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Tango Silver Routine Technique Notes

  • When the knees are tangled up, it's a combination of:
    • Lady's and Man's feet are being placed too close to each other
    • may be bending at the hips. Instead, both should be keeping hips forward.
    • Feet not parallel (turning out)
  • Try to close the feet at closed finish!
  • All swivels: Lady - keep head strongly to the left, swivel action should be smooth, take a large second step to make swivel more powerful, also use rotation/torque for more powerful action
  • Posture: 
    • slight upward pressure with left thumb
    • keep entire right arm higher
    • don't look down
  • Don't forget to be strongly left and stay behind Man.
  • leg action should include the hip for longer strides; also, if you break at the hip, it looks like you are "sitting".
  • Move "with" the Man, stronger stride stepping out of Promenade.
  • Connection: Stay connected with Man, reduce gaps.
  1. Start DW near end of long side
  2. Walk  (S)
  3. Walk  (S)
    • These walks are smooth, tighter.
  4. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  5. Promenade Link  (SQQ) end facing LOD, short side.
    • Strong movement. Moving body on 1st half of S, and stepping on 2nd half of S.
  6. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS) open finish
    • Outside partner position: keep strongly left, do not break at hip. Upper body should not peel away from Man. Stay connected.
  7. Four Step  (QQQQ) into corner
  8. Open Promenade  (SQQS) lady flicks right foot on last slow
  9. Outside Swivel  (SQQ)
  10. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn  (QQSS QQS QQS) no slow walks, go directly into progressive side step
    • In all corte actions: stay connected with Man, step bigger.
  11. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  12. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS)
    • Lady: 
      • keep head strongly to the left until last S, turning head too early tips balance and brings head into Man's space. Speed of turning head - it depends on Man's lead. It could be slow or fast.
      • take strong steps
  13. Closed Promenade  (SQQS)
  14. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  15. Natural Twist Turn  (S QQS QQ) end closed.
    • Lady: take strong steps to complete the turn around the Man
  16. 2-7 of Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
  17. Back Corte  (S QQS) end facing LOD, or at least DW
    • Lady:
      • The Corte action: focus on movement forward, not turning shoulder backward. Using right side as axis and move left side forward
      • after Corte action, take strong steps to fill up the space that the Man gives you.
  18. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS) open finish
  19. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  20. Back Open Promenade  (SQQS)
    • Lady: 
      • First 2 steps: heel leads. 3rd and 4th step: BH leads.
      • if lead, use strong shaping in the head on QQ, to the right and then to the left.
  21. Reverse Outside Swivel  (QQSQQ) end facing DW, new LOD
    • May add 2 Slow's - smooth walk.
  22. Open Reverse Turn, Lady In Line  (QQS QQS)
  23. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  24. Fallaway Promenade  (SQQSQQ)
    • remember to close feet on last Q
    • on the "fallaway" section: don't tip forward or "break" at the waist
  25. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS)
  26. 2-7 of Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
  27. Reverse Outside Swivel  (QQSQQ)
    • Lady:
      • It's good to just keep head to left the whole time, so it doesn't appear head is flipping a lot.
      • S: outside partner, Lady's RF fwd, get head to be really going forward, do not stop head early, it will get in Man's way. Then, at end of S, strong swivel action at hip, keep arms with Man. Head stays behind, hip strong twist and forward.
  28. Reverse Outside Swivel  (QQSQQ)
  29. Four Step Change  (QQ&S)
  30. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  31. start again from 5