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Notes Archive

Note! These are notes from dance classes prior to 2004. They are archived here for occasional reference.

Tips and Notes:
  • Shaping on two step. In order to get the appropriate sway, keep head level, lead to side with the ribs.

  1. Basic

    Variation of: Basic Open and Closed: Bronze 1
    Count is SQQ.
    S. LF left
    Q. RF rock step back
    Q. LF rock forward
    S. RF right
    Q. LF rock step back
    Q. RF rock forward
  2. Cuddle

    Variation of: Basic Open and Closed: Bronze 1
    S. RF right, Let RH slide down to 2-hand hold, Step away a little
    Q. LF rock back
    Q. CW to RF
    S. LF forward, Lead her into inside turn, to end in cuddle position
    Q. Rock back on RF
    Q. CW LF
    S. CW RF, lead her to unwind
    Q. LF rock back
    Q. CW RF
    can repeat the cuddle, or end with UAT
  3. Peek-a-boo

    Variation of: Basic Open and Closed: Bronze 1
    Just like in cha-cha or salsa
  4. Left Turning Basic

    Variation of: Left Turning Basic: Bronze 1
    After right basic
    S. RF right
    Q. LF rock step back, QT left
    Q. RF small step forward, QT left
    S. LF toward between her feet
    Q. RF side and slightly back
    Q. LF right, cross over right on front track
    S. RF right, Back into basic
  5. Right Turning Basic

    Variation of: Left Turning Basic: Bronze 1
    After right basic. Try to curve around partner, instead of just cutting her off and dragging her around.
    S. RF right
    Q. LF rock step back
    Q. CW to RF
    S. LF forward, cutting off partner, turning frame half turn right
    Q. RF side, slightly back
    Q. LF crosses RF in front
    S. RF side
    Q. LF rock step back
    Q. RF rock forward
  6. Alternating Under Arm Turns

    Variation of: Alternating Under Arm Turns: Bronze 1

  7. Progressive Right Turn

    Variation of: Alternating Under Arm Turns: Bronze 1

  8. Back Track / Progressive Right Turn

    Variation of: Alternating Under Arm Turns: Bronze 1
    Right Basic. Open Break. Slow, step slightly back, bringing her with me. QQ, QT right, rock step back, lead her into outside turn, pick her up on the slow. Let her go past me.
  9. Back Spot

    From open position, after left half basic
    S. RF right
    Q. Holding her back, LF rock back
    Q. RF rock forward
    S. Pulling her into closed position, LF forward, start to turn body right
    Q. RF fifth position
    Q. LF left, so that I end up doing 3/4 turn
    S. RF feet together
    Q. LF rock back
    Q. RF rock forward, continue dance
  10. Fifth Position Break

    Just like in Rumba
  11. Change Places

    S. RF side, Hold LH at eye level, palm out, to signal her to put her hand there, From either left turning basic or UAT, change hands to right to right to start on RF slow
    Q. LF rock step back
    Q. CW RF
    S. LF forward, We will basically be in shadow position, QT right
    Q. RF rock step back, QT right to face partner
    Q. CW LF
    S. RF forward, QT left
    Q. LF rock step back, QT left
    Q. CW RF
    S. LF foward, QT right
    Q. RF back, pivoting on LF, Kind of drape RH over head, but not too much, or I'll get, myself in a full nelson
    Q. LF xover front RF, Drape LH over hand, same note as last step, Kind of like left turning basic
    S. RF right, Back to basic
  12. Right Turning Basic with Lady's Roll

    Variation of: : Intermediate 1b
    On right turning basic, be sure to step around partner after opening up, and as we do the cross step, lead her to turn clockwise.
  13. Checked Left and Right Turning Basics

    Variation of: : Intermediate 1b

  14. Around the World

    Variation of: : Intermediate 1b
    Start like UAT. Like in Rumba Wrap-Around, put hand on her back. RF slow is next to left, lead her to walk around behind me; Q, LF breaks to side, on slow, turn left to meet her on S, LF, and continue with cross steps like in turning basics.
  15. Around the World with Lady's Right Turn/Free Spins

    Variation of: : Intermediate 1b

  16. Arm Check/Simple Wrap

    Variation of: : Intermediate 1b
    Arm Check is almost identical to salsa.
  17. Half Nelson

    Variation of: : Intermediate 1b
    Lady's Outside Turn to Hammerlock. Open break to side, hook, side around lady into cuddle. Opposition rock to double outside turn.
  18. Turkish Towel to Wrap Around Turn

    Variation of: :
    Need to double check. Don't remember how to get into it. But I get into RH to RH hold, outside turn, and turn so my back is to her. Basic back and forth, with her going the opposite direction. To get out, on right basic, instead of rock step back, walk back, so we start making clockwise circle. When left foot going slow, use left hand to lead her into a free spin right, and then pick her up.
    Alternate version. R2R over L2L, outside turn, and I do half turn left to get in Turkish Towel position. To get out, after slow right, lead her into full turn around me to left, so we end up in sweetheart, and use various endings from sweetheart.
  19. Flirtation Roll

    Start with Cuddle. Instead of sending her back out, walk around her, like in Wrap Around in Rumba. After I step slow with RF: Q, LF forward. Q, RF side, unwind her into outside turn, while doing step, cross, step of turning basic.
  20. Hammerlock to Double Inside Turn

    Open Break to 2 hand hold. SQQ, hammerlock turn. SQQ, open break in hammerlock position. SQQ, right turning basic with lady's double inside turn.
  21. Turkish Towel

