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Rumba Bronze Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  • Finish the arm. No loose arm hanging or extra movement. Commit to each body design. Solid. 
  • Eyes: focused.
  • Posture: tall spine, lengthen neck.
Starting the dance:
  • Lady initiates by moving her hip and leg. Weight on RF initially. L knee bent.
  • Man walks toward Lady, arms wheel up and the plane - place the arms and connect with partner. Lady echo Man's arm movement (just a bit late).
  • Man changes weight to his RF, Lady to her LF and start with cucaracha to man's left.
Routine notes:
  1. Cucarachas: LF, RF  (2341 2341)
    • Foot movement is sharp when twisting, hip movement is slow and continuous.
    • Face forward, look into partner. Lengthen neck.
    • Dynamic: flexible.
  2. Basic Movements: Closed  (2341 2341)  Turning basic 1/4 to L
    • Focus on beautiful leg action and foot placement.
    • Tall spine, lengthen neck.
    • Sustained action.
    • 1st half: "out" - separate with partner. settle more, but make sure to have forward tone to partner, not pulling partner toward you.
    • 2nd half: "in" -  close up, show weight transfer to front of the foot.
  3. New York LSP  (2341) 
    • Use the hip to pull/twist after weight has been fully transferred to standing foot. Front foot turned out. Sharp pull/turn action, then combined with sustained weight transfer to do the check.
    • Whole body moves as one unit.
    • Lady: keep center facing forward, then rotate upper body around spine to left, twist as much as you can, with arms up, do not break shoulder joint.
    • Lady: "4", pointing RF back is sustained, then it's sudden sharp turn to R to face partner at "1". Fully transfer the weight on to RF toward partner, before turning again.
    • end of "1&", sharp turn to hand-to-hand.
    • Think about the combination of "tension" (fast,sharp turns) and then "release" (transfer weight fully)
  4. Hand To Hand LSP  (2341) 
    • Lady: arm straight out to side, then, up, brush hair/neck (elbow forward) and down on side of body.
    • do not turn to face partner, keep same direction.
    • At end of "1&", turn 1/2 to R into R side by side position.
  5. Hand To Hand RSP  (2341) 
    • On "2", R arm straight out. "3 41" - this is a quick arm in and out. Or keep the arm out till next walk.
  6. Progressive Walks Forward in RSP  (2341 2341)  ending facing partner
    • Arm in on "2", flip draw to center on "3", "41" arm out.
    • 23: arm in and center
    • 41: face partner, get in hold.
  7. Cuban Rocks RF  (2341) 
    • settle
  8. Spot Turn To R (Lady to L)  (2341) 
    • Fully settle, transfer weight first, energy fwd toward partner, before doing swivel on "2".
    • 2nd turn is forward walk turn, body is not flat, keep it more diagonal, transfer weight, then pull left side through (last swivel turn).
    • After last swivel, Lady: track RF underneath and then place to under the shoulder, not too big step. It's a smooth step, do not pause in middle. 
    • Lady arm option: left arm in front, wrap right arm behind.
    • When finishing on "41": left arm straight out to left, R arm connect with Man.
  9. Alemana  (2341 )
    • Lady:
      • "2": 
        • shoulder still parallel to Man, twist R hip, LF diagonal.
        • left arm in to turn under Man, then immediately straight out at end of "2&".
        • Brush RF
      • "3": Upper body keep turning to right, hold LF till last second, then sharp leg movement to place.
      • Keep arm out on "3 41", do not put hand back on Man's shoulder too quick, wait till end of "1&" turning.
      • "1&": sharp turn, put L hand back on Man's shoulder, finishing with energy toward each other, fully transfer weight.
  10. Closed Hip Twist  (2341 2341) 
    • Lady: "2 3", could turn body first then twist hip faster, don't under turn, RF and R leg in nice long position (RF is turned out, lift the heel up), then place RF back. "Give" Man right arm, keep tone in arm, energy forward.
    • End of "3&": keep foot pressure on floor while turning, pressed walk, RF in strong demi-pointe position, RF more cross in front of left leg, LF needs to swivel more, make gap between knees bigger.
    • "1&": before stepping next "2", first straighten R leg, put weight on it, then turn R, then step LF forward. Some teacher prefer to straighten and turn at the same time on "1" for more energy.
    • "2": don't pause LF, place it and transfer weight
    • Ending in Fan, Lady: L hip use lateral action, compress left side. Then use twisting action to draw R leg in for next beat "2" (Closed Hip Twist). Man: upper L arm on the side, lower L arm straight forward, (not pulling into stomach), do not extend too much.
  11. Hockey Stick  (2341 2341) 
    • "2": arm in, twist L hip to left, close feet, make bigger gap, on "&", R hip diagonally fwd before twisting R hip to right/back.
      • Different characteristics - play with timing a bit. could take longer on this beat and catch up in next beat.
      • Lady: also echo Man, can be a little late, but Lady should never be early.
    • "3": arm center
    • "41": arm straight up, small steps, do not pass Man. Create a window. Coming out of Fan position, stepping straight, not wavering.
    • "23": left arm in. On "2", swivel, 1/8 to left, use left hip to pull the R leg.
    • "41": left arm out again, when following shoulder to shoulder, get to closed hold. Use delayed walk technique, create energy (but never pull or push Man) - place LF back, hold when Man is coming fwd, then quickly transfer weight to LF.
  12. Shoulder To Shoulder Left Side, Right Side, Right  (2341, 2341)
    • Try to keep shoulder parallel to Man. Use the energy: "open" and "close".
  13. Side Step To Right LF  (2341)
    • Focus on fundamentals
  14. Cucarachas: RF  (2341)
    • Twisting hip causes foot to move, compress side
  15. Fan  (2341 2341) 
    • Basic Fan (in closed position)
  16. Alemana  (2341 2341) 
    • same alemana technique
  17. Opening Out To Right And Left  (2341 2341) 

  18. Closed Hip Twist  (2341 2341)  open finish, one hand hold
    • Lady: does normal hip twist.
    • Man: close to the Lady.
  19. Basic Movements: Open  (2341)
    • Delayed walk, "elastic" energy.
  20. Progressive Walks Back  (2341 2341) 
    • On "2" stepping forward:
      • Moving foot: pressure hard into the floor using IE of foot, sticky, heavy feet. Toe could be touching floor (for those open toe shoe that allows it).
      • do not slide back foot, keep back foot in place, swivel and turn the foot out.
    • both feet: inside edge, never roll out flat or go outside edge.
    • front foot pointing: not pointing straight, but using inside edge, sickled ankle, foot turned out.
  21. Natural Top  (2341 2341 2341) 
    • Keep upper body light, lower feet sticky.
  22. Closed Hip Twist  (2341 2341) 
Repeat from #1.