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Salsa Rueda de Casino

Note! These are notes from dance classes prior to 2004. They are archived here for occasional reference.
See also: Ballroom Salsa, Club Salsa, Salsa shines and styling, Salsa routines, Rueda de Casino.
  1. Arriba

    Walk around circle in closed position
  2. Pa'atras, pa'abajo

    Walk backwards (clockwise) around circle
  3. Pa'abajo

    Start with man's left to inside of circle, in closed position.
    QQ, cuban break left, lead lady to step to my right, QT right.
    S. LF cross, bring lady back to face me.
    QQ. Cuban break right, lead lady to step to my left, QT left
    S. RF cross.
    Like Paulista's in Samba
  4. Exhibela

    From Pa'abajo, instead of having lady break to my left, lead her into an outside turn.
  5. Dos y una

    Two exhibela's, then on the third, man's turn.
  6. El Pozo (The Well)

    In closed position, facing counterclockwise, lean into circle on 1, tapping RF, and lean out of circle on 5, tapping left foot.
  7. Taro

    From Pa'arriba, man walks under lady's left arm to next lady.
  8. Taro Dos

    Same as Taro, but skip lady in front of you and go on to next lady
  9. Enchufle

    Hand signal: closed fist pumping up and down like sounding a truck horn
    Lead partner into inside turn to my right, so we change positions
    Duck under her RH, and go on to next lady LOD
  10. Enchufle Doble

    Peekaboo, then enchufle
  11. Festival de enchufle

    Three enchufles in a row, clapping the number of enchufles already done as you pick up the next lady
  12. Enchufle con vuelta

    Enchufle, with leader's left turn on 567
  13. Guerriero (Warrior)

    Start with enchufle, on 7, take her RH with my RH, and place it at my waist, then walk around each other clockwise for one measure, and then continue on to next lady
  14. Principe Bueno (Good prince)

    Enchufle, kissing lady's hand on 7
  15. Enchufla pa'l medio con dos

    Start with Enchufla
    Move past partner, but don't pick up next lady, instead, go to center, clapping on 1 and 2, stepping out of the circle on 567.
  16. El Uno

    Facing partner, man's right shoulder to inside of circle, right to right hold.
    123, lead lady into change of places with hammerlock, and take left to left.
    567, lead lady back to where she started, now in left arm hammerlock.
    123, change of places again, under her right arm.
    567, open break, don't let go.
    Comb her with right, me with left, cross body lead.
  17. El Dos

    Start like El Uno
    123, R2R, change of places with lady's RH hammerlock, take lady's LH.
    567, change back, to lady's LH hammerlock.
    123, change of places, under right arm.
    567, man steps across lady, stepping in to face into circle, releasing her left hand and then picking it up again after going by.
    123, turkish towel to the left.
    567, man goes under his right arm, to face lady again.
    Continue with sombrero.
  18. Guapea

    Facing into the circle, partner to my left, holding LH to RH
    LF back break
    QT left, RF to center, pattycake with RH, then back to starting position
  19. Pise

    Basic, stamping foot on 5
  20. Con Bulla

    Pista, yelling on 5
  21. Prene

    Stomp on 5, shake hips for one measure, and then stomp on 5 again
  22. Chevaria

    twist on 1,2,3
  23. Adios (Goodbye)

    Hand Signal: wave bye-bye
    Backspot turn, ducking under lady's left arm on 7, and move on to next lady counterclockwise
  24. Adios con la hermana (Goodbye with the sister)

    Hand Signal: wave goodbye, then cup your breast
    180deg back spot turn with left arm extended.
    as soon as leaders face center, lift ladies right arm and step towards center then turn to the left whipping around to face your partner.
    Leaders backs are to center, look at your partner.
    Pulse her and bring her to the center passing in front you and under your left arm, at the same time leaders switch positions so now they face center and ladies face them.
    Next pull the ladies out of center and directly (not under an arm) to leaders right side catching with the right arm on her back. Ready for the cross body lead.
  25. Adios con vuelta

