Cha Cha Cha Silver Routine Technique Notes

  • See also: Cha Cha Technique Latin Technique
  • To make steps more interesting, many chasses are now danced as forward runs (as an option).
  • Forward lock: when finishing last lock on "1", although you have stepped on the foot, center pull back, leave center with hip and crunch side muscle to shorten side and create the high hip look. On "&", change direction.

Start Man RF back, weight on LF; Lady LF front, weight on RF
  1. Open Basic Movement  (234&1) step 6-10 of Open Basic
  2. Open Hip Twist  (234&1 234&1) ending in Open Position (Lady does back chasse, Man fwd chasse).
  3. Closed Basic Movement  (234&1)
    • Chasse to the side or diagonal forward, ending Lady R arm up, L hand can be on hip.
  4. Time Step LF  (&34&1) Guapacha Timing. Man Time Step, Lady: Cuban Break
    • Lady: Hit R arm up on "1".
  5. Split Cuban Break RF  (&3 4&1) Guapacha timing. Man: Split cuban Break; Lady: Time Step, Ending double hand hold.
  6. Cuban Break RF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Lady: showcase the L hip; R leg does not move much.
  7. New York LSP  (234&1) change side chasse to run-run-run
    • Lady: At end of "3", already start turning to R, 1/2 turn, 4&: RF fwd, LF fwd run, "1": turn 1/2 to L to end the run facing partner, Lady's right shoulder connect down to hip.
  8. Alemana  (234&1)
  9. Closed Hip Twist  (234&1 234&1) Finish in Fan Position
  10. Hockey Stick  (234&1 234&1)
  11. Three Cha Cha Chas Forward  (2&3 4&1)
  12. Chase  (234&1 234&1 234&1 234&1)
  13. Open Hip Twist  (234&1 23) to continue with Reverse Top
  14. Reverse Top  (4&1 234&1) Lady spiral on last count "1", into Aida
  15. Aida  (234&1 234&1 234&1) Rock and Spot Turn Ending, finish facing position, Man and Lady arms to side.
  16. Cross Basic  (&34&1 &34&1) Guapacha Timing, with Lady spiral on step 5, then side chasse.
    • Lady:
      • 1st half: done as Guapacha timing as in open basic, at "1", do spiral
      • 2nd half: guapacha timing spiral finish with side chasse to open position.
  17. Hand To Hand RSP  (234&1)
    • Lady:
      • Push off R palm (not finger) to go to Hand to Hand RSP 
      • 4&1: do not turn, a direct forward lock. and then directly into New York
  18. New York RSP  (234&1), ending facing partner in double hand hold.
    • Lady:
      • Use forward runs - at end of "3", turn 1/2 to L, then LF fwd, RF fwd run, then 1/4 to R to face partner, LF to side.
  19. Curl  (234&1 234&1) Do curl in double hand hold, finish in Fan Position.
  20. Alemana  (234&1 234&1)
  21. Rope Spinning  (234&1 234&1), finish in Contact Position
    • Lady: finish position is very much like entering Closed Hip Twist, last chasse is to Man's R side, arms go to normal hold when doing the Cuban Break.
  22. Cuban Break LF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Done in Closed Position.
    • At the end of "1: Lady turn 1/2 to R, Man: turn 1/2 to L, ending side by side position, no hand hold.
  23. Cuban Break RF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Done without hand hold, open, side by side. At the end, come back to face partner.
  24. Split Cuban Break LF and RF  (2&3 4&1)
    • Could do: Syncopated New York LSP, RSP (2&3, 4&1), then New York LSP. Make it tight.
  25. New York LSP  (234&1)
    • Do forward runs at end of "3". At end of "1", Lady does spiral, into Aida
  26. Aida  (234&1 234&1 234&1)
    • Lady: 
      • After Aida back lock: side (R leg straight, L knee bent inward, try closing thighs), replace (L leg straight, R knee bent), then a side chasse to underarm turn finish, ending with back lock (or diagonal lock).
Repeat from Open Hip Twist.