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Advanced Hip Twists

Rumba Advanced Hip Twists

Rumba Advanced Hip Twists is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


Step Timing Movement 
Turn Notes
1 2
LF fwd in RSP
Slight body turn to R
Previous step: lead lady towards R side.
Increase tone and lower L arm to R at chest level. Widen R arm in h old to R side.
2 3
Transfer weight to RF

3 4 1
LF ehind RF (Cuban Cross)
1/8 to L (LF), body turns less
Retain tone and return arms to normal position, slightly to R
This is Pressed Backward Walk.
4 2 RF back
Slight body turn to L to normal position

5 3 Transfer weight to LF
Body completes turn
Increase tone in L arm. Release R hand hold.
6 4 1
RF to side in Fan Position
1/8 to L over step 5 and 6 Slightly extend L arm, L hand still.


Step Timing Movement 
Turn Notes
1 2
RF back in RSP
1/2 to R
Turn starts end of previous beat. 
At previous beat: LF fwd in line with RF, keep RF behind, keep pressure on RF more, press into it.
Do sharp 1/2 turn R, now RF is in front, keep pressure on ball of RF, then quick release of RF, step back on count "2". Do not leave RF trailing during turn.
2 3
Transfer weight to LF

"3 &", on "&" start turning 1/2 to L to face Man.
Track RF when turning.
3 4 1
RF fwd in line with LF towards Man's R side
5/8 to L Turn starts end of previous beat. RF cross LF in front.
Pressed Forward Walk. Settle L hip more. make gap between legs bigger.
"4 1 &", do not turn to R early, Hold on 1, straighten R leg with weight, then turn on "&".
2 LF fwd passing in front of Man
1/4 to R
Turn starts end of previous beat
Turn is initiated from hips. Hips turn more than body.
5 3 RF fwd and slightly across, then turn to end RF back.
1/8 to L, then a further 1/2 to L. Body turns less.
Sharp turn
6 4 1
LF back in Fan Position
body completes turn
Do not let body weight take over. Release L leg and step back ahead of body. Backward walk action.

Fan position is a picture pose position. Give it some "significance" with more arm styling. Start from LH in middle of torso, then elbow-wrist-hand extend out. Body turns to left in the direction of the hand, do not tilt shoulders. Look at your audience, along the L arm.
    • Alternative finishing positions:
      • Open Position: Man turn 3/8 to L over steps 5 and 6.
      • Open CPP
      • Contact Position: use normal hold.
        • Man turn 1/2 to L over steps 5 and 6 to end RF to side and slightly fwd.
        • Lady: 3/4 to L over steps 5 and 6 to end LF behind RF as Cuban Cross.
    • Man can use "Press Line" on step 1 by making a slight swivel to R on RF and placing LF fwd on ball of foot with pressure but with partial weight.
    • This can be danced following Alemana with R to R hand hold, changing to L to R hand hold on step 5 of this figure.