    R2R over L2L
    Lead lady into outside turn, I do half turn as well to face away from her.
    I now have lady behind me, to my left. We now switch positions on the slows, me rocking back, she rocks forward, simulating the action of toweling off my back.
    On slow on LF, step in place, drop LH, raise RH, and lead her to do full turn right, ending up in front of me in sweetheart position.
    From here, use any of the other endings I know to get out of sweetheart.
  22. Back Spot Release/Flip Flops

    Back spot turn like in every other dance.
    By itself, end with feet together.
    For release, leave feet apart at end, and release her, can repeat.
    Can use impetus of backspot to go into flip flops.
  23. Right Turning Basic, Promenade Form

    After left half basic, QT right, place RF right between hers.
    Side, cross, side to left.
  24. Traveling Right Turn

    At end of right turning basic, cut her off with LF.
    If I choose to stay in open position, it's like the promenade runs in Samba
    If I stay in closed position, at this point I will now travel backwards.
    On slow, I let her continue past me, and we do another promenade.
  25. Traveling Right Turn with Pivot

    Start with Right Turning Basic in closed position to Promenade
    On last slow, cut her off with LF, just like Tango pivot
    QQS, pivot, just like in Tango or Foxtrot.
    On slow, my RF is landing in position to do a right turning basic in promenade
    After doing a couple of closed traveling right turns, throw this in.
  26. Catch to Freespin/Waist Spin

    Start with back track right turn.
    Lead her to turn one and a half, so we face down line we came down.
    Take her left wrist with my RF, rock step back, winding her up.
    Lead her into free spin left, with side cross side to catch up to her.
    When I've caught up, RH on her back, let her rock back, and with LH on her right hip, lead her into a traveling free spin.
  27. Catapult Catch and Spin

    Start from R2R
    Lead inside turn, and step around, so that she is behind me, and offer LH behind me.
    LF opposition break, move off to right, lead her into free spin right.
    I can then do the catch to freespin if I let her overturn.
  28. Double Pivot to Lady's Roll

    Start with Traveling Right Turn to Pivot, but do two pivots.
    End with Lady's Roll, i.e., traveling outside turn to my right.
  29. Backspot Release to Passing Twinkles

    Open Break to Backspot Turn
    S, RF steps between lady's feet, release LH, turn into promenade position.
    QQ, LF forward, RF forward.
    S, LF cut across lady, place LH on her back from her right side before releasing RH, end up in reverse promenade.
    QQ, RF forward, LF forward.
    S, RF next to LF, let her go past me, and we go back into promenade.
    Can end this with a double pivot to lady's roll.
  30. Arm Check to Turning Face Loops

    Arm check
    Take L2L over R2R hand hold.
    Open break to lady's inside turn, comb myself with RH, and then LH, as I do steps for back spot turn, i.e., lady goes around me.
  31. Left Shoulder Wrap

    Open break, then step forward, looping right hand, so I am in high cuddle
    Side, cross, back, take LH over my head, so we end up face to face with hands crossed.
    Back track progressive right turn to unwind
  32. Overhead Wrap to Neck Tunnel

    Back track progressive right turn, keeping both hands, so that they end up crossed.
    Open break, then step forward, looping RH.
    side cross back, talk LH over head, so we end up facing each other in two hand hold.
  33. Cross Body Spin

    Left turning basic to lady's inside turn, get out in front of her line of travel, and switch to R2R hold.
    QQ, Lead her forward two more steps.
    S, lead her to continue forward, while I change directions by replacing weight on my LF.
    Lead her into free spin right, while I turn to face her.
  34. Man's Hook and Spin.

    Same as Cross Body Spin, except when I lead her to free spin, I also do a hook turn.
  35. Continuous Neck Wrap

    I end cross hand patterns with face loop. In this case, just keep taking the free hand, and comb myself or the lady.
  36. Triple Traveler

    Left turning basic to lady's inside turn.
    On last slow of inside turn, I do left spiral turn under my arm
    Side cross side.
    Lady's roll.
  37. Triple Traveler with Shoulder Turn

    Same as Triple Traveler, but on lady's roll, I do a left turn as well, so we are both turning at the same time.
  38. Throwout to Lady's Continuous Right Turn

    after right slow, do throwout like hustle or wc swing.
    Raise left hand, switch hands, and lead her into right turns for 2 measures, should come out to three turns, if she is doing chainé turns.
  39. Right Spot Turn with Fans

    Start with Back Spot Turn, and after RF hook and LF side,
    S. RF forward, continuing turn.
    &. Lower on right leg, and swing left leg forward in a rondé
    Q. LF forward, continuing around circle. I.e., I step with the same foot that rondéed.
    Q. RF cross.
    S. LF side.
    &. RF rondé back, i.e., continuing in direction of circle.
    Q. RF, same foot that did rondé, hook.
    Can repeat the fans a few times.
    End by leading outside turn starting on LF slow.
  40. Circle and Man's Neck Roll

  41. Rope Spin

    Right turning basic with lady's roll.
    On last slow of lady's roll, lead her into spiral turn, and place RH on her back to lead her into
    Around the World with Lady's Roll.
  42. Back Spot Turn with Man's Under Arm Turn Left

    Right turning basic with lady's roll.
    On last slow of lady's roll, lead her into spiral turn.
    QQS, turn left under my arm to get back into closed position.
    Back spot turn.
    At end of back spot, on Slow, left turn under lady's arm, and then lead lady's roll.
  43. In and out spins

    Variation of promenade runs
    after promenade run (with lady on my right), lead an outside turn to replace counter-promenade run.
  44. Pivot and Rondé

    At end of a promenade run, lead pivot turn, and then compress to lead lady's rondé.
    Lead lady to continue walking around me, and then lead lady's roll.