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Samba Bronze Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  • Contraction is in the core, do not engage shoulder and upper body, avoid scrunching upper body.
  1. Rhythm Bounce  (56) 
    • Man facing long wall, man's right leg back, lady's left leg back
    • Extend the leg, crunch the side, lift the hip to give it a longer line.
    • Bigger lounge.
  2. Samba Walk: Stationary  (7a8)
    • Contract center to pull leg before "7".
    • Lady: On "7": need to put weight on LF, switch knee, emphasis is on the position where R knee crosses in front of L knee. (not the other way around)
  3. Criss Cross Bota Fogos  (1a2 3a4 5a6 7a8)
    • Don't scrunch upper body. Contract core only.
    • Lady Styling (matching Man): 
      • 1a2 arm to side; 3a4 arm up. Repeat
      • 5a6: arm to side; 7a8: arm up, almost facing Man, prepare for underarm turn
    • Lady: shoulders - keep quiet, not going up and down.
  4. Man: Samba Walk: Stationary  (1a2) Lady: Underarm Turn to Right  (1a2). 
    • End facing partner and spot. Don't over turn to next samba walk. It should look like an underarm turn, not a 3 step turn
  5. Samba Walk in PP: RF, LF  (3a4 5a6) 
    • Lady: turn 1/2 to R, LF fwd to Promenade walk, down LOD. 
    • Make sure RF does not go to side, it should be back (to be the same as Man). It only goes to side when it's side samba walk.
    • Lady: when LH connects with Man, make sure it's Latin style, not Standard style.
  6. Samba Walk: Side  (7a8)
  7. Foot Change 3: Promenade or Open Promenade to Right Shadow Position  (1a2). 
    • Lady almost turns 1 and a half,  a lot of turn, may not make it to face wall, can use next figure to get to facing wall.
  8. Shadow Traveling Volta commenced with RF  (a3a4)
    1. travel down LOD, facing wall
    2. Lady: look to the audience, arms should not be static. a1: R arm quickly in, then takes the whole a2a3a4 to extend it out to right.
  9. Traveling Bota Fogos Forward  (5a6 7a8)
    •  turning L to travel down LOD.  
    • Lady: foot keep going fwd (not back to step on Man)
    • Lady's arms: starting from R arm out, "5a6": in and out to side; "7a8": in and up next to face.
  10. Shadow Traveling Volta commenced with LF  (1a2a3a4) 
    • curving turning corner, ending facing center on new LOD.
    • Lady's arms: "a1": quickly draw R arm in; "a2a3a4" slowing extending R arm out.
  11. Foot Change 2: Right Shadow Position To Closed Position  (5a6) 
    • Lady: 
      • on "5": lady turn 1/4 to R, RF fwd (bigger step to give man room), facing LOD
      • on "a": LF fwd bigger step, then turn 1/2 to R to face partner, 
      • on "6": RF crosses in front of LF, facing partner
  12. Samba Walk: Stationary  (7a8)
    • together step first.
  13. Reverse Turn  (1a2) 
    • Open Hold, shaping Man's left; lady's head turn to R.
  14. Reverse Turn  (3a4) 
    • Close Hold, no shaping, Lady's head L. LF crosses in front of RF.
  15. Reverse Turn  (5a6)  turning corner
    • man turns left hand out for shaping, ending Man facing new LOD
  16. Whisk To Right  (7a8)
  17. Whisk To Left  (1a2) with Lady's UAT 
  18. Closed Rocks  (34& 56& 78&)
    • Down LOD with flicks
  19. Reverse Turn  (1a2 3a4)
  20. Closed Rocks  (56& 78& 12&)
  21. Corta Jaca  (34&5&6&)
    • "3": Lady's LF back.
    • Shoulders: quiet, not going up and down
  22. Solo Spot Volta to Left (Lady to Right)  (7a8) Hamburger volta
    • Lady starts turning to R, RF fwd, don't come all the way back to hold, when turning both arms are in.
    • L arm don't go all the way out to side till finishing the next 2 counts of Volta.
  23. Traveling Volta to Right  (a1a2)
    • Lady travels to left, meet at end, man's RH to lady's LH
  24. Solo Spot Volta to Right (Lady to Left)  (3a4)
    • Arm first in, then out
  25. Samba Walk: Stationary  (5a6)
    • Foot together, stationary samba walk.
  26. Bota Fogos To Promenade and Counter Promenade  (7a8 1a2)
    • Lady's head turns to left on counter promenade, then to right on promenade position.
  27. Samba Walk: Stationary  (3a4)
    • don't cross feet. It's stationary Samba Walk.
  28. Criss Cross Voltas  (5a6a7a8 1a2a3a4)
    • Front knee should not be flexed all the time. There is the time when both legs are straight. Front foot then slide (stay straight) in front, then bend it.
  29. Samba Walk: Stationary  (5a6 7a8)

Repeat from Criss Cross Bota Fogos.