Rope Spinning

Cha Cha Cha Rope Spinning

Cha Cha Rope Spinning is a Silver Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the dance steps, including timing, and movement, technique; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.

Rope Spinning is one type of Spiral Turns. It commences during the last step of the preceding figure. Man leads Lady to turn sharply R under raised L arm, inclining and turning his body slightly R, releasing R hand hold.


Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
LF to side Continue to turn body to R
Rope Spinning: Man shape to his right.

If preferred, Man can keep his R hand lightly in contact twith Lady as she does her spiral turn on the preceding step, ending with back of his on her back.

Circle L hand clockwise over head over step 1 and 2.
Transfer weight to RF Turn body slightly to L Return body to normal position over 2 and 3.
3 4 5
4 & 1
Compact Chasse LRL. End in LSP Continue to turn body to L to normal position L hand to L side. Gradually lower to waist level over steps 3-5.
RF back No turn Continue to circle L hand clockwise over steps 6-9.
Incline body slightly to L on step 6.
Transfer weight to LF --
Return body to normal position.
8 9 10
4 & 1
Compact Chasse RLR. End in Closed Position --
Take required hold at end of step 10.


Step Timing Movement 
Turn Notes
Two walks fwd RL, then fwd lock RLR, circling R behind Man's back. End in LSP 1/2 to R over 1-5. Rope Spinning is commenced during the last step of the preceding figure.
Make a complete turn to R on LF, body turning less (Spiral turn). Turn is m ade on ball of LF with foot flat (T of RF).
End on Man's R side facing opposite way. Then, start the two walks.
6-10 234&1 Two walks fwd LR, then fwd lock LRL, still circling R. End in Closed Position. 1/2 to R over 1-5. See different finishing positions.

Alternative Finishing Positions
  • Man and Lady end to side
  • Man and Lady end diagonally fwd in Open CPP
    • Man: 1/8 to R on step 8 arresting lady's turn with L hand.
    • Lady: 7/8 to R over steps 1-8.
  • Lady end fwd toward Man's R side
    • Man: turns body slightly R on step 8 to lead Lady towards his R side. Man: LF slightly leftwards on step 7.
    • Lady: LF fwd in line with RF into fwd lock.
  • Man and lady fwd towards partner's R side
    • Man: RF fwd in line with LF on step 8, into fwd lock towards Lady's R side. Man may turn up to 1/4 to R over steps 7-10.
    • Lady: turn up to 1/4 more accordingly.