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Gold Rumba Routine Technique Notes

  • Sternum lifted,long neck and spine.
  • Settle hip, squeeze/compress the side of standing leg, think about shoulder and hip meet in middle
  • Arm connection: keep lower.
Start: Lady weight on LF, Man on RF, 41: close feet and switch weight (41)
  1. Cucarachas: RF  (2341) Lady LF to side, Cucaracha, ending feet together, At end of 1, Lady turn 90 to L, Man to L, ending side by side.
    • 4: LF closes to RF, drape L knee over R leg (drape more); prepare for sharp turn to L. Turn body/shoulder first, then fast hip turn.
    • 1: sharp turn hip to L. L shoulder counter to stop turn sharp. After turn, settle on L hip, R knee drapes over.
    • How to do "sharp, fast" turn that creates more dynamic, also more stable:
      • 2 upper thighs tight together, think about squeezing small ball in between thighs..
      • Keeping center in.
      • No gap in between legs.
  2. Cuban Rock LF  (2341) 
    • 23: 2 feet heel down. 
    • 4: weight on RF, L heel up. 
    • 1: sharp turn on 1. At end of 1: Lady turn 90 to face Man. Make sure settle R hip first, before stepping LF fwd.
  3. Man: Spot Turn; (2341) 
    • Man spot turn to his L
    • Lady: Half Open Basic  LF fwd, delayed walk back.
      • on 4, connect R hand to Man's L hand with intention. 
      • Arm should not be tight to side, should be a little bit out (but not too much to parallel to ground), match Man's.
      • Right side settling toward Man (squeeze R side) while L leg extending back. Don't just put leg back or stick butt out, extend leg with intention/tone. middle of body and right side has forward feeling. Upper body should still be straight up (weight is fwd on RF), body is not slanted forward or back.
  4. Three Threes  (2341 2341 2341 2341)
    • 23: On 2, Lady RF back, 
      • more rotation, take center really back, squeeze R side, counter balance with Man's weight, may feel off balance on your own.
    • 4: Lady dancing R side more forward to Man, step onto RF. start turning shoulder to R, body twisted.
    • 1: Upper body already turned, now turn hips; for Three Threes, can bend R leg, get lower a bit.
    • 2341: in place hip action; then full turn
      • 2: body is still down, keep head same height, hip action; 
      • 3: straightening R leg; 
      • 4: weight onto LF, L leg straightened, shoulder wind up to R first, before prepping to turn by turning upper body first to L; 
      • 1: turn hips, ending L leg straight, collect R leg, R knee drape over, using upper thigh muscle to stop the turn; remember:
        • collect center in, thighs tight.
        • "close the ribs"
        • weight on balls of foot
        • turn body first, then hip, turning around spine,  
    • 2341: side or side slightly back cucarachas on 23 (on & collect/brush RF to LF before stepping out on 4 next); 41: RF forward and half turn to R (same turn technique as above). For this and next few turns, use flexible turn (brush RF to LF) to show off leg movement:
      • Make some step faster, the other step slower, to show speed contrast, showing off leg actions more.
      • Breathe and not tense up body, making it look rigid when doing steps faster. 
        • Breathing in, is typically associated with rising, making side bigger
        • Breathing out: sharp turning hip
      • Eyes - focus on a spot in each turning direction, with focus, body is more compact
      • 1: hip needs to turn more, finish R hip., it helps to stop the turn as well
    • 2341: same turning technique.
  5. Sliding Doors  (2341 2341 2341 2341)
    • For syllabus: keep hand hold. Otherwise, can be done open.
    • Lady:
      • Last 41: sharp turn R (turn body first, keep legs tight, squeeze; take center in). create elasticity. 
      • 2341: Pressed walk on 41: 
        • RF needs to be turned out to R (turn knee out, heel in & up) (when R leg is diagonally going leftward.) 
        • R leg is pressing fwd, L leg is back straight, stretching/creating space between the 2 legs.
        • End of 1: Straight R leg, hip rotation.
      • 2341: Advanced option: 23 cucaracha - finish L arm. 41 - half turn to R back to Advanced hip twist position.
      • Repeat 2341, 2341
  6. Advanced Hip Twist (2341)
    • Lady sharp turn as before. Elasticity. Man may have strong tone, match it.
    • 3: need to dance L hip more forward, don't be afraid to go forward, before rotating. 
    • 1: settle R side.
  7. Reverse Top  (2341 2341) 
    • 2: faster turn to face Man.
    • make sure frame is good, square to Man, shoulders down. 
  8. Opening Out From Reverse Top  (2341) into Fan Position
  9. Fencing  (2341 2341)
    • Lady styling: L leg out to side, L arm up.
  10. Spot Turn To R  (2341) Man's spot turn, Lady feet together (23, end of 3 turn to left), then ending to side (41)
    • Lady:
      • 2: RF closes to LF
      • 3: Weight onto LF, sharp turn to L.
      • 41: RF to side, settle
  11. Syncopated Cuban Rocks RF  (2&341)
    • 2: slower, &: very fast, R hip hit to R and back (contraction), try keeping spine more in center and not shifting left and R too much
  12. Cuban Rocks RF  (2341)
    • 41: half turn to R to face partner
  13. Open Hip Twist  (2341 2341) into Fan Position
    • 2341: go toward Man's R side.
  14. Three Alemanas  (2341 2341 2341 2341) - turning technique: body first, then hip, center in, close ribs, thighs tight
    • 2341: normal technique out of Fan position
    • 23: direct turn
    • 41: to Man's R side, more twisting to R, point RF, the twisting makes left knee bend, but don't think too much and sitting butt out. The feeling is go into forward step, not having to get up from sitting position.
      • R leg very straight, make the line while twisting. Upper body is winding up to turn the other direction (L)
      • Lady L arm up while twisting. R arm down at center waist level 
    • 2341: 2: forward walk turn, then pivot; 3: pivot; 41: Pressed walk
    • 2441: Alemana
  15. Circular Hip Twists  (2341 2341 2341)
    • Keep arm at waist level and steady.
  16. Continuous Hip Twists  (2341)
  17. Advanced Hip Twists , Sliding Doors (2341 pressed walk) Alemana  (2341) Lady underarm turn to her R. At end of 1, spiral
  18. Rope Spinning  (2341 2341) turn to R to end on Man's R side.
  19. Kiki Walks (Right Shadow Position)  (stepping back 2341 2341 2341 2&3&41)
    • Finish with Lady's double turn
  20. Restarting from Three Threes