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Quickstep Gold Routine Technique Notes

General note:
  • Whenever going into outside partner position (e.g. after Progressive Chasse), Lady keeps left side very lifted, body twisted to R.
  • When doing reverse turn, keep left side lifted, vacate that space the last, not undo the twist too quickly, have head lead the left turn, shoulder leaves last, otherwise, it feels like shoulder is peeling off Man, pulled away.

Start near end of short side
  1. Natural Pivot Turn  (SQQS) ending in corner
  2. Natural Turn  (SQQ S) ending Man backing LOD on long side (after SQQ), into Tipsy next
  3. Tipsy To R  (Q & Q)
  4. Tipsy To L  (Q & Q)
  5. Tipsy To R  (Q & Q)
  6. Forward Lock  (QQS)
    • Man moving DC, Lady BDC
  7. Quick Open Reverse  (S SQQ) Adding slow to link the figures
  8. Reverse Pivot  (S)
  9. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
  10. Cross Swivel  (SSS)
    • Lady: body in line, slanted straight to R, keep left side lifted.
  11. Fish Tail  (QQQQS) ending Man facing DW on long side
    • When moving out of Fish Tail, make sure don't fall back (2nd Q), upper body almost feels more forward in order to move back more powerful. Keep left side lifted. Body has torque, twisted to R.
  12. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) turning the corner, underturned, ending Man BDC on new LOD. going to short side
  13. Heel Pivot (Quarter Turn To Left)  (SQQ)
  14. Quick Open Reverse  (SQQ)
  15. Reverse Pivot  (S)
  16. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
  17. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
    • Lady ending shaping to R.
  18. Hover Corte  (SSSS), at corner
  19. Six Quick Run  (QQQQQQ) new long wall
  20. Natural Turn  (SQQ SS)
    • At end, Lady shapes to right, head to R.
  21. Rumba Cross  (QQS S) adding slow to connect to next Rumba Cross, Man: heel pull
    • Lady:
      • Q: RF cross track in the back, LF almost pulls back straight, not too much room there.
      • Lady's head stays in place, after QQ, as body turns underneath the head, head ends to left side.
      • Last S, when Lady's takes LF to side, body shapes to R, head turns to R again.
  22. Rumba Cross  (QQS)
  23. Running Right Turn  (SSS SQQ) starting with Lady's heel turn. Turning corner, to short wall
    • Starting from step 5 of the figure, right into Lady's heel turn.
  24. Natural Turn  (SQQ)
  25. Closed Impetus  (SSS)
    • Body drive through Man while body/head goes around Man.
  26. Reverse Pivot  (S)
  27. Cross Chasse  (SQQ)
    • ending in outside partner position, Lady shape to R
  28. Natural Spin Turn  (SQQ SSS) turning corner, to long wall
  29. V6  (QQSSQQS) over turned to end Man DC
  30. Quick Open Reverse  (SQQ)
  31. Four Quick Run  (SQQQQS)
  32. Natural Turn And Back Lock  (SQQ SQQS)
  33. Tipple Chasse To Right  (SQQ SQQS) at corner, ending Man DC on short side
  34. Quick Open Reverse  (S SQQ)
  35. Reverse Pivot  (S)
  36. Double Reverse Spin  (SSQQ)
  37. Change of Direction  (SSS) at corner, to long side
  38. Chasse Reverse Turn  (SQQ)
  39. Progressive Chasse  (SQQS)
    • Lady lift left side, upper body twisted to R.

Repeat from Natural Turn -> Tipsy on long side