Site FAQ

What is the browser requirement?

Pages on the web site does not require special browser abilities. You should be able to see all dance figure description pages on Chrome, Internet Explore, Firefox, etc.

How can I use "Connecting Figures" in each dance to build a routine?

Typically, each figure has common preceding and following figures. These can be used to "build" a routine for practice. That said, when one figure can follow another figure in syllabus, it doesn't always mean it would look the best or feel the best. 

Here's how to use "Connecting Figures" section in each dance to build a routine:
  • Start New Routine: Click on "Start New" on the top right hand side of the page to start a new routine.
    • You could use the "Note:..." section to add any commentary or note as needed at any point of the routine. E.g. At beginning of the routine, a note on starting at beginning of long wall, facing DW, etc.
  • Pick first figure to start with: Click on a figure name to start with. This figure, together with its typical timing will appear on the right hand side. Edit as needed (e.g. dancing only half of a figure). Click on 'Add!"
  • Select following figure: 
    • From this point on, left hand side shows all figures that can follow the figure that has been picked earlier. 
    • Click on a figure in the list, it will appear on the right hand side. Change timing, add note as needed. Click on 'Add!'
  • Routine will appear between "Start" and "End" with each figure linked to a page that describes the figure.
  • You many also use "delete last step" to go back and make changes.
After building a routine, you may copy the section between "Start" and "End" to another document for future reference. The website does not store any routines built with the tool.