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Samba Gold Choreography Technique Notes


Prep: Man on RF, Lady on LF, facing position, RH to RH hold.  Lady BDW
  1. Prep: Bounce (1a2 3a4) Lady 
  2. Whisk to L (Lady R Turn)  (5a6) 
  3. Promenade And Counter Promenade Runs  (123 123 123) Lady: LF back (BDW), ,runs LOD.
  4. Traveling Volta to Man's Left  (a56 a7a8) 1 dropped Volta first
    • Lady: 
      • 1st step, turn to face Man, RF to side, fast foot, bigger step. 
      • Volta action (when finishing Volta, knee fwd, butt in, don't leave butt out/back). 
      • Pay attention to elbow position, elbow is diagonally down, not upward
  5. Solo Spot Volta to Man's Left (Lady to Right)  (1a2)
  6. Promenade And Counter Promenade Runs  (123 123 123)
  7. Three Step Turn  (123) Lady's three step turn
    • 1 turn is moving, more like pivoting
    • 3 turn is spiral
    • collect center.
  8. Samba Locks  (QQS QQS QQS QQS)
    • 1st straight leg,  Then, 2 bent knees before pushing front leg forward again.  Then swivel to the other direction.
    • Use hips more, smooth hip movement. 
  9. Solo Spot Volta  (3a4) Lady to Left, hamburger
  10. Traveling Volta to Man's Left  (a5a6a7a8) 
  11. Argentine Crosses  (QQS QQS (Lady's LT) QQS QQS (Lady's LT) ) 
    • Keep good frame with partner, body more parallel. 
    • 1st part: more like Volta action.
    • 2nd part: hip more like Botofogo.
  12. Whisk (Lady To Right)  (1a2)
    • Lady: RF to side, underarm turn. Head look at partner for as long as possible then sharp turn head (but keep head straight up, not like Standard.)
  13. Open Rocks  (SQQ)
    • Lady:
      • S: 1st step. LF really forward to Man's R side. articulate L leg going forward,
      • Q: sharp turn to R. R heel up.
      • Q: replace weight and prepping shape to L (upper body slant to L) 
  14. Reverse Roll  (SQQ SQQ SQQ SQQ)
    • Last SQQ: is more flat, normal Reverse Turn, not roll, more flat.
  15. Whisk (Lady To Right)  (5a6) 
    • make turn sharper, spot partner till last second before turning.
  16. Solo Spot Volta  (7a8)
  17. Maypole  (1a2a3a4)
  18. Natural Roll  (SQQ SQQ)
    • Lady: RF back, butt back; LF fwd, hip really forward, under the Man.
  19. Corta Jaca  (1 2&3&4&)
    • Lady: 
      • 7: take center in, LF back, R leg straight pulled back; 
      • 1&: RF back
      • 2&: RF fwd, H, hip fwd. (like Natural roll)
  20. Solo Spot Volta  (5a6a7a8)  "hamburger"
    • Lady:
      • 5: RF to side, keep L  hip high, spot on Man. hold/delay, before getting into Volta, spot 
      • a6: sharp turn, ending facing partner
      • a7a8: traveling volta
  21. Samba Walk: Stationary  (1a2) 
  22. Criss Cross Bota Fogos  (3a45a6)
    • 1a2: Lady arm to side
    • 3a4: Lady L arm up. a little bit in front of Man, but don't be too far forward.
  23. Rhythm Bounce  (78) 
    • Lady: L arm up. L hip diagonally up, figure 8 action
  24. Criss Cross Voltas  (1a2a3a4 5a6a7a8)
  25. Maypole  (1a2a3a4)
  26. Foot Change to Right Shadow Position  (5a6) Lady fwd, botofogo action, ending Man's R side
    • Lady: Botofogo action. 
      • 5: LF fwd, 
      • a: RF side, eyes look to R arm direction before sharply do half turn when weight goes back to LF.
      • 6: head to L, weight to LF.
  27. Cruzados Walks and Locks  (aSaS QQS aSaS QQS)
  28. Shadow Circular Volta with RF  (1a2a3a4)
  29. Traveling Volta (both Man and Lady to L)   (a56 a78 a1a2a3a4) 2 drop Voltas first
  30. Bota Fogos Forward (5a6) ending facing Man.
  31. Contra Bota Fogos  (7a8)
  32. Round About  (1a2a3a4)
  33. Foot Change to Closed Position  (5a6) Man: kick ball change. Lady: Samba Walk: Stationary 
Repeat from Step #3 Promenade Runs