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Rumba Alemana

This is a Bronze Level figure. This online reference gives a detailed description of the different variation of the dance steps, including timing, and movement; a list of figures that may precede or follow the pattern; and videos providing instruction and demonstration of the figure, techniques and practice routines that include it.


Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
1 2
LF fwd
No turn

2 3
Transfer weight to RF

3 4 1
Close LF to RF
Switch weight on '1'.
4 2 RF back

5 3 Transfer weight to LF
Man could do a side step; then step 6 would be a RF forward
6 4 1
Close RF to LF. End in Closed Position


Step Timing Movement
Turn Notes
1 2
Close RF to LF
No turn
To get into Fan position from previous 41: weight is more forward to Man (tension/pressure) after turning on 3&.  before stepping LF back on 4. Hands hooked with Man's hand. More elastic feeling. Creates dynamic.

In Fan position, R arm/hand needs to be lower about belly button height, not too high.

L arm wrap in front of tummy, finish the arm action and don't cut it short. 
2 3
LF fwd

3 4 1
RF fwd
1/8 to R
L arm out to side
Previous 2 can hold a bit longer and then make 341 faster toward Man, pressure into his hand, weight forward.
4 5 6
2 3 4 1
Three Fwd walks under raised arm LF RF LF. End in Closed Position
1 1/8 to R over 4 to 6
On previous 1&: turn to R
Lady steps in a equilateral triangle.
"2&": LF step fwd to Man's L side, diagonally. Draw in L arm to front of body. Weight onto LF, On "&", RF brush (draw crescent moon) and point out (away from Man, no weight yet) to 2nd point in the triangle (middle in front of man)
"3&": step on RF, on "&" turn upper body to R, hold LF as long as possible, then sharp leg movement to place L leg.
"4": LF fwd step (could be to the side depending on next figure). Need to finish this step, settle weight with chest forward toward Man before next step. 
  • This is really a signature figure for Lady. Make it count!
  • Lady may use Extended Forward Walk on step 4.
  • Alemana may start in Fan Position or Open Position (Lady steps back on 1 instead of closing RF to LF, make a complete turn R over 4-6)
  • Alternative Finishing positions:
    1. May and Lady end to side (could be in closed position)
      • Man steps in front of Lady, forcing her to step side instead of front.
      • Another option is to finish in Open Position: last step Man steps fwd, strongly hold hand and have Lady step back.
    2. Man and Lady end diagonally fwd in Open CPP
      • Man 1/8 to R, on 6 stop Lady's turn with L hand, Lady 1 1/8 R over 3-6.
    3. Lady end fwd towards Man's R Side (normal for continuing with Closed Hip Twist) - sort of true Alemana.
      • Man turns body slightly R on 6 to lead lady towards his R side. Lady LF fwd in line with RF.
      • Man LF slightly leftwards on the next step.
    4. Man and Lady fwd towards partner's R side
      • Man RF fwd in line with LF towards Lady's R side
      • Lead next and last step as position 3.
      • Man may take up to 1/4 R over 5 & 6, adjusting Lady's turn accordingly.
    5. R Shadow Position
      • Man leads Lady towards R side as above
      • Continue to turn her R.
      • Lady ends LF back having made 1/2 turn R on LF during beat 1. Gain R Shadow Hold.
  • Alemana can be danced with R to R hand hold. Precedes with Hockey Stick or any figure ending in Open Position.
    • Then Man changes Lady's R hand into his R hand on last step and release hold with L hand.
    • Lady makes a complete turn R on Alemana.
    • Man takes last step fwd i line with LF towards partner's R side.
    • Lead next and Lady's last step as # 3 position.
    • Follow with Advanced Hip Twist, man changing Lady's R hand into his L hand, release hold with R hand hold on 5.