    Adios with man's left turn on 567
  26. Dame (Gimme)

    Hand signal: palm facing in, curl and uncurl fingers
    Basic, on 7 turn to face lady on my right.
    If dame is called before I turn back on cross body lead to face partner, I let go after first half of cross body lead, and go on to the next lady.
  27. Dame dos

    Same as dame, but skip one lady
  28. Di le que no

    Cross body lead.
  29. Televisore

    R2R over L2L, lead lady into outside turn past me on my right, comb myself with LH, and squat, so lady can sit on my right knee, and we both point to center like we are watching TV.
  30. Sombrero

    After Dilequeno, R2R over L2L, lead traveling outside turn with lady on inside of circle, then comb lady with RH and myself with LH, and lead her into cross-body lead
  31. Ping Pong

    2 Hand hold, man facing clockwise.
    Open break.
    5. both feet hop in right up to partner
    7. Both feet hop back.
    1. Bump butts with person behind me.
    3. Hop up close to partner.
    5. Stomp RF in center, and go back to guapea.
  32. Yogurt

    on 123, jump right up to each other, with man's right leg between lady's legs, and go down and up again, optionally grinding against each other.
  33. Vacilala (check her out)

    Finger points at eye
    Like spin whip, letting go of follower's hand, and then into XBL
  34. Vacilense los dos

    Same as vacilala, with man's hook turn on 5
  35. Setenta (70)

    Lady's right turn into hammerlock
    Change of places (this unwinds lady)
    Man's wrap, with man turning left for change of places again
    Change of places to XBL
  36. Setenta Ariel

    Start facing partner to my left.
    Open break to hammerlock turn, stepping past lady on 3
    Lady continues around my back, while I do a jazz box to right, kind of like Around the World in 2-Step.
    567, Lady's outside turn, directly into guapea.
  37. Kentucky

    Lady's half inside turn to cuddle.
    Lead her back to opposite me, keeping LH on her shoulder, so that she is in a neck wrap.
    Lady's inside turn to change of places, going under my right arm, so we end up in double crossed hold.
    Man's hook turn under my left arm, end up with hairbrush into cross body lead.
  38. Candado

    Facing partner on left.
    Change of places to cuddle, repeat twice.
    Ladies 2-hand inside turn with change of places, with man's hook turn to wrap, end up facing away from lady, clockwise to circle.
    Switch hands to R2R and L2L, and start going around circle clockwise with cuban breaks, looks like a conga line.
  39. Hombres P'arriba

    Start with everyone facing clockwise.
    On 567, man's half turn left, go into P'Arriba
  40. Entra

    Everyone holds hands, with men entering the circle on 1, and ladies entering on 5
  41. El Flor

    Men duck into the circle on one, with hands down and together, and on 5, stand up, raise hands, and do a back stroke stepping out of the circle.
    Women do the same thing, switching roles on 1 and 5
  42. La Rosa

    Like El Flor, but men hold hands with the other men, and ladies with the other ladies. Stepping forward, allow passing body of other gender to break hold.
  43. Botella

    With everyone holding hands around circle, lead peekaboo
  44. Con Tapa

    Variation of Botella, on 5, leaders hairbrush with right hand
    to end, when dame is called, hairbrush goes right into dilequeno
  45. Veinte dos

    Start facing center of circle, no holding hands.
    On 123, leader does jazz box to right, moving past lady on right, lady does back basic.
    on 567, lady does jazz box to right, past man, and man does back basic.
    Do this twice, and then, on 123, man does right pivot turn, clapping on 1 and 2, lady does this on 567.
  46. Engancien

    Leaders clasp arms behind women
  47. Levantenla

    From engancien, leaders bend down to form a seat for the ladies, and lift them up
  48. Bajanla

    Put the ladies down. Usually followed with a coca cola