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Foxtrot Silver Routine Technique Notes

  • Step under Lady's shoulder, don't step to the side.
  • Travel more flat, do not go up and down too much.
  • Drive off standing leg.
  • Three step: LF back, think more about extending/straightening left leg which will give Man more room.
  • Head movement should be smooth. not too fast in Foxtrot. Smooth head movement goes with long stride.
  • Amount of head movement and body rotation is relative to movement size. If you don't step big, have bigger movement, you shouldn't do a lot head or rotation. Otherwise, its proportion looks wrong.
  • Stay connected with Man.
Preparation step: a bit unusual to have Man starting BLOD, weight on his RF; Lady weight on her LF.
  • Man LF forward, shaping Lady, then continue with Feather Finish.
  • Lady, RF back, rotate to right, head shape to right. Make sure to stay on Man's right, do not cross to his space. Picture pose. 
  1. Feather Finish  (SQQ): Man RF back, Lady: LF fwd - Feather finish, ending Man Facing DW
  2. Three Step  (SQQ)
    • Feather and Three should be on one straight line, do not veer from the line.
    • Lady:
      • Q: LF back, try to stay on same line, give Man room to step, but do not over do it and step to side too much. Think about extending/straightening L leg back to give Man room.
      • rotate to left, but do not get into Man's space. Frame can slide a little bit. Focus on long stride.
  3. Hover Cross  (SQQQQQQ) at corner, changing LOD.
    • Lady:
      • Start shaping head to right on step 3 (LF side), it goes with the sway, don't do it too early, or too late on step 4. Make head movement really smooth, do not get to shaping right too fast.
      • Keep head to right on steps 4-5, extend upper body even more on step 4, then return to normal starting end of step 5 (Q), then step 6 (Q).
  4. Open Telemark and Feather Ending  (SQQSQQ)
  5. Hover Telemark  (SQQ)
    • Lady:
      • S: RF straight back.
      • Q: LF back, not to veer to left much. It is more of the back step, than side step. 
  6. Natural Weave  (SQQ QQ QQ) overturned
    • S: Man may shape to left, in which case, shape with Man and turn head to left. If Man doesn't shape, keep head to right, but do not get ahead of Man, Man needs to get ahead.
    • Keep head movement smooth. Scooping action starting S
    • 1st Q: head left, 
    • 2nd Q, shape head to right, bigger steps and movement.
    • SQQ: this is middle "Natural Turn" part of "Foxtrot Open Telemark, Natural Turn to Outside Swivel and Feather Ending" where from Promenade Position, Man will end opposite Lady, BDC, Lady kept going forward, ending FDC, ready to step OP with RF.
    • QQ QQ: Weave part. Lady: All Toe leads. Overtuned, to end Man Facing LOD.
  7. Reverse Turn  (SQQ SQQ)
    • Lady: For this one, keep head to left, keep classic look.
    • Last Q: not dropping heel, changing direction to start Top Spin.
  8. Top Spin  (QQQQ) ending DW new LOD
    • Make this flatter, make it travel down short side
  9. Reverse Wave  (SQQ SQQ)
    • Man: don't turn too much, flatten it out, more swing on step 5 (Lady is on the outside of turn on this step 5)
    • Lady:
      • S: RF back, then keep head there
      • QQ: keep head, turning body underneath, effectively head is now shaped to right.
      • SQQ: wave - curve with Man, stay with his right side. slowly turning head back smoothly.
  10. Open Impetus  (SQQ) facing DC new LOD
    • Lady:
      • Do not turn too early, swing left side up (do not drop left shoulder, to be light on Man), stay behind Man.
  11. Weave from PP  (SQQ QQ QQ)
    • Lady: 
      • SQQ: doesn't turn body until after the second step. Man may shape to inside of turn on 2nd step, in which case, shape head to left.
      • QQ: then keep head there, turn body to left underneath shoulder, which results in head shaping to right.
      • QQ: turn head back to normal.
  12. Three Step  (SQQ)
    • Keep straight line, stay in your space.
  13. Natural Telemark  (SQQQQ)
  14. Foxtrot Open Telemark, Natural Turn to Outside Swivel and Feather Ending (SQQSQQS) finish in PP in the corner
    • Lady:
      • Last S: Head can stay in left (in which case, make sure the hip does turn into Promenade position), Or, turn head into Promenade (stay behind Man)
  15. Weave from PP  (SQQ QQ QQ)
    • Lady: doesn't turn until after the second step. Keep head position, effectively, head will shape to right during weave. Close head on feather finish.