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Technique Note for Tango Gold Routine



Begin one quarter down the short side, facing DC
  1. Five Step  (QQQQS) turning left
    • Lady:
      • 4th Q: head to left before sharply turned to R on last S.
  2. Chase  (SQQQQ Q&Q S &S) Chasse and Whisk Ending
    • Lady:
      • Chase: 3rd Q: LF cross back, body is very twisted to right, getting into 4th Q.
      • Chasse: Q&Q
      • Whisk:
        • S: RF back in Whisk position, keep right side up, don't drop right side.
        • &: LF closes to RF slightly back, head sharply to left
        • S: RF to side w/o weight, head to PP position.
  3. Promenade Link  (SQQ)
  4. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot  (QQQQ)
    • Lady:
      • Keep head left, shoulders down, don't drop side.
  5. Reverse Outside Swivel (QQSQQ)
    • Lady: not as much swiveling action, just pointing LF fwd on S.
  6. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot  (QQQQ)
    • Continuous into the Overswy, no stopping.
  7. Oversway  (QQSS QQ Q&Q S QQ) Pivot, Chasse and Whisk Ending
    • Lady: 
      • Overswy: Tango style heel turn.
      • Pivot: transfer weight on LF, pivot, RF fwd, then into Chasse
      • Chasse and a different Whisk Ending with Lady's LF fwd, ending PP.
  8. Back Open Promenade  (SQQS)
  9. Four Step  (QQ) Step 1-2
  10. Outside Swivel  (SQQ)
  11. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  12. Closed Promenade  (SQQS)
  13. Fallaway Four Step  (QQQQ)
    • Corner step.
  14. Fallaway Promenade  (SQQSQQ)
    • Ending traveling DW on short wall.
  15. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS) add Rock Turning end
  16. Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
  17. Five Step  (QQQQS) turning right
    • Corner step.
  18. Open Promenade  (SQQS)
  19. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS) Open Finish
    • No stopping, continuous into Basic Reverse Turn.
  20. Basic Reverse Turn  QQ&QQS)
  21. Contra Check  (SQQ)
  22. Natural Twist Turn  (S QQS QQ) Back Corte Ending
  23. Back Corte  (S QQS)
  24. Four Step Change  (QQ&S)