Back Ocho with Gancho

Back Ocho to Ganchos

  • When Man starts lifting his L arm, Lady's R arm, he twists more on back ochos, Lady's tummy is away from Man, 90 degrees, that's indication for Ganchos. Lady can't step straight back, which is too far away from Man. Lady turns her hip more to L, almost perpendicular to Man.

    • Lady's R arm and elbow: next to Man's L arm, don't put elbow far out, elbow down, lower arm perpendicular to ground, straight, inside of Man's L arm. R arm is not behind shoulder line.

  • Man puts his leg in between Lady's. Lady turns her L hip more L, away from the Man. Lady rotate L hip more L, bends her L knee which will draw in her R leg. R leg does hook, R knee bent, first in between Man's legs, then do Amague (doing things with her own leg) on her own left side of her L leg, before stepping out on RF doing fwd ochos.

  • While doing hook, do not lean body backward, upper body pretty straight up, more fwd feeling. Try to keep head toward Man. It's also more comfortable to do hook with Lady turning her hip more L.

  • Continuous Ganchos (can do 2 or 3 - not very often)

    • After first Ganchos with Lady's R leg, RF fwd, do not anticipate it to be fwd ocho, wait for lead. If Man brings lady up, it's rise with collection, it's to finish with fwd ochos.

    • if Man keeps low and/or lowers, Lady points her LF leg fwd, Man is inviting Lady to keep going fwd (instead of ocho on her RF, no swivel), Lady is in more of a sitting position, upper body straight, Lady puts weight onto her LF, swivels to R, she is now on her LF, Options depending on when Man put his leg in between Lady's legs.

      • Man puts his leg in between Lady's legs after Lady steps onto her LF and swivel, then Lady does hook with her RF in between Man's legs, then RF ronde. Options to finish:

        • Melinette to Man's : Lady's RF back, LF side and fwd ocho (keep weight more fwd), OR

        • 3rd gancho: After Lady rondes, she puts her RF back down, Man puts his foot in between Lady's legs, then Lady does the 3rd Gancho with her LF, in between Man's legs and Amague and then LF fwd ocho finish.

      • Man leads Lady to continue to step back with her RF, and then Man puts his foot in between, Lady does Gancho with her L leg in between his legs, then Amague, then LF fwd ocho finish.