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Technique Note for Tango Gold Routine

  • Outside partner position:  Rotate around spine and lift the R side to Man. Each person is individually balanced, head stays very left, R side connected to Man.
  • Whisk position: Lady stays behind Man, Lady's center is dancing "at the edge" of Man's right side, head weight back. Keep rib cage forward toward Man. 
  • Promenade position: Lady's body needs to be more back into Man's arms. Lady's weight on back foot.
  • Posture: 
    • Send knee more forward, use butt muscle sending hip more forward.
    • Avoid the look that the position is "too held", stretch the body more. Have strong energy, but it doesn't mean body is tense and stiff everywhere. 

Begin one quarter down the short side. Man facing DW.
  1. 2 Walk  (S S) Ending Man FDC.
    • Toe release. Quick leg release to create space.
  2. Five Step  (QQQQS) turning left
    • Lady: stay very left, R side very stretched.
  3. Chase, Chasse, and Whisk Ending  (SQQQQ Q&Q S &S) Chasse and Whisk Ending (Corner)
    • Different finish for Whisk Ending: close foot, or keep front foot in place, it's up to Man's lead. finish in PP.
  4. Promenade Link  (SQQ)
    • Lady: R arm: consistent tone, don't loose energy, not too loose.
  5. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot  (QQQQ)
    • Lady: do not pop up, stay very very flat. Keep head left, shoulders down, don't drop side.
    • Keep moving, no stopping.
  6. Reverse Outside Swivel (QQSQQ)
    • Lady: not as much swiveling action (Man does more swiveling in this case), just pointing LF fwd on S.
    • S: in outside position. Q: Lady LF keep going same direction, fwd, big step.
    • Don't stop the movement, keep the flow.
    • Lady could turn head during outside swivel, or she can choose not to turn head.
  7. 2 Walks finishing Man FDC
  8. Oversway, Pivot, Chase and Whisk Ending  (QQSS QQ Q&Q S QQ)
    • Lady: 
      • Oversway: Tango style heel turn.
      • Pivot (QQ): LF go around Man, pivot, RF fwd in between Man's feet, then into Chasse (1st LF to side, bigger step). Keep head very left, lift left side up. Don't dip left side.
      • Chasse and Whisk Ending (keep front foot in place)
  9. Promenade Link  (SQQ)
  10. 2 Walks (S S)
  11. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  12. Closed Promenade  (SQQS)
  13. Fallaway Four Step  (QQQQ) (Corner)
  14. Fallaway Promenade  (SQQSQQ)
  15. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS) add Rock Turning end
    • SQQ: Keep head to R
    • S: head flick to L and shape to L.
  16. Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
    • QQS: Give R side to Man. Weight should be on RF, not in middle. Stay very left.
  17. Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS)  Finish in closed position
    • S: stretch head, body/shoulder rotates to R
  18. Five Step  (QQQQS)  (Corner)
    • Lady doesn't turn much
  19. Open Promenade  (SQQS)
  20. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS) Open Finish
    • No stopping, continuous into Basic Reverse Turn.
  21. Basic Reverse Turn (QQ&QQS)
    • QQ&Q: sharp quick timing, accent
  22. Contra Check  (SQQ)
    • At end, PP, will travel into corner
  23. Natural Twist Turn  (S QQS QQ)
    • Soft closing head to L
    • Last Q: quick head flick, prep by turning slightly to R and then flick to L. ending Lady BDW
  24. Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
    • Ending Man about FLOD
  25. Four Step Change  (QQ&S)
    • In this routine, this Four Step Change has a lot of turn/rotation, ending LF crossing in front of RF.
    • Ending Lady facing new LOD. 
  26. Progressive Side Step  (QQ)
    • Ending Lady about BDW
Repeat from 2 Walks