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Quickstep Silver Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:

  • Entire reverse turning section: keep continuous motion.
Start: Man facing DW on short side.
  1. Running Right Turn (1-10) (SQQ S SSS SQQ), ending DW of new LOD.
    • Don't be "steppy" - all steps are smooth flowing.
  2. Natural Turn With Hesitation  (SQQ SS hold S)
    • After Half Natural, settle down, don't step too quickly to S.
  3. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
    • Lady: After QQ, continue rotating arms to have arms be with Man, then, ready for Reverse Pivot. 
  4. Reverse Pivot  (S)
    • Lady: stay very left.
  5. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
    • Lady: 1st back step, big step, draw heel turn slowly.
  6. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
  7. Reverse Pivot  (S)
  8. Closed Telemark  (SSS)
    • Lady: 
      • End of Telmark, shape to R. Then quickly shift head to left into first S of Fishtail.
      • be ready to control the momentum from the series of reverse turning figures
  9. Fish Tail (1-6) (SQQQQS) Start Facing DW, last step of Closed Telemark is first step of Fish Tail
    • Motion continues down floor, don't backtrack 
    • Lady: be ready to control the momentum from the previous series of reverse-turning figures 
  10. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) Underturn at corner, come out DC new LOD
    • Last step, for connecting with V-6, Lady will do toe-heel-toe, followed by a toe lead for LF Q in V6.
  11. V6 (2-8) (QQSSQQS)
    • In order to make step 5 a quick, man needs to get lady's frame turning left, otherwise her momentum will make it a slow. 
  12. Forward Lock (2-4) (QQS)
  13. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) Underturned, come out backing DC, new LOD
  14. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS) Turn left so that when we do the Chassé, leader is facing LOD, last step is DC
  15. Quick Open Reverse  (SSQQS) 
    • Add Man RF forward walk step to beginning of figure, DC to beginning of figure.
    • Lady: 
      • Shape head to right by rotating body underneath head on QQ, then quickly shape back to left at following Four Quick Run.
      • On last S, don't stick foot to the ground, allow it to continue to rotate inwards for the Four Quick Run so that the knees don't collide
  16. Four Quick Run (2-6) (QQQQS)
    • Don't be back-weighted, avoid being steppy, keep smooth motion.
  17. Natural Turn  (SQQ) First half
    • can add the lock step in middle depending on floor length.
  18. Tipple Chasse To Right  (SQQ SQQS) across corner
    • really shape on the tipple portion (first QQ)