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Waltz Silver Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  • See Standard Technique and Waltz Technique
  • Man:
    • When turning into Promenade: do not use arm and break frame. Lift your right side, left side rotate/extend "around" the Lady. (Practice: take L arm away, just use body.) Turn the ribs, do not turn hips.
    • Posture:
      • Man's right hand is always below Man's right elbow, i.e. do not drop right elbow.
      • Left hand should be higher than his left elbow.
      • Create a straight line going through the standing leg up through the head, do not break at hips.
  • Lady:
    • When turning into Promenade:  do not bring head into neutral position (only rotate head to right, do not change head's position in space, stay behind man)
  1. Natural Spin Turn  (123 123)
  2. Turning Lock  (1&23)
    • End in PP. Lady: do not turn head to PP too quickly.
  3. Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3)
    • Lady: Remember to keep extension in PP while staying on the left side.
    • Ending getting ready into OP.
  4. Natural Turn  (123) Half Natural
    • Going into Natural Turn from outside partner position: rotate,  Man should feel like stepping "behind" the lady.
    • When doing CBMP, the size of the steps are naturally getting smaller. To make it bigger, compress into stepping leg more.
  5. Open Impetus  (123)
  6. Wing  (123)
    • Lady: stay stay connected with Man on the wrong side.
  7. Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)
    • This turn is not as much as normal Double Reverse. It's momentum will get more turn into next Whisk. Stay on Man's right side.
    • Do not pull left shoulder away from Man.
  8. Back Whisk  (123)
    • Lady: 
      • 2nd step needs to be large enough so that you don't become stuck in front of the Man.
      • Do not tilt forward, tuck hip in, body stays back
  9. Weave From Promenade Position  (123 123) finish in PP, turning corner 
    • Lady: forward, forward, balance on RF before turning.
  10. Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3)
    • Lady: 1: big step, try to keep shoulder as parallel as possible to Man.
  11. Natural Turn  (123) Half Natural
  12. Closed Impetus  (123)
    • Lady: Turning axis is on left foot, On 3: extend and respond to Man, make arm more flexible and "give it" to Man (or, think about "leaving the arms with Man") to allow to extend more.
  13. Reverse Pivot  (&)
    • Man: straight back.
    • Lady: keep with Man, do not travel too much.
  14. Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)
    • Lady: heel turn, close the feet slowly.
    • Do not pull left shoulder away from Man. Previous figure could underturn a bit, still do CBM, RF straight back, and not to side.
  15. Progressive Chasse To R  (1 2& 3) ending BLOD
    • Man: don't do ronde, track your feet.
  16. Outside Change  (123) ending PP
  17. Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3)
    • Lady: Stretch right side, shoulder flat, straighten left leg, slide left heel on floor, before bending left knee.
  18. Hesitation Change  (123 123)
    • This winds up for next figure.
  19. Open Telemark  (123)
  20. Cross Hesitation  (123) facing into corner
  21. Outside Spin  (123)
    • Lady: key to stay very left, give R side and middle of body to Man.
  22. Reverse Turn  (456)
  23. Progressive Chasse To R  (1 2& 3)
  24. Back Whisk  (123)
  25. Wing  (123)
    • Lady: shape head quickly to left at end of 1
  26. Closed Telemark  (123)
    • Lady: Keep head to right, then on 1 of next e.g Natural Spin Turn, rotate body underneath (no sharp head movement, just keep head at same place starting at 1, not later).