"solid hardwood, " It is press dried Beech; providing a harder, longer lasting surface than Oak or Maple."
"special underlayment and clip system"

Wear surface: prefinished with a satin urethane, can be refinished 7 times, which gives 49 years of life.
Rosco Temporary / Semi-permanent  / Permanent  

can be on carpet,
foam, got subflooring system
 vinyle surce, more for ballet/moden
 3.5x3.5 ft
covers 12.25 SF.
Approx. $8.50 - $15.00 per SF
has a floor wizard on website. Alsostage depothas a comparison chart.
EFS Sprung Floor with hardwood
glued - not removable

constructed in a three-layer tongue and groove plank system, complete with a patented resilient foam channel understructure.

virtually undetectable seams. The planks are held in place with a special adhesive that is provided with all orders.

hardwood (Norwegian Oak and Canadian Maple are normally in stock.**), the overall height of your flooring system will be 1-3/32”.
5-3/8” wide by 7’ 2” long plank    has actual shock absorption and other measurement compared with Standard
American Harlequin
not removable
permanently installed sprung floor system

ProPerformance Systems
not removeable
has hardwood surface as a choice, semi-sprung
Snaplock  portable  had medal in joints, parquet
   marley floor
     sells Rosco flooring
Highland Dance Floor
       $159.00 Panel for DanceDeckPro
 sells DanceDeck,