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Waltz Gold Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
Routine Notes:
  1. Prep Step (123 456) - Man facing DW on long wall
    • 45: Lady: R side, rib and hip to Man even more. Lady: no foot rise, L heel down.
    • 6: don't lose R side pressure.
  2. Natural Spin Turn (overturned)  (123 456)
    • Overturned, ending with Man almost backing LOD.
  3. Turning Lock to R  (1&23) ending moving DC in PP
    • Lady's head weight to left which helps the turn. Only turn to R going into 3.
    • Continuous big steps. Lady R side/arm to Man. Check R elbow at correct angle. R side can never be "dead". 
  4. Weave From Promenade Position end PP  (123 123)
    • Weave: get on RF then turn, give R side to Man. stretch, bigger, fuller shape. (don't fall back)
    • Outside change to PP: 2: stretch L side more. Get on foot then turn head to PP.
  5. Passing Natural (123) and Outside Spin  (123)
    • From PP to Passing Natural: Lady continue with R side forward, man will close up.
    • 1: don't lose R side, really work hard to give R side to Man and it will look like it didn't change, otherwise, R side pull away from Man.
    • It's important to keep the left side up and not drop left side, otherwise it feels heavy to Man.
  6. Natural Spin Turn  (123 123)
  7. Turning Lock  (1&23) 
  8. Left Whisk  (123 123) from PP
    • 123 (whisk) 456 (out of left whisk to hesitation) Lady:
      • Whisk: hip and side to Man. R side longer. Extend very left without peeling away.k shoulder.
      • 4: RF small step
      • 5: LF side step, big, to left to Man, heel down.
      • 6: hold, no foot rise, extend/stretch
  9. Contra Check  (123) finish in PP. 
    • Frame: breathe, need to feel "free". Give hips and side to Man, while stretching and extend head..
  10. Weave From Promenade Position  (123 123) ending Closed Position
    • Keep head position and only turn body, give R side to Man, then head ends up to R and body shapes to R.
  11. Natural Turn  (123)
  12. Closed Impetus  and Reverse Pivot  (12& 3) corner
    • Closed Impetus: 2: frame needs to "breathe", give hand/arms to Man
    • controlled lowering at the end of pivot, before next step
  13. Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)
    • Do not peel off left side. Keep left side to Man more.  Head can stretch more to left (like looking at the RF which is stepping back.), move center (suck tummy). right arm to Man (this is from extending back)
    • Use Man, lower first before stepping leg back, then move center and get on to the leg. Don't be afraid to move. 
  14. Fallaway Reverse And Slip Pivot  (1&23)
    • Lower first, Hips more forward and up to Man. 
    • Lady: keep head left throughout to help with turn, Head stretched more left. Stay connected with Man.
    • &: LF bigger step; Use head weight to L to help with turn.
  15. Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)
    • Carefully not to fall back, back weighted, middle center forward while moving back, spine upright,
  16. Reverse Turn  (123)
    • Lady: on 2, LF to side, extend left side, keep R side to Man, stretch up, leave head, so head effectively turns to right, keep there. take all the time in next Hover Corte to turn it back
  17. Hover Corte  (123 456) at corner.
    • Big steps on 1 and 2. Whole R side to Man, stretch, big shape, breathe the frame. articulate head. Then articulate LF coming out.
  18. Back Whisk  (123)
  19. Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3)
  20. Natural Spin Turn  (123) corner
  21. Back Whisk  (123)
  22. Reverse Turn  (123)
  23. Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)
  24. Progressive Chasse To R  (1 2& 3)
    • Do not rush, stay on top longer,  keep with Man. Give R side to Man.
  25. Outside Change  (123) ending PP
    • Could end in closed position if the wall is short, then go next to Natural Spin Turn. Head can turn to R.
  26. Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3)
  27. Natural Spin Turn  (123 123)  corner
    • 456 different shaping variation: Lady turns her head to R (keep R side of body to Man and not peel off).
  28. Reverse Turn  (123) 
  29. Closed Change LF  (123)  
Repeat from Natural Spin Turn.