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Samba Bronze Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  1. Rhythm Bounce  (56) 
    • Man facing long wall, man's right leg back, lady's left leg back
    • Extend the leg, crunch the side, lift the hip to give it a longer line.
    • Bigger lounge.
  2. Samba Walk: Stationary  (7a8)
    • Contract center to pull leg before "7".
    • Lady: On "7": need to put weight on LF, switch knee, emphasis is on the position where R knee crosses in front of L knee. (not the other way around)
  3. Criss Cross Bota Fogos  (1a2 3a4 5a6 7a8)
    • Don't scrunch upper body. Contract core only.
    • Lady Styling (matching Man): 
      • 1a2 arm to side; 3a4 arm up. Repeat
      • 5a6: arm to side; 7a8: arm up, almost facing Man, prepare for underarm turn
    • Lady: shoulders - keep quiet, not going up and down.
  4. Man: Samba Walk: Stationary  (1a2) Lady: Underarm Turn to Right  (1a2). 
    • End facing partner and spot. Don't over turn to next samba walk. It should look like an underarm turn, not a 3 step turn
  5. Samba Walk in PP: RF, LF  (3a4 5a6) 
    • Lady: turn 1/2 to R, LF fwd to Promenade walk, down LOD. 
    • Make sure RF does not go to side, it should be back (to be the same as Man). It only goes to side when it's side samba walk.
    • Lady: when LH connects with Man, make sure it's Latin style, not Standard style.
  6. Samba Walk: Side  (7a8)
  7. Foot Change 3: Promenade or Open Promenade to Right Shadow Position  (1a2). 
    • Lady almost turns 1 and a half,  a lot of turn, may not make it to face wall, can use next figure to get to facing wall.
  8. Shadow Traveling Volta commenced with RF  (a3a4)
    • Travel down LOD, facing wall
    • Lady: look to the audience, arms should not be static. a1: R arm quickly in, then takes the whole a2a3a4 to extend it out to right.
  9. Traveling Bota Fogos Forward  (5a6 7a8)
    •  turning L to travel down LOD.  
    • Lady: foot keep going fwd (not back to step on Man)
    • Lady's arms: starting from R arm out, "5a6": in and out to side; "7a8": in and up next to face.
  10. Shadow Traveling Volta commenced with LF  (1a2a3a4) 
    • curving turning corner, ending facing center on new LOD.
    • Lady's arms: "a1": quickly draw R arm in; "a2a3a4" slowing extending R arm out.
  11. Foot Change 2: Right Shadow Position To Closed Position  (5a6) 
    • Lady: 
      • on "5": lady turn 1/4 to R, RF fwd (bigger step to give man room), facing LOD
      • on "a": LF fwd bigger step, then turn 1/2 to R to face partner, 
      • on "6": RF crosses in front of LF, facing partner
  12. Samba Walk: Stationary  (7a8)
    • together step first.
  13. Reverse Turn  (1a2) 
    • Open Hold, shaping Man's left; lady's head turn to R.
  14. Reverse Turn  (3a4) 
    • Close Hold, no shaping, Lady's head L. LF crosses in front of RF.
  15. Reverse Turn  (5a6)  turning corner
    • man turns left hand out for shaping, ending Man facing new LOD
  16. Whisk To Right  (7a8)
  17. Whisk To Left  (1a2) with Lady's UAT 
  18. Closed Rocks  (34& 56& 78&)
    • Down LOD with flicks
  19. Reverse Turn  (1a2 3a4)
  20. Closed Rocks  (56& 78& 12&)
  21. Corta Jaca  (34&5&6&)
    • "3": Lady's LF back.
    • Shoulders: quiet, not going up and down
  22. Solo Spot Volta to Left (Lady to Right)  (7a8) Hamburger volta
    • Lady starts turning to R, RF fwd, don't come all the way back to hold, when turning both arms are in.
    • L arm don't go all the way out to side till finishing the next 2 counts of Volta.
  23. Traveling Volta to Right  (a1a2)
    • Lady travels to left, meet at end, man's RH to lady's LH
  24. Solo Spot Volta to Right (Lady to Left)  (3a4)
    • Arm first in, then out
  25. Samba Walk: Stationary  (5a6)
    • Foot together, stationary samba walk.
  26. Bota Fogos To Promenade and Counter Promenade  (7a8 1a2)
    • Lady's head turns to left on counter promenade, then to right on promenade position.
  27. Samba Walk: Stationary  (3a4)
    • don't cross feet. It's stationary Samba Walk.
  28. Criss Cross Voltas  (5a6a7a8 1a2a3a4)
  29. Samba Walk: Stationary  (5a6 7a8)

Repeat from Criss Cross Bota Fogos.