Cha Cha Bronze Routine Technique Notes


Start in Open hold with both arms out. Starting with weight shifting to Man's RF, Lady's LF on "41".
  1. Basic Movement In Place  (234&1 23)  feet together for all steps
    • At the last "2 3":
      • "2": Man offer his hand strongly. Palm down first, then strongly flip the hand.
      • "3":
        • Lady reacts with R hand and arm all the way up to side of ear, bend elbow, RH brush hair behind head, elbow forward, hand down to connect with Man. Lady's R wrist should be in same line as arm, no breaking, keep tone, but do not force pressure on Man. Lady's LH do standard motion extending to side (not breaking shoulder).
        • end of "3", Man: body compress on L side, twist to left, body weight forward, weight on whole foot, then, front of the foot and then release right foot to move forward. Lady: rib cage forward toward Man. Have this elastic effect.
    • Arms: can be extended to the side till the last "2", Man offer his left hand, "3", lady connects with Man's hand.
  2. Open Basic Movement  (4&1)  Man: fwd, Lady: back
    • Use the lock step technique, side lead and last step step on center line.
  3. Open Basic Movement  (234&1)
    • Build the elastic effect when doing forward/backward rock action.
    • Keep steps small. It will also better show off the body action.
    • 4&1: Lady does lock step forward, directly at Man.
  4. Alemana  (234&1) 
    • Lady: try to brush RF.
    • Main: either slip or compact chasse, show off the hip action, sudden dynamic.
  5. Closed Hip Twist  (234&1 234&1)
  6. Hockey Stick  (234&1 234&1)  - Lady: small lock step fwd, or  do checked chasse, Man: ronde chasse; at the end, switch to patty cake hold
  7. Three Cha Cha Chas Forward  (2&3 4&1)  Man: fwd; Lady: back
    • Arm: make it more snappy, diagonal, high.
  8. Open Basic Movement  (234&1)  - Man: does side step at the end to enter Natural Top.
    • "23": Lady: delayed, elastic effect, hold and then launch back. Stronger/sharper.
    • No extra push from Man.
  9. Natural Top  (234&1 234&1 234&1)  
  10. Closed Hip Twist  (234&1) - doing twist
  11. Closed Basic Movement  (234&1) - turning basic
    • Prepare getting into New York: have the "whole body breathe" and create the movement and transfer weight to front of foot on the last "1 (move spine, not just top of body). Hip diagonally fwd into partner.
    • To make movement appear bigger, preping the movement by moving body backward on previous "&"and settling on "1" to move body forward even more.
  12. New York LSP  (234&1)  At the end "1&", Man turn 1/2 to L, Lady, turn 1/2 to R to RSP
  13. Three Cha Cha Chas Forward  (2&3 4&1)  On "4&1", Man turn 1/2 to R, Lady, turn 1/2 to L to face partner.
  14. Spot Turn To L (Lady to R)  (234&1)  At the end "1&", Man turn 1/2 to R, Lady, turn 1/2 to L to LSP
  15. Three Cha Cha Chas Forward  (2&3 4&1)  On "4&1", Man turn 1/2 to L, Lady, turn 1/2 to R to face partner.
  16. Spot Turn To R (Lady to L)  (234&1) 
  17. New York RSP  (234&1)   
  18. Man does Spot Turn To R  (234&1) Lady does Time Step RF (together in place, side chasse) 
  19. Man does Time Step RF  (234&1)  Lady does Spot Turn, Lady to R 
  20. There And Back (234&1 234&1)
  21. Side Step To Man's Left commenced with LF  (234&1)  (side-together-side-together-side)
  22. Hand To Hand LSP  (234&1) 
    • Lady: after 23, stay in same position and do lock step fwd.
  23. Lady: Switch Turn to L  (234&1)
    • Lady: 2: RF fwd, 3: turn 1/2 to face Man. 4&1: side chasse RLR
  24. Spot Turn To L (Lady to R)  (234&1)
  25. Fan  (234&1 234&1)  Basic fan: Man: hip twist chasse, Lady: step straight.
  26. Alemana  (234&1 234&1)
    • Man: slip chasse Lady: fwd lock pass Man, then sharp turn for Alemana.
    • Lady: finish side chasse (not lock step)