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Foxtrot Gold Routine Technique Notes

Start on short side, Man FDC

This routine has an extra short wall and long wall.
  1. Prep (1234 5678)  ---------- start short wall 
    • 7: Lady: don't shift to right, keep very left.
  2. Feather Step  (SQQ)
    • QQ: side leading, swing R hip and shoulder back, make sure connect middle left side of body to Man, stretch (really both sides are stretching)
    • Release R leg faster at the end.
  3. Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending  (QQQQ QQQQ) starting Man DC, ending Man DW
    • It feels like Man stays in the fallaway longer (compared to Fallaway and Slip Pivot).
    • Default is a reverse weave action, if leader wants to do fallaway, he will block at the hips, which makes lady open immediately and do a fallaway.
    • Lady: articulate head, no rush, smooth.
  4. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot  (QQQQ) Fallaway is along DW, into the corner (not the typical alignment)
    • Lady: 
      • keep head left throughout or turn head to Promenade.
      • 2nd step: bigger step. 
      • after pivoting on last Q, no stop, continue with rotation, use L leg to push and continue turning into next step.
  5. Change Of Direction  (SS)  (corner)
    • Lady: shaping, turn head to R
    • End: Man DC (or DW on new LOD)
  6. Curved Feather to Back Feather, Feather Finish  (QQ SQQ SQQ) ---------- start long wall 
    • Lady: Last QQ: if Man shapes, Lady turn her head to R, keep ribs to Man.
  7. Basic Weave  (QQ QQ QQ)
    • If Man shapes, Lady turns her head to R
    • Use butt muscle to move more, not sitting. (activate the muscle, but not like Samba tick, don't flat the hip crease.)
  8. Hover Feather  (QQ)
    • Q: rise and shape extra
  9. Three Step  (SQQ)
    • 1st Q: swing L hip
    • Need to have bigger movement, along DW, not too much side step. 
  10. Curved Feather  (SQQ)
    • Lady: turn body and hip, follow Man's hip, don't block him. push off standing leg to move. Release R leg at end.
  11. Open Impetus  (SQQ)  (corner)
    • 1st step big, gauge 2nd step, follow Man's hip (if too big, it can gap and throw Man off)
  12. Natural Zig-Zag from PP  (SQQQQ)  ---------- start short wall 
    • Coming out of PP, do not drop R side.
  13. Hover Feather  (QQ) for music phrasing..
  14. Open Telemark, Passing Natural, Outside Swivel  (SQQ SQQ S) corner
    • Open Telemark: don't open head too early, arrive on L leg first, wait for Man's lead to open head. Turn head slowly "milk it". 
    • Swivel: bigger step, keep shoulder, parallel, turn hips and head.
  15. Curved Feather to Back Feather, Feather Finish  (SQQSQQ SQQ)  ---------- start long wall 
  16. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot  (QQQQ)
    • After pivoting, continue rotation, no stop, use leg to move.
  17. Basic Weave  (QQ QQ QQ)
    • Use leg to push, activate butt muscle, which makes it easier to extend more and won't look like sitting
  18. Hover Feather  (QQ)
  19. Reverse Wave  (SQQ SQQ)  corner
  20. Closed Impetus and Feather Finish  (SQQ SQQ)  ---------- start short wall 
    • Feather finish: don't take arm back. Arm forward to Man.
  21. Three Step  (SQQ)
  22. Natural Twist Turn with Natural Weave Ending  (SQ&QS QQQQQQ)  -- at corner
    • Option: Head changes to R during Weave. 
  23. Basic Weave  (QQ QQ QQ) -- long wall (same as first long wall)
  24. Hover Feather  (QQ)
  25. Three Step  (SQQ)
  26. Curved Feather  (SQQ)
  27. Open Impetus with Feather Finish  (SQQ SQQ)  (corner)
  28. Repeat from Bounce Fallaway ---------- start short wall