Cha Cha Cha Gold Routine Technique Notes

General Notes:
  • Finish hip rotation everywhere, do maximum compression and rotation.
  • Small steps, there is no time for bigger steps.
  • Upper body more free, not constrained, stiff.
Start: Man weight on LF, Lady on RF
  1. Time Step RF  (234&1) moving to Man's R
    • ankles touch, switching legs very fast, sharp, twisting hips, thighs touch and switch, butt muscle tight.
    • last side step: finish settling to L hip (Lady).(For side step, finish hip to side; when finishing with a back step, hip rotates more.)
  2. Split Cuban Break LF  (2&34&1)
    • Knees fast, shoulder opposition.
    • 2&3: small side steps, body spine not moving much, keep under the body, finish with on 3 with 2 straight legs, finish hip, 
  3. New York  (234&1) Lady spiral on 1 to L
    • 2: collect body, connect with Man, tone in the connection, turn first, before stepping RF fwd, immediately into check.
    • 1: spiral to L.
  4. Aida  (234&1 234&1 234&1) Finish: rock, fwd lock, half turn spot turn Lady to R, Man to L
    • After spiral, 23: both fwd steps, sharp turn at end
    • 4&1: back lock, 
      • 4: LF behind RF in 5th;  hip rotate to L, L hip high, 2 straight legs.
      • &: pull RF, 2 bent legs, but try not to change vertical level too much, suck in tummy, feel like samba "tick", trying small R hip diagonally fwd
      • 1: R hip rotate R circle. still a figure 8, Push with front RF, R leg. ending L hip back.
    • 23: rock: showing off hip rotation, keep where body/spine is, not moving body fwd to front foot
    • 4&1: fwd lock, turn fast at end of 1; turning shoulder first. needs to be more compact and fast.
    • 234&1: spot turn ending.
  5. Cross Basic  (2a34&1 234&1) 2 turns for Lady
    • Guapacha timing: need to have firm tone with Man.
    • 2: hold, center body, build energy in body, build the power, almost a little more fwd energy toward man before stepping back on RF on a.
    • a: RF back, Man is sending Lady back, body movement is not together with Man, settling R hip, while Man is already going back (his back), Lady needs to finish back step; 
    • 3 4&1: move together with Man. L thigh has to push fwd on lock to move fwd.
    • 23 4&1: with Lady's L turn.
  6. Open Basic Movement  (234&1) to get into Natural Top
    • Focus on hip movement, fast switching.
  7. Natural Top  (234&1 234&1 234&1) ending in Fan position
    • 234&1: going into Natural Top
    • 23 (Lady left turn/spiral) 4&1
    • 2 (Lady's L turn) 3 4&1: finish in Fan position.
  8. Alemana  (234&1 234&1)
    • 2: Knee switch needs to be very fast. Knee drape over the other knee.
  9. Open Basic Movement  (234&1 234&1)
    • fwd lock: R hip needs to finish
  10. Man Foot Change Lady Time Step RF  (234&1) to RSP
    • 23 Lady feet together
    • 4&1: small steps to R side.
  11. Cuban Break LF  (2&3&4&1)
    • Lady:
      • 2: LF fwd check, L side compressed, R shoulder opposition
      • &: weight on RF
      • 3: LF to side, still with L hip high, L heel needs to up, 
      • 4&1: at 1, finish L hip, shoulder flat, prepping to go the other side. 2 legs are both straight.
  12. Cuban Break RF  (2&3&4&1)
  13. Spot Turn To R  (234&1)
  14. Side step w/ Guapacha timing  (2a34&1)
  15. Basic w/ Ronde Chasse and Hip Twist Chasse   (234&1 234&1)
    • Ronde Chasse (Lady), upper body shouldn't be still, it moves, it needs to be flexible and active.
      • 2: LF fwd check, L side compress, small step fwd, R side body is very stretched fwd and long.
      • 3: weight back on RF
      • 4: Keep left side compress, R leg is bent,  L hip high when doing ronde, LF staying on ground. LF finish behind RF close, not too far from RF. There is no time, LF has to be under body, right behind RF.
      • &: RF closes to LF together, 2 bent knees
      • 1: LF to side, small.
    • Hip Twist Chasse (Lady)
      • 2: RF back. (Optional: with bend front LF leg)
      • 3: weight back on LF, &: hip twist to L, RF pressed line in front of LF, RF side more fwd, 
      • 4&1: chasse
  16. Split Cuban Break LF  (2&34&1)
  17. Open Basic Movement  (234&1 234&1)
  18. Man Foot Change Lady Time Step LF  (234&1) to RSP
  19. Cross Basic  (234&1 234&1)
    • With turn. When turning, eyes need to have target, which makes turn look a lot sharper and with intention.
  20. Alemana  (234&1 234&1)
Repeat from Split Cuban Break LF