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Sliding Doors

Rumba Sliding Doors

Rumba Sliding Doors is a Gold Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
1 2
LF fwd No turn Start from Fan Position. Slightly release L arm tone.
2 3
Transfer weight to RF -- Contract L arm
3 4 1
Close LF to RF -- Raise L hand in front of Lady's head
4 2 RF behind LF (Cuban Cross) 1/8 to R Extend L arm fwd. Take R to L hand hold (Double hold) at waist level.
5 3 LF fwd and slightly leftwards No turn Lower L arm to waist level. R arm behind Lady's back.
6 4 1
Close RF to LF in RSP -- Retain tone in arms.
7 2 LF to side Slight body turn to R Option: Man can do side Cucarachas from step 7 to 12. Footwork: Flat on 8 and 11.
8 3 Transfer weight to RF

9 4 1 Close LF to RF in TP Slight body turn to L to normal position Extend arms slightly fwd
10 2 RF to side No turn Extend arms to L
11 3 Transfer weight to LF in TP -- Retract arms
12 4 1 Close RF to LF in RSP -- Retain tone in arms.


Step Timing Movement 
Turn Notes
1 2
Close RF to LF No turn Start in Fan Position
2 3
LF fwd --
3 4 1
RF fwd --
4 2 LF fwd 1/8 to L
5 3 RF to side and slightly back under arm No turn Hands could be crossed in front of body. Or, Man could change to R to R hand hold. See notes below.
6 4 1
LF back in RSP -- R arm to side.
7 2 RF back -- This is often the starting point of sliding door.

Different entry: When previous figure finishes with Lady's LF fwd on 41 e.g. Alemana - in which case, sharp 1/2 turn to R (turn body first, keep legs tight, squeeze; take center in) then, RF back. create elasticity. (See Variation in notes below.)

R arm go up, next to ear, flip wrist.
8 3 Transfer weight to LF -- Wheel on R elbow, R hand and upper arm behind head, do it completely, not half way; then elbow in front, then down to side of body
9 4 1 RF fwd and across in TP -- R arm to side, or R hand on hip.

Pressed walk on 41.

RF needs to be turned out to R (turn knee out, heel in & up) (when R leg is diagonally going leftward.) 
R leg is pressing fwd, L leg is back straight, stretching/creating space between the 2 legs.

End of 1: Straight R leg, hip rotation.
10 2 LF to side -- L arm extend to left. (R arm elbow in.) Cucaracha action
11 3 Transfer weight to RF in TP -- L elbow in, R elbow down
12 4 1 LF back and across in RSP -- If continuing, man normal hold Lady's L wrist at this step.

Advanced version: at end of 3, 1/2 turn to R , LF fwd on "4", End of "1" half turn to R, RF back, continue with Advanced hip twist or or another Sliding Door.

  • Alternative hold:
    • Man: 
      • keep L hand below chest level, taking R to R hand hold at end of 3, releasing hold with L hand.
      • Then, lead Lady with R hand to pass in front of him to R side, releasing hold at end of 5, allowing R hand to trail along Lady's R arm until it reaches her R shoulder blade o step 6.
      • Then, take Lady's L hand into his L hand. (R shadow position, hold 1) Retain this hold for steps 7 to 12.
  • When following with Lady's Spiral, man lead Lady into her spiral turn by lowering L hand, then immediately gaining normal Fan or Open Position hold at end of last step.
  • When following with Progressive Walks Forward, retain R Shadow hold.
  • Variation:
    • Entrance: after Alemana, like going into Closed Hip Twist where Lady starting from facing Man LF front with weight (count 4), then do half turn (1&), ending LF back with weight.
    • 2: Lady RF back: rotate hip to right (like basic Rumba figures). R arm up, bent wrist, keep shoulder down, though. L arm/hand wrap front tummy, Left hand fingers open, wrapping right side.
    • 3: weight to front LF, hip pendulum diagonally forward, then rotate around
      • &: swivel on LF, RF pressed walk, RF turned out to the right
    • 4: RF pressed walk position. Diagonally stretch upper body. Left hip rotated to left, right chest side forward. Arms made one round, ending R arm to side, L hand center, L arm bent.
    • 1&: RF whole foot, hip diagonally to R, compress R side and rotate to R.
    • 2: Cucaracha LF to side, whole foot, L arm to side, leading with L wrist, extend
    • 3: weight to RF, L side rotate, push floor, L heel lift, hip diagonally to R and then rotate to R, collect LF near R ankle and then step forward to Man's R side on 4. 
    • 4: LF forward to Man's R side. L arm to side, R hand on Man's chest.