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Quickstep Bronze Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  • Smooth head movement. Avoid strained look.
  • Keep consistently left to Man, do not level up, straighten up spine. It will look too small.

Starting DC, middle of long wall (alignment is from Man's perspective)
  1. Preparation Step (1234 5678)
    • Next step starts on 1 with Man's LF fwd, Lady's RF back.
    • Not a normal preparation (eg. in Waltz)
      • Either extend with upper body rotating to the right for 4 beats or do a "quick start" (little to no preparation)
  2. Chasse Reverse Turn (SQQ) (start on 1, not 8) -> BLOD
    • Lady: upper body - do not cross in front of Man.
  3. Progressive Chasse (SQQS) -> DW
  4. Forward Lock (SQQS) -> DW
  5. Natural Turn with Back Lock (SQQS QQS) -> BLOD
    • Lady: drive on the lock step (Lady is doing forward lock).
  6. Running Finish (SQQ) -> more turn to end almost Man facing LOD 
    • Lady: need to drive and go through Man.
    • Turn head to right on 1st Q.
    • Head goes with the shape.
    • Big step on next S going into Natural Turn. No sharp turns for head. Keep head and body turns underneath.
  7. 123 Natural Turn (SQQ) -> ending about Man BDC
    • Leave head where it is, just turn body underneath. No fast snapping head to left.
  8. Closed Impetus (SSS) -> turning at corner, ending about Man DW on new LOD
    • Lady: Keep body very left to Man, do not start shifting to front of Man. Extend more.
  9. Reverse Pivot (S) -> DC
    • Lady: Make sure keep body and head very left to Man, don't inch into Man's space
  10. Double Reverse Spin (SSQQ) -> LOD
    • Lady: Make sure keep body and head very left to Man, keep left side lifted
  11. Progressive Chasse to the Right (SQQS) -> BDW
  12. Tipple Chasse to the Right (SQQS QQS) -> DW New LOD
    • Lady: after checking to left on "S" (flex knee, lower and bounce to normal), there is no shoulder swinging to right. Shoulder should just come back to neutral (level), use side leading for lock step (really drive lock step to prepare for pivot)
  13. Natural Pivot Turn (SQQS) -> LOD
    • No pause here, directly seamlessly connect to next figure.
    • Shaping:
      • Half Natural: Keep head left, looking DW direction and really extend (continue moving center with Man and leave head behind to create the shape)
      • Pivot: Turn head to right at pivoting time (doesn't need to be sharp as in Tango) looking the same direction as before. From this point on, keep head at same location (spot) while the body is turning during the next half Natural.
  14. Natural Spin Turn (SQQ SSS) -> BDC
    • Half Natural: Keep head location, turn body. Continue to keep head to left during the whole Natural Spin Turn.
    • Last step: have the middle of body go forward to Man and keep leg moving, but leaving head behind which creates more extension, then head catches up. Don't pause body, just leave head behind.
  15. Progressive Chasse (SQQS) -> DW
  16. Natural Spin Turn (SQQ SSS) -> BDC
  17. Heel Pivot - Quarter Turn to Left (SQQ) -> DW
    • Lady: shape to left. has a bit of staccato feel
  18. Cross Chasse (SQQ) -> DW
    • Lady:
      • shape to right. has a bit of staccato feel.
      • The following first step (S) - step big, straight back in CBMP, do not veer to left side.
  19. Natural Turn with Hesitation (SQQ SS) -> underturn ending LOD on New LOD,  continue with Zig-Zag.
    • Man adjust the amount of turn depending on how much space is left.
    • Lady:
      • Hesitation: No rise in legs, just extend left side, the rise is in the body.
  20. Zig Zag, Back Lock & Running Finish (SSS QQS SQQ) -> Running Finish ending DW New LOD
    • Lady:
      • Heel Turn on bent legs, doing Tango version of heel turn, place LF heel to RF heel.
      • Head could turn to right, but it needs to be clear. Turning head to right has the tendency to make lady more in front of Man, which is not good. Start by keeping the head to left.
      • At heel turn: keep body forward, do not shift to right and get into Man's space.
      • Running Finish: turn head to right (1st Q).
      • Big step LF back on next S for Natural Turn.
  21. Natural Turn with Hesitation (SQQ SSS) -> DC about in middle of long wall, start over from Chasse Reverse Turn.