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Samba Gold Choreography Technique Notes

Prep: Man on RF, Lady on LF, facing position, RH to RH hold.  Lady BDW. At beginning of long wall.
  1. Whisk to L (Lady R Turn)  (5a6)  Directly going to Whisk.
    • Focus head/eyes, sharp turn. Head is straight up (don't do shape as in Standard).
  2. Promenade And Counter Promenade Runs  (123 123 123) Lady: LF back (BDW), ,runs LOD.
  3. Traveling Volta to Man's Left  (a56 a7a8) 1 dropped Volta first, Man facing Wall, Lady facing center.
    • Lady: 
      • 1st step, turn to face Man, RF to side, fast foot, bigger step. 
      • Volta action (when finishing Volta, knee fwd, butt in, don't leave butt out/back). 
      • Pay attention to elbow position, elbow is diagonally down, not upward
  4. Solo Spot Volta to Man's Left (Lady to Right)  (1a2)
    • Lady does less than a full turn, to finish a bit diagonal (about BDW)
  5. Promenade And Counter Promenade Runs  (123 123 123)
    • The last one is at corner and turns less, now it's traveling down new LOD.
  6. Three Step Turn  (123) Lady's three step turn --- at corner of wall
    • turn on 1 is moving, more like pivoting (can do a spiral as well, but quick), turn on 3 is spiral. collect center. 
    • Lady changes from Man's R side to his left side.
  7. Samba Locks  (QQS QQS QQS QQS) down the short wall
  8. Solo Spot Volta  (3a4) Lady to Left
    • About full turn, at end, 
  9. Argentine Crosses  (QQS QQS (Lady's LT) QQS QQS (Lady's LT) ) 
    • Keep good frame with partner, body more parallel. 
    • 1st part: more like Volta action.
    • 2nd part: hip more like Botofogo.
  10. Whisk (Lady To Right)  (5a6)
    • Lady: RF to side (not big step), underarm turn. Head look at partner for as long as possible then sharp turn head (but keep head straight up, not like Standard.)
    • Or do underarm Spot Turn, so it's not too much to side. 
    • End  w/ Man almost DC.
  11. Open Rocks  (SQQ)
    • Lady:
      • S: 1st step. LF really forward to Man's R side. articulate L leg going forward,
      • Q: sharp turn to R. R heel up.
      • Q: replace weight and prepping shape to L (upper body slant to L) for the roll.
  12. Reverse Roll  (SQQ SQQ SQQ SQQ) down the short wall
    • Last SQQ: is more flat, more flat. Ending in corner, Man almost FDW
  13. Whisk (Lady To Right)  (1a2) 
    • make turn sharper, spot partner till last second before turning.
  14. Solo Spot Volta  (3a4)
  15. Maypole  (5a6a7a8) at corner. Ending Man almost DW/LOD. -- at corner, going into long wall.
    • Lady: keep R arm in front 
  16. Natural Roll  (SQQ SQQ SQQ SQQ)
  17. Corta Jaca  (1 2&3&4&)
  18. Solo Spot Volta  (5a6a7a8)  "hamburger"
    • Lady:
      • 5: RF to side, keep L  hip high, spot on Man. hold/delay, spot partner
      • a6: sharp turn, ending facing partner
      • a7a8: traveling volta
    • Ending Man almost LOD, Lady BLOD.
  19. Samba Walk: Stationary  (1a2) 
  20. Criss Cross Bota Fogos  (3a45a6)
    • 3a4: Lady: whisk underarm turn to R action, L arm to side, now facing LOD, same as Man.
    • 5a6: Lady this is Botofogo action. L arm up. a little bit in front of Man, but don't be too far forward.
  21. Rhythm Bounce  (78) 
    • Lady: L arm up. L hip diagonally up, figure 8 action
  22. Criss Cross Voltas  (1a2a3a4 5a6a7a8)
    • Lady quarter turn to R, Man to L, Volta is traveling down LOD, Lady is facing wall for first 4 counts, then criss cross, Lady's is facing center. (Man opposite)
  23. Maypole  (1a2a3a4)  - at corner, going to short wall
    • Lady: Total is about one and a half turn, ending Lady back LOD of new LOD. 
  24. Foot Change to Right Shadow Position  (5a6) Lady fwd, botofogo action, ending Man's R side
    • Lady: Botofogo action. half turn. and ending facing LOD, as Man, on short wall.
      • 5: LF fwd, 
      • a: RF side, eyes look to R arm direction before sharply do half turn when weight goes back to LF.
      • 6: head to L, weight to LF.
  25. Cruzados Walks and Locks  (aSaS QQS aSaS QQS) along short wall
  26. Shadow Circular Volta with RF  (1a2a3a4)
    • a little more than one full turn, ending Lady facing Wall.
  27. Traveling Volta (both Man and Lady to L)   (a56 a78 a1a2a3a4) 2 drop Voltas first
    • traveling down LOD, both facing wall
  28. Bota Fogos Forward (5a6) ending facing Man.
  29. Contra Bota Fogos  (7a8)
  30. Round About  (1a2a3a4)
    • Ending Lady about BDW
  31. Foot Change to Closed Position  (5a6) Man: kick ball change. Lady: Samba Walk: Stationary 
Repeat from Step #3 Promenade Runs