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Foxtrot Gold Routine Technique Notes

  • Shaping: smooth, no edges.
  • Head turning as the result of shaping.
  • Fallaways: keep head left, unless the shape changes.
  • Posture more forward: (promenade position, outside partner)
    • shoulders back and upper body curve back, arms in front of body
    • more pressure with leader
    • RH and LH: more tone on the leader, it helps him to know where his partner is.
    • Thighs rarely touch, legs are free to move
    • Stay connected with partner throughout
Start: beginning of long wall, man facing DC. 

Preparation step.
  1. Feather Step  (SQQ)
  2. Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending  (QQQQQQQQ)
    • It feels like Man stays in the fallaway longer (compared to Fallaway and Slip Pivot).
    • Lady: 2nd step LF, bigger step.
    • Default is a reverse weave action, if leader wants to do fallaway, he will block at the hips, which makes lady open immediately and do a fallaway.
  3. Hover Telemark to PP  (SQQ)
  4. Curved Feather  (SQQ) preparing going OP
    • 2nd step: follow leader's direction - typically the feeling is more of a forward step, then body turns, a whisk kind of action.
  5. Open Impetus  (SQQ) ending moving along new LOD
  6. Natural Zig-Zag from PP  (SQQQQ)
  7. Open Telemark, Natural Turn (Passing Natural), Outside Swivel  (SQQSQQS) - at corner
  8. Curved Feather to Back Feather, Feather Finish  (SQQSQQSQQ)
  9. Fallaway Reverse and Slip Pivot  (QQQQ)
    • Lady: keep head left throughout. 2nd step: bigger step.
  10. Basic Weave  (QQ QQ QQ)
    • Man shapes, Lady turns her head to R.
  11. Reverse Wave  (SQQ SQQ)
  12. Closed Impetus and Feather Finish  (SQQ SQQ) - at corner
  13. Three Step  (SQQ)
  14. Natural Twist Turn with Natural Weave Ending (SQ&QSQ QQQQQ)
    • Head changes to R on the 2nd S.
Repeat from Bounce Fallaway.