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Waltz Bronze Routine Technique Notes

General Notes

  • See Standard Technique and Waltz Technique
  • Lady: "thigh/hip up to Man", "tuck your tummy", "pull tummy back to spine", be very aware of your abdominal center.
  • Man:
    • Head needs to be straight and to the left of your spine.
    • Need to keep straight up and down from knees to Jugular Notch. Don't tilt back when trying to get hips forward. Also, don't stick your butt out.

Notes on the routine

Starting on long wall, BDW.

Preparation (123 123)
  • See Standard Technique  preparation step technique.
  • Don't twist your hips, keep tone in hips. Lady: thigh up to Man.
  • Maintain the good posture, don't change it when legs start moving.
Natural Spin Turn  (123 123)  underturned to end with Man DW.
  • On the first half, use a lot of power to drive each step, not faster, just bigger. Follow the size of the steps of the leader. Don't guess how big the step will be (you'll most likely be wrong!)
Reverse Turn  (4-6) 
  • Start from perfect balance, lower, and drive big smooth steps
Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3) 
  • Show off extension during whole figure, keep left.
Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)  
Progressive Chasse To R  (1 2& 3)
  • Gliding big steps, hips lifted to Man, including left hip. 
Back Lock  (1 2& 3) 
  • Hips quite "up" to the partner, shoulder square with partner, then, even more rotation to get momentum for closed impetus. 
  • Lady is providing the power, Man just takes the ride for closed impetus.
Closed Impetus  (123)  starting from OP, overturn this to finish almost BDC
Reverse Pivot  (&)  ending DW
  • step FORWARD in parallel; don't do a weird crossy twisty thing
  • head goes more left
Reverse Turn  (123) 
  • continue with big, gliding steps and pressure on floor
  • show off extension btwn 2 & 3
Reverse Corte  (123)  corner, now on new LOD
  • really show off extension from 2 through 3 and perhaps another measure :) - in the corner
  • be sure to gracefully collect yourself for the outside change; no spastic movements
  • Stay with Man.
Outside Change  (123)  OP, ending PP
  • Seamlessly connect to next figure, no pause here.
Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3) 
  • remember to push ALL steps
Natural Turn  (123)  
Back Whisk  (123)  corner, ending traveling LOD on new LOD
  • Lady: important: lift hips up to Man. Hips should have connection.
Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3) 
Natural Spin Turn  (123 123)
Reverse Turn  (456)
Double Reverse Spin  (1 2& 3)
Progressive Chasse To R  (1 2& 3)
Back Lock  (1 2& 3)
Closed Impetus  (123)
  • Ending orientation varies a bit. If this overturns, next Reverse Turn could be turning. Or next step could be a Change Step without turn.
Reverse Turn  (456 123) ending BDW
Basic Weave  (123 123) turning corner to 2nd short wall. 
  • Step 1: for Lady, could be a toe lead (not driving).
  • If short wall is short, end Basic Weave in Closed Position.
  • If short wall is long, ending Weave in PP and add Chasse From Promenade Position  (1 2& 3).
Hesitation Change  (123 123) end facing DC new LOD, turn to 1st long wall again.
  • Do not pop up. Stay low. Extend.
Reverse Turn  (123)
Reverse Corte  (123)
Outside Change  (123) no turn
  • on "2": for styling turn head to right. head turns back to normal on the next Natural Spin Turn step 2.