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Tango Bronze Routine Technique Notes

  • See Tango Technique
  • Practice: stop at each count, drop hands to make sure you are balanced on your own - dancing without hands is a good way to uncover problems in the mechanics.
Start with Man facing DW near end of long side:
  1. Walk  (S) 
  2. Walk  (S) At the end of this Walk, Man faces LOD
  3. Progressive Link  (QQ) ending traveling DC (long wall)
    • Lady: stay very left, extend, center to Man.
    • Need solid, sharp feeling, not soft.
  4. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS) across corner, end PP, traveling DC new LOD.
    • Lady: track Man's hips, stay behind. Don't turn head early.
  5. Open Promenade  (SQQS) ending facing about LOD (short wall)
    • Lady: ending open position, hip forward, stay very left.
  6. Progressive Side Step  (QQS) turning corner.
    • Use CBM
  7. Walk  (S) turning corner, ending ~ DW (or LOD) new LOD
  8. Open Reverse Turn, Lady Outside  (QQS QQS)
    • Man can do open finish and directly go into LF Rock.
    • Lady: last 'S': extend back.
  9. Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
    • head flick: to right and then to left again (finishing to left).
    • Stay left throughout, even with shaping.
  10. Progressive Side Step Reverse Turn  (QQSS QQS QQS)
    • Skip this step t if wall is shorter.
    • 2nd 'S': Lady LF back, extend.before starting the rock step.
  11. Progressive Link  (QQ) traveling toward corner DW on long wall
  12. Natural Twist Turn  (S QQS QQ) Around corner
    • Lady: Stay behind Man. Do not turn head to right too early. Turn head at very end of last 'Q'.
  13. Open Promenade  (SQQS) Last step should be DW against LOD, new LOD
    • Lady: ending BDW on new LOD
  14. Walk  (S)
    • Feet are staccato, but body/spine should be moving across the floor smoothly.
  15. Walk  (S)
    • Lady: Extend.
  16. LF Rock  (QQS)
    • Lady: right side is very "up" to man. Give center to Man and leave head behind.
  17. RF Rock  (QQS)
    • Styling option: look at each other. More neutral position, so you have more to "give" in the next Corte.
  18. Back Corte  (S QQS) end facing LOD at corner
    • Center to Man. Stay Left. 
    • Finish: Stronger drive through Man, do not veer to side, anticipating turns.
  19. Progressive Side Step  (QQS)
    • CBM, curving corner
  20. Walk  (S) strong curve, end facing new LOD
  21. Open Reverse Turn, Lady In Line  (QQS QQS)
    • Lady: heel turn, inline finish uses Corte action.
  22. Progressive Link  (QQ)
  23. Natural Promenade Turn  (S QQS)
    • Continuing with Rock Turn, do not turn head.
    • Last "S": extend back before getting to Rock Turn.
  24. Rock Turn  (QQS QQS)
  25. Progressive Link  (QQ) [skip this if wall is short. Add Walk before Progressive Link, if wall is long.]
  26. Closed Promenade  (SQQS) [Stuffer step, cut if wall is short]