Cha Cha Cha Silver Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  • To make steps more interesting, many chasses are now danced as forward runs (as an option).
  • Movement:
    • Forward lock: On "1", although you have stepped on the foot, center pull back, leave center with hip and crunch side muscle to shorten side and create the high hip look. On "&", change direction.
    • LF fwd check: "2" check: L hip back, R leg check; "3", weight back on RF, "4": L leg swing back, swing L hip back
    • Cuban breaks: see details below. Focus on the hip and side crunch.
Routine Notes:

Start Man RF back, weight on LF; Lady LF front, weight on RF
  1. Open Basic Movement  (234&1) step 6-10 of Open Basic
  2. Open Hip Twist  (234&1 234&1) ending in Open Position (Lady does back chasse, Man fwd chasse).
    • Lady:
      • To show the balance, Lady, after step 5, turn 90 to R, pause with LF next to RF ankle - just for a split second, before stepping LF fwd.
      • Finish: can do diagonal side chasse.
  3. Closed Basic Movement  (234&1)
    • Chasse to the side or diagonal forward, ending Lady R arm up, L hand can be on hip.
  4. Time Step LF  (&34&1) Guapacha Timing. Man Time Step, Lady: Cuban Break
    • Lady: Hit R arm up on "1".
  5. Split Cuban Break RF  (&3 4&1) Guapacha timing. Man: Split cuban Break; Lady: Time Step, Ending double hand hold.
    • Lady:
      • &: feet in 3rd position. RF flat. LF heel up.
      • 3: L heel down. R heel up.
      • 4&1: side chasse.
  6. Cuban Break RF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Lady: showcase the L hip; R leg does not move much, and is not the focal point. Ball of RF pretty much stays the same place, just doing heel up and heel down.
      • "2": check, really crunch left side, L hip up, LF flat, R heel up.
      • "&": replace weight, R heel down, L heel up.
      • "3": LF to side, inside edge of ball, do not do big steps, just underneath shoulder; crunch left side, L hip very up, R heel may be slightly up.
      • "&": R heel down
      • "4&1", repeat and change weight to LF at the last step.
  7. New York LSP  (234&1) change side chasse to run-run-run
    • Lady: 
      • At end of "3", already start turning to R, 1/2 turn, 4&: RF fwd, LF fwd run, "1": turn 1/2 to L to end the run facing partner, Lady's right shoulder connect down to hip.
  8. Alemana  (234&1)
  9. Closed Hip Twist  (234&1 234&1) Finish in Fan Position
  10. Hockey Stick  (234&1 234&1)
  11. Three Cha Cha Chas Forward  (2&3 4&1)
    • Imagine to have sternum face partner, open up half of chest and turn it to the side (this is the same as in New York).
  12. Chase  (234&1 234&1 234&1 234&1)
    • Lady:
      • 2: RF back
      • 3: LF closed to LF
      • 4&1: RF fwd lock RLR
      • 2: In one version, it is turning 1/2 to R first then, stepping LF back, bend R knee for styling. In 2nd version, step LF fwd, then turn 1/2, bend R knee.
      • 3: replace weight on RF
      • 4&1: LF fwd lock LRL
      • 2: RF fwd, turn 1/2 to LF, L knee bent
      • 3: replace weight on LF
      • 4&1: RF fwd lock RLR
      • 2: LF fwd, turn 1/2 to R, R knee bent
      • 4&1: continue to turn 1/2 to R, ending LF back on 1.
  13. Open Hip Twist  (234&1 23) to continue with Reverse Top
  14. Reverse Top  (4&1 234&1) Lady spiral on last count "1", into Aida
  15. Aida  (234&1 234&1 234&1) Rock and Spot Turn Ending, finish facing position, Man and Lady arms to side.
    • Lady: At the very end Spot Turn ending:
      • 2: LF fwd, turn 1/4 to R
      • 3: Replace weight on RF
      • 4&: LF fwd, RF fwd run, at the end turn 1/2 to R to face partner
      • 1: after turning 1/2 LF to side.
  16. Cross Basic  (&34&1 &34&1) Guapacha Timing, with Lady spiral on step 5, then side chasse.
    • Lady:
      • 1st half: done as Guapacha timing as in open basic, at "1", do spiral
      • 2nd half: guapacha timing spiral finish with side chasse to open position.
  17. Hand To Hand RSP  (234&1)
    • Lady:
      • Push off R palm (not finger) to go to Hand to Hand RSP 
      • 4&1: do not turn, a direct forward lock. and then directly into New York
  18. New York RSP  (234&1), ending facing partner in double hand hold.
    • Lady:
      • Use forward runs - at end of "3", turn 1/2 to L, then LF fwd, RF fwd run, then 1/4 to R to face partner, LF to side.
  19. Curl  (234&1 234&1) Do curl in double hand hold, finish in Fan Position.
  20. Alemana  (234&1 234&1)
  21. Rope Spinning  (234&1 234&1), finish in Contact Position
    • Lady: finish position is very much like entering Closed Hip Twist, last chasse is to Man's R side, arms go to normal hold when doing the Cuban Break.
  22. Cuban Break LF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Done in Closed Position.
    • At the end of "1: Lady turn 1/2 to R, Man: turn 1/2 to L, ending side by side position, no hand hold.
  23. Cuban Break RF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Done without hand hold, open, side by side. At the end, come back to face partner.
  24. Split Cuban Break LF and RF  (2&3 4&1)
    • Could do: Syncopated New York LSP, RSP (2&3, 4&1), then New York LSP. Make it tight.
  25. New York LSP  (234&1)
    • Do forward runs at end of "3". At end of "1", Lady does spiral, into Aida
  26. Aida  (234&1 234&1 234&1)
    • Lady: 
      • After Aida back lock: side (R leg straight, L knee bent inward, try closing thighs), replace (L leg straight, R knee bent), then a side chasse to underarm turn finish, ending with back lock (or diagonal lock).
Repeat from Open Hip Twist.