Viennese Gold Routine Technique Notes

  1. Preparation: start Man FDC, weight on his RF.
    • Man steps onto his LF turning to L to wind up. 
    • Lady steps onto her RF, turning L, make sure to stay on Man's R side, Lady's left side. Lady can turn head to R, Head recovers during Natural Turn next.
  2. Natural Turn  (123 456)  * Repeat as needed
    • End of previous step: quick release of L leg to allow Man to move more freely. Curve off track.
    • 4: use leg, move.
    • End of 6: quick, early release of L leg again.
  3. Natural Turn  (123)
    • When ready to use change step to switch to Reverse Turn, this first half of Natural Turn has smaller movement. 
    • Lady: small LF back, small RF side step  curved off track. Accent in shape. 
  4. LF Backward Change (Natural to Reverse)  (123)
    • Step 2: Lady: LF fwd, L side fwd. can change head to R and shape.
  5. Reverse Turn  (456)
    • Lady: 4 is big step, drive. No shape, keep flat, but move more.
  6. Reverse Turn  (123 456) Repeat as needed
    • Lady: head, shape and stretch more L (tendency is shifting to Man's space).
    • Both arms more forward to Man (counter head shaping more left).
    • Stay more flat.  
  7. Contra Check  (123)
    • Step 3: Lady RF fwd in between Man's feet.
  8. Natural Fleckerl  (123) Repeat total 8 count
    • Middle of body forward, side to Man. Shaping is not as big as other dances, focus on rotation. 
  9. Natural Turn  (123 456) Repeat as needed
  10. Natural Turn  (123)
  11. LF Backward Change (Natural to Reverse)  (123)
  12. Reverse Turn  (456)
    • Normal Reverse Turns, no shape, flat,
  13. Reverse Turn  (123 456) Repeat as needed. 
    • Before getting ready to use change step, last Reverse Turn will have smaller movement, maybe some shape.
    • Last one before Change Step, Lady can turn head to R, shape.
  14. LF Forward Change (Reverse To Natural)  (123)
    • Lady can shape to R, turn head to R.
  15. Natural Turn  (